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Catch It Live Before Its Gone.

Daniel Bryan retired tonight, and I never saw him wrestle live.

Sure I’ve watched numerous matches.  Ring of Honor, random independents, and of course WWE.  I have seen some amazing things done in the ring.   162 kata lagi


I Like The New Parquet Courts Songs

Since last year’s Monastic Living EP seemed like some kind of practical joke – opening track aside – it’s nice to actually hear and see them making palatable stuff again. 373 kata lagi

Bill Hicks

The Most Dangerous Band In The World: The Story of Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses are one of the most successful rock bands of all time with 1987’s debut album (the portentously titled) Appetite for Destruction… 417 kata lagi

Film Reviews

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week :

1. Suicide Hotline – The Prettiots
2. Gone With The Wind – Muncie Girls
3. Fuck And Run – Liz Phair
4. February 14th – Huggy Bear… 27 kata lagi

Opinion: Is 2016 The Year of Rock 'n Roll?

It’s around 8:30 P.M., and I had just come back home from my local grocery store, picking up a few snacks and the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. 600 kata lagi

Guns 'N Roses Reunion Tour 2016

It’s been confirmed by multiple sources that the iconic rock band Guns ‘N

Roses are to go back on tour in 2016. This time, with three of its original members; Lead vocalist Axl Rose, guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan. 454 kata lagi

Buckethead: A Journey Into the Bizarre and Beautiful

If you were a Guitar Hero player back in its early days, then you remember a little song that you could unlock as a bonus track called “Jordan.” This, for many people including myself, was their first taste of Buckethead. 1.186 kata lagi