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the inevitability of a gundu...

That’s Amulu, one of my little house mates and she is getting a “gundu” or shaved head. With so many children living in close proximity the inevitable breakouts of head lice occur and when they do…with so many kids, the gundu for the smaller kids is the most effective method of eradication. 21 kata lagi


It Takes a Great Loss for a Small Change

All I can say is, it is not worth it. At all.
Hope that lessons are learned here today.
Arrogance takes you nowhere but up your probably stinking S…. 45 kata lagi


Main Gundu.

Teman lama Wafa datang, namanya Aiman dan adiknya Jannah. Setelah lama uprek-uprek main di kamar (main masak-masakan, puzzle, dll), mereka pindah main di taman.

Bunda bekelin dengan gundu. 37 kata lagi

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