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Where the Great Wall Meets the Sea

Where the Great Wall Meets the Sea  —by Jinny Batterson

Earlier this summer, I had a chance to check off a minor item on my “bucket list,” finally visiting an eastern terminus of China’s Great Wall. 702 kata lagi

The Great Wall of China is nothing but a great wall


I was terribly taken aback today. It wasn’t a nice surprise.

I went out on a late brunch (or just lunch, lol) with several friends. 2.119 kata lagi

Great Wall

I’m on my way to New York for a much-awaited Saturday dinner, it’s been almost two years since I last saw her but we were so pre-occupied by the event, we hardly had the time to catch up. 831 kata lagi


Memories of China: The Great Wall

This post is part of a series I’m creating about my top travel memories from China. Watch this space for more short stories!

When I was 18, I had barely been outside of the US, apart from a couple of days in Canada and a two hour cruise stop in Cozumel, Mexico. 586 kata lagi


The great wall and other wonders of China

“Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.” Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

I arrived in Mutianyu after two hours drive from Beijing (the capital of China) ready to accomplish an old childhood dream: walking on the great wall of China.
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Collection #14: Travel Sketchbooks—China, Part 1

The most intimate way to experience a place is to draw it in a sketchbook—to see every detail and absorb the entire atmosphere (the sounds and smells, the light and shadows) around your subject. 530 kata lagi


7/12 Great Wall Sections Completed

There are 12 sections of the Great Wall within Beijing.  So far, Ben and I have completed 7 of them.  We’re hoping to get to as close to all 12 completed before our time is done here in Beijing (but a couple are questionable due to the safety of the structure, so we’ll see!). 875 kata lagi