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Silence at Surmia

Improbable Girl, Silen and I (Morpheus O) teamed up to explore the Ruins of Surmia!

We fought the good fight and prevailed against many foes… 28 kata lagi

The slow decline of a guild

I know that some people guild-hop, and to many their guild is simply a means to an end – a way of getting into weekly raids at their chosen difficulty level. 331 kata lagi


Guilds of Emerisia

Alchemists Guild Master- Tamin Davenson (M)


  • Metal armor (Mail/Plate), Guild Master- Jamxa Buckstein (F)
  • Leather Armor, Guild Master-  Tizo Buckstein (M)
  • Accessories, Guild Master- Rue Buckstein (M)
  • 164 kata lagi

My Cheating Ways

More confessions of a fibre strumpet I’m afraid ;-)

I do love the word strumpet by the way, what word(s) do you like the most? 677 kata lagi


Video Corner: Guild - 爆発MY HEART (short)

Guild has revealed short PV for “爆発MY HEART”, title available in their new single “夏祭り” (Natsu Matsuri), on sales starting from today!

src: zanyzapofficial


Brigard Fact #94

Skilled composers in Brigard have an easier time than most when it comes to garnering fame. This is due in part to the efforts of one of the most famous composers: Palatine Fastolt. 103 kata lagi


Dota truyền kỳ VNG: Boss Chap13 – Đầm lầy, 2m4 dame.

Hướng dẫn dame boss chap 13 – Đầm lầy, cho nhà nghèo, với lượng dame đạt được là 2m4. 51 kata lagi

Dota Truyen Ky