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Mutianyu Section - Great Wall of China

Friends in our church branch found out that we hadn’t been to the Great Wall all together. I took the kids with the WAs last June, and B went last August on a school field trip. 581 kata lagi

In Chinatown

The summer heat breathed on us;

its sigh, caressing my face

The sun left to dream;

the moon rose, holding you in its sight–

a spectator of a scene, 90 kata lagi


The Great Wall Marathon - May 21, 2016

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

We did it—my friend Shannon and I both finished the full marathon! It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (and yes, that includes the ultras—and giving birth!). 919 kata lagi

Great Wall Marathon

Outside Beijing, China

After a lot of goodbyes we left Korea to start a 4 month trip starting in China. Beijing was by far the most polluted place that I’ve ever visited. 41 kata lagi

Tales from China

I just spent five days in China, Earth’s most populous country just ahead of India. Combined, they represent one third of mankind! Yes, five days. It is not much indeed, as China represents the third largest country in surface as well. 797 kata lagi


Dandong on a Sunday

So last weekend I went to Beijing via bullet train and saw the Great Wall and the Forbidden city and Tianamen Square (where nothing happened). It was great, it was touristy and there really wasn’t much to talk about.   572 kata lagi

Trekking the Great Wall

Time’s arrow points in one direction, unlike the “Great Wall” which snakes its way up the northern hills, twisting right then coiling left before doubling back on itself. 899 kata lagi