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Community as Disruptor

Guilds and Associations = Community

Simple if you spin around and look. Like the tide coming in. There are no barriers to expressing your art, craft and passion. 140 more words

About Blogging

Raiding more and enjoying it less

Some of you may know that I have been raiding with two guilds for awhile — a raiding guild and a social guild. The raid teams for both guilds are configured to be what I can best describe as semi-casual. 1.004 more words

Warlords Of Draenor

A Day at the Guild

Last week I had a tendonitis flare-up and had to take time off from work and crafting. After a few days of absolutely NO knitting or crocheting, I thought I was going to lose my mind. 704 more words



Anyway, please stay active and check the guild chat during the guild events. It is of prime importance.

Your questions and opinions are always welcome. 444 more words

Tyrant Unleashed

First Apprenticeship

At the age of 13, a Sancian child’s logical and emotional development should have a strong foundation. At this stage, the child is then encouraged to look into the variety of careers available to invest their earliest years into providing a social and economic value to the Sancian community. 190 more words


Guild Flag Reaches Level 4!

I wanted to give a big “Thank you!” to Lord Wolfus for his generosity, spending $100 worth of diamonds to raise the Guild Flag by two levels, which greatly increases the stat bonuses for everyone within the guild. 19 more words