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World of Warcraft

This evening will see my delightful husband taking part in his first raid on Wow since….I’m not really sure when, before we met I think. 172 more words


Gold Saucer first impressions

Actually, it’s more like a second glance. Yesterday, i visited the Gold Saucer two times- the first time i was very, very enthusiastic about what the Gold Saucer offers, even commenting here that it might be the “end of my levelling”. 1.261 more words

Final Fantasy XIV

Welcome to Path of the Fallen!

<Path of the Fallen> is a EU Horde guild located on Kilrogg, Nagrand and Runetotem (three connected servers). The guild was originally made on Kilrogg back in TBC and has been around ever since. 137 more words


Trying to "catch up" a bit: the 2014 Western PA Metal Clay charm exchange

Now, the delay in posting this is not entirely my fault. OK, some of the delay is, just not all of it.

Most (but not all) years, members of the Western PA Metal Clay guild hold a holiday-season charm exchange. 809 more words


The life of a undead rogue

Telling people you play World of Warcraft can go one of two ways, either the people you’re telling will think it’s really cool because they’ve played it before, or you’re automatically labelled the biggest nerd ever and get ridiculed for it. 472 more words

More than you ever wanted to know about the loot process

Tl;dr: Here’s how loot systems work. There is a new kind of raid team, the Guild PUG, and Personal Loot seems the best option for it.  1.958 more words

Warlords Of Draenor

Equality between men and women in ArcheAge?

This is Korean fashion and you can only guess what this is doing to our males in game? The lady in white got quite popular the other day. 122 more words