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Hiking the Wild Wall


From the Beijing Hikers website – hike Ellie and I took – one of our first “wild wall” hikes.

This was a hot hike, and it took a bit longer than we expected. 67 kata lagi

Jeff Holte

Five Myths...

Five myths about the Great Wall of China…read more @telegraph.co.uk



“I will build a great wall – and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me”

Only two super powers could make something this gloriously stupid: "The Great Wall"

Not since a giant robot used an oil tanker as a baseball bat to club a sea monster into submission in Pacific Rim has a movie embraced its own glorious dumbness with as much aplomb as… 835 kata lagi

Movie Reviews

Brand new E4 comedy drama Gap Year

Here’s an exclusive look at brand new E4 comedy drama Gap Year. Centred on British lads Dylan (Anders Hayward) and Sean (Ade Oyefeso), who are childhood friends that initially set out to backpack through China, but end up taking on the whole continent. 107 kata lagi


Great Wall Hike - Jiànkòu to Mùtiányù - 2

The Great Wall of China is not  a single wall but a series of walls built over a period of time. They are connected at various points. 884 kata lagi