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Guild Update

New Officer!!!

Congrats to Ryleigh (Aelaice) on becoming a new full pledged Officer tonight! She was originally our bank master, handling all of the guilds banking needs. 454 kata lagi


Another Successful Guild Surprise Royal Practice

The suggested method this month was Bristol Royal and several half courses were successfully completed. First Blows in method for at least one participant.

In addition there were half courses of Cambridge, Yorkshire and Lincoln and a couple of courses of Treble Bob Royal to enable both the aspiring treble ringers to ring at the same time. 54 kata lagi


Wandering Norrath with Maeru once again on Vox

Sorry I have not updated in almost two weeks, but the static had been kind of inactive for a while, and work and some life changes got in the way of mmorpging again, but tonight I was reunited with Maeru who had leapfrogged to 19 on her bard, while I was still sort of floundering at 12. 319 kata lagi


Revisiting: Guild Masters of Perfect

Looking back to the five years of the guild’s existence in Dragon Nest, we witnessed unforgettable moments and contributions that the previous Guild Masters have done to Perfect. 797 kata lagi


To say that too many students are disenfranchised and disconnected from their guild isn’t rhetoric. It is the unfortunate reality.

We see it in the number who voted in Guild Elections – from a record 4,338 ballots cast in 2013 to just 3,361 in 2016, the election just past. 1.102 kata lagi


Malifaux tournament report: Autumn's End 2016 (50SS); 24Sep2016

I have been lucky enough to have two tournaments in Scotland on consecutive weekends on dates that I can actually attend, so Gareth and I headed to Common Ground Games in Stirling for Autumn’s End 2016. 3.088 kata lagi


Mid-Monthly Meeting - Wednesday October 12th

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan

Guild of Church Bell Ringers

Mid Monthly Meeting
Wednesday October 12, 2016

11.00 – 12.00 Fordingbridge, S Mary, 8, 13-2-1 in F, SU145138… 56 kata lagi

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