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Why do I like music so much?

Since the middle ages music has played a role in the human experience. The Renaissance era debuted the idea of vocal performance and ever since then music has been changed. 417 kata lagi

Extraordinary Thoughts

¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tre! (Green Day, 2012)

These three words – shouted to signal the start of every song or set – as a title is in and of itself, very punk in spirit. 99 kata lagi


Green Day and Me Part 2: Dookie - A Life Changing Bowel Movement


Release: February 1, 1994
Sales²: US: 10 million; Worldwide: 20 million
Singles: Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case, When I Come Around, She
Favorite tracks:  1.781 kata lagi

Rage and Love

I always dread things being made into films or musicals, especially things I love. I was extremely tense last night, because I finally got round to seeing the American Idiot musical, the stage show version of an album… 472 kata lagi


Legitimate Self Destruction #11 - Home?

Fair warning, this chapter contains a suicide attempt. A very badly written, not realistic, suicide attempt. But it may be triggering or unpleasant none the less. 2.621 kata lagi

Personal Essay

All By Myself: Green Day and Me

“Nostalgia! I feel it even for someone who meant nothing to me, out of anxiety for the flight of time and a sickness bred of the mystery of life…”-Fernando Pessoa…

960 kata lagi

Musical History #53

I’m quite a big Green Day fan. That’s obvious really. They’re amazing! Over the past few weeks I’ve also been learning some of their stuff too – mostly… 375 kata lagi

Musical History