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Punk USA: The Rise and Downfall of Lookout! Records (2014)

Lookout Records was situated in a unique position as pop/punk saw a post-grunge boom in the mid-nineties. The label held the release rights to Green Day’s pre-major-label back catalogue as well as the Operation Ivy releases (by pre-Rancid members). 994 kata lagi


My Rage, My Love, My Life: from Champaign to Las Vegas

Flight DY7015 touched down in New York on March 25, 2017.

It had been six years, but the airport still looked exactly the same. There were still only three people manning passport control. 8.916 kata lagi

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Joan Jett Rocks New 'Bad Reputation' Documentary at Sundance Film Festival

By many measures, Joan Jett is one of the most influential figures in rock history. But how many young fans who adore her proto-punk attitude would guess that one of the rocker’s early influences was … Liza Minnelli? 1.447 kata lagi


Inspiring Comeback Stories

How To Handle Adversity

There was an article a few years back that asked the reader which person in a courtroom they identified with most, and the answer indicated a lot about the reader’s makeup. 510 kata lagi

Product Review: BASKETCASE Eyeliner

Some people asked me to let them know how the Basketcase eyeliner was. I started writing this as a facebook post and then it got away from me and became a full-on blog post. 470 kata lagi


10 Albums That Shaped My Teenage Years

I wrote this list a while back after being tagged in one of those challenges on social media. However, finally decided to elaborate a bit as to why these albums mean so much to me and shaping my love of music. 732 kata lagi

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Basket Case Anti-Precision Eyeliner

This is the limited edition collaboration between Kat and Billie Joe Armstrong. When they announced this months ago I realized it was a dream collaboration that I didn’t know I wanted. 421 kata lagi