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Why do I love Beijing?

Beijing, the capital of China, which has witnessed varied historical changes in the past 3,000 years, is now a modernized city where I have seen jamming streets, a not very clear sky, different kinds of noisy people and a seemingly over-modernized urban structure, and experienced the high living standard. 481 kata lagi

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(Part 1) Scaling the Great Wall - in an unconventional manner

There it was. The crumbled stretch of the Great Wall, hidden behind wild bushes that have been untamed for centuries, maybe even thousands of years. The pile of bricks layered on one another, forming a rickety 3-metre stairway up to the Wall. 4.340 kata lagi


Back in May of this year, (three months ago wow!) I had the opportunity to travel to Asia with Cal Band. I went to Beijing and the Juyongguan Pass section of the Great Wall which is an hour outside of Beijing.

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Experts urge unified repair standards for Great Wall after botched repair of primitive section

(People’s Daily Online)

By Yuan Can

A cultural relics expert recently gave an interview expressing regret that a section of Great Wall in northeastern China’s Liaoning province has been ruined by repair work, and urging China to introduce standards for such repair work, Beijing Youth Daily reported. 242 kata lagi


Top 10 Great Wall Sections in Beijing

Speaking of traveling in Beijing, a great many people may first think of the Great Wall, and indeed it is an exciting tour of the Great Wall of Beijing. 615 kata lagi

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Adopted for a day by a Mexican Family on the Great Wall of China.

There are random acts of kindness in this world. It’s not always the easiest thing to believe, but there are days and moments where the world around us conspires to bring us joy that we will remember years down the line. 1.132 kata lagi

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Part of China's Great Wall Has Been Cemented Over in a Shocking 'Restoration' Job

Local government efforts to preserve a seven-century-old stretch of China’s Great Wall have been roundly pilloried after pictures of the smooth cement “restoration” job surfaced on social media. 424 kata lagi