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Guild News - Heraldry & Taberd

Thanks to ellasniper and Adulwulf4, we now have guild heraldry and a taberd

To purchase the guild taberd, go to the guild store at a bank, search under guild items, and it cost 2,000 gold. 43 kata lagi

Elder Scrolls Online

Guild News - Dungeons

We finally were able to get together to run dungeons completely as a guild. Last night, jzhnutz led ellasniper, SacrificedRabit and ArghaNoah through Darkshade Caverns, Elden Hollow and Wayrest Sewers. 45 kata lagi

Elder Scrolls Online

LFR, Group Finder, and Arrogance

Some observations and thoughts on LFR and GroupĀ Finder.

Archimonde and LFR. I see where there are a “few nerfs” in the worksĀ for LFR Archimonde. 1.192 kata lagi


Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns Expansion Launching in October

Guild Wars 2 (GW2) fans will be excited to hear that the much anticipated expansion, Heart of Thorns, will be released on October 23rd. ArenaNet have been releasing details of the expansions features for months and now the wait for release is almost over. 178 kata lagi


Guild Bank & Taberd

Guild Bank

We officially have a guild bank. We are going to set it up so those of us who craft can have access to bank for materials and related items. 364 kata lagi

Elder Scrolls Online

Overthinking social

Back when the Massively team started the Kickstarter to launch their own site, i spent some money on my favourite MMORPG-related website. That enabled me to provide a question for the team to tackle in their “Massively Overthinking”-column. 1.339 kata lagi