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[NEW] We are the Best Guild (03/27-04/10)

You know I’m all about the best, ’bout the best, ’bout the best, no trouble. No, really. It’s all about the best. After the Guild system update, Flyff All Stars present this new event to make use of it. 104 more words

Flyff All Stars

Hans and Franz are going to Pump * you DOWN!

That’s right, Hans’gar and Franzok are down. Grats, Regulators!

March 21st, 2015

[WHAT'S NEW] Flyff All Stars Version 1.2.0

Flyff All Stars had an update last March 23. Basically, the update contains the promised Guild and Chat systems. See the rest below:

I’m still working on a complete v.1.2 update log. 12 more words

Flyff All Stars

What even is SB?

So what is SB? Many people have heard of it but it’s only the very privileged few that understand it. The best way to find out what it is is to come down and spend a fortnight here in the Nottinghamshire countryside but we appreciate that’s not an overly practical solution so we’ll do our best with this blog. 508 more words



So, in about three months, the first expansion for FFXIV, Heavensward, will launch.  New race, 3 new classes, 10 new levels, and “as much content as there was in the 2.0 relaunch of the original game”. 471 more words


Now Announcing... Guild Levels!

What’s in a number?

We all know that your Guild Level determines how powerful your character is. But in the spirit of old-school D&D, I thought it would be cool for us to have a Level Title to go with each level. 65 more words


A Letter for Belinda

/* Alright everyone, my CCA, the Raffles Institution Writers’ Guild has tasked/challenged me to write a villanelle, selecting two out of several given lines to use as the refrains. 189 more words