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Journey so far

Been so long that I feel disconnected. I don’t see some of my favorite bloggers writing anything either. :( The last four months have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride! 561 kata lagi


Pregnancy diary - 14.03.2017

Okay! Doesn’t look like anybody has a solution to this. I am tired of scrolling through endless forum conversations with people discussing how each of them have a broken rib from coughing, but nobody gives a clear solution as to doing what will reduce the pain or the urge to cough. 621 kata lagi


Welcoming Gundu Onboard

When the long wait ends with something so beautiful to hold in the arms, it all feels worthwhile! :) Yes, after 9 long months of growing fat, feeling hungry, vomiting, waddling and dealing with a variety of emotions – happiness, worry, anxiety, anticipation, my baby is here! 113 kata lagi


Pregnancy Diary - 02.03.2017

“I wrote these posts when I was expecting. There’s always a fear associated with sharing things publicly before the due date, which made me hold back from posting them back then. 752 kata lagi


Aku,bangsa dan pancasila


pernah ga sih kepikiran apa yang bangsa kita hadapin apa yang berubah sama bangsa kita selama ini. Gila gue ga pernah sangka sekarang negara kita maju banget gue inget dulu pas masih kecil maen kelereng sama power ranger merah aja itu udah seru banget coba anak sekarang kita kasih begituan pasti dia ga bakal suka. 453 kata lagi