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Activism 101: Email

With all that is happening in the country I live, I thought a quick tutorial on basic cyber activism might be a good idea.

Note: Please do not take my excessive sarcasm for anything more than sarcasm.   421 kata lagi


To Be Without A Tribe...

Intros are difficult and often useless.  If you have any questions contact me and I will update things.

I am not a lonely person, but I do feel alone.   166 kata lagi


Slowly getting back into the groove.

I’m still kicking. The divorce is still fucking with my head and affecting my socialization with others. I’m hiding in the hidey hole of my bank guild most often, I really need to figure out which toons are going to be appearing back in the guild and start with the whole socializing thing. 318 kata lagi


Mid-Monthly Meetings 2017

Although attendance in 2016 was good apart from 1 exception, I had great
difficulty in finding sufficient organisers.

If we are to continue in 2017 then I really need 7 or 8 committed volunteers… 21 kata lagi


Official weekend event!

Official announcement:

Rick’s gunshots have attracted the walkers and they are now swarming around your camp gates. Take down the walkers before it’s too late! 41 kata lagi


February and have we lost our minds?

Hopefully, the title didn’t offend anyone, but for our activity, we made Alzheimers Activity Mats.

But first, what do you get if you come on time to Quilt Guild???? 511 kata lagi


Winchester Cathedral Access Arrangements

Dear All,

Something you all need to be aware of – which I quote from the Cathedral Diary website:-

“Please note that building works in the south transept now affect how we access the tower. 181 kata lagi