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Gratitude List 591

Although this blog exists in order to promote my own project as well as to support the projects of similar, like-minded Artists and Writers, I can’t help but confess that I’ve been posting a lot of personal stuff here lately.   1.018 kata lagi

Creative Process

Childhood and journey

I remember when I rolled my very first WoW character and lost myself in the game. It was my night elf hunter, back when hunters didn’t get their first pet until level 10, and by the way level 10 took a lot longer than the twenty minutes it now does. 1.227 kata lagi

Game Play

Changes and transitions 

Since leaving central FL on 2017/05/13, I’ve effectively stopped playing WoW. I’ve logged in on occasion to handle mail, auctions, kick off missions (until I ran out of resources), occasionally try the… 376 kata lagi


Could you be an Education Day Helper?

The Education Committee is indebted to its loyal band of experienced helpers, without whom we could not run these Education Days.    If you, yourself, feel you could help on 14thOctober – even for part of the day – or might perhaps be able to help with courses in the future, then do please contact Sallie Ingram   Joining Sallie’s Master List does not commit you to turning out for every course (!), but only when you are free and want to come.

Christine Knights-Whittome


**Places Filling Fast** Education Day Plain Hunt and Trebling 14th Oct

A quick reminder about the Guild Education Day on Saturday 14th October, based at Goodworth Clatford, when we will be covering Plain Hunt and  186 kata lagi


6. RE: Chris Keyser clarifies on WGA Renegotiations

In an interview with John August and Craig Mazin, Negotiation Committee co-chairman Chris Keyser clarifies problems that were occurring under the old deal, and solutions implemented in the new one. 263 kata lagi