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Monster Hunting

These are currently the best heroes to use for hunting each monster.


Gear Sets

These are suggested gear sets for those that are free to play.  The war gear set is debatable, some consider it the best, others tweak it to suit them, go with what works best for you and your troop composition. 21 kata lagi


Guild Rules

  • Follow the guild rules at all times, and pay attention to R4/5 mails in game, as there may be important information or updates in them.
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When you're trying to decide if you feel bad enough to cancel...

Test yourself. Something that takes a lot out of you when you’re sick. See if you can accomplish the task. If it’s easy, just go do the things you want to today. 117 kata lagi

For When You're Sick

Inter-District Striking Competition Results 2018

4 teams entered the W&P Guild Inter District 8 Bell Striking Competition held at St Micheals Basingstoke.

Grateful thanks to the judges,   Mary Gow and Stephen Mitchell. 32 kata lagi


Raiding with Realm

I’ve been wanting to do something for my guild for quite some time. Sure, we’ve only been together (in this form) since the end of Tomb of Sargeras (so since around November/December last year? 635 kata lagi