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Alkaline Trio & NoFx

So the other day I decided to go to see NoFx & Alkaline Trio On The Morning Of The Gig.

I’ve got to say I was really glad that I did ! 192 kata lagi

What alignment are you? This band is Chaotic Neutral

When I was in junior high, I played Dungeons & Dragons, and loved it.  Long before the MMORPG came along, D&D was how people could satiate their need to immerse themselves in a fantasy world with dragons and orcs and magic.   1.101 kata lagi

Band Interviews

Sequel Syndrome: 10 Criminally Overlooked 'Follow-Up' Records

For musicians, it’s not easy following up a masterpiece. The road to record store (what’s that?) bargain bins is paved with sophomore slumps and less-than-savory sequels, but there are also plenty of legitimately great albums that came out after a smash hit, only to be sorely under-appreciated by fans and/or critics. 2.152 kata lagi

Bad Religion

30 Day Writing Challenge | Day 7

This morning I slept through my alarm and missed opening up at work.

I don’t even feel bad. I got to have the best cuddles with my cat and I didn’t require a coffee this morning – I’m taking all the small successes I can get at the moment. 534 kata lagi


What's the "Definition" of Punk?

There’s a question thats been bugging me lately, something that some people might find hard to answer; how can you define a music genre like “punk”, and if so, what’s the definition? 380 kata lagi

Great Albums

altrocklife's favourite underrated albums

Hello altrocklifers! As a music blogger, it’d make sense for me to be obsessed with all things rock, punk and alternative music.  I’ve actively been seeking out the best new music since I was in secondary school, and all of my friends and family know that when I discover a new album I don’t stop talking about it until everyone I know has a) listened to it and b) is as in love with it as I am. 715 kata lagi


Day 179

365-day music challenge: Day 179/365 – A song that makes you think of the color red.

This is such a badass song. It’s super exciting and exhilarating. 171 kata lagi