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Mutianyu Great Wall with the Kids

During the first week of April, my children were off from school for spring break. I had recently made my Beijing Bucket List for spring and was eager to start checking things off that list, especially because I wanted to see those places while the spring flowers were in bloom. 995 kata lagi


The thing about walls...

George Carlin was a master of words, coaxing and massaging them like a poet. He liked to take them to extremes to show us how silly we can be. 814 kata lagi

Personal Thoughts

Beijing (北京)

Compared to Shanghai or Hong Kong Beijing definitely has a very different feel to it. If you’ve ever been to Berlin then you’ll know what I mean when I say Beijing is a city that’s constantly building. 613 kata lagi


A Day in Beijing

On a cold (for Houstonian’s at least) December day we toured the main sights of the Chinese Capital.  It meant an early start, but that wasn’t too much of a problem given the jet lag had us up early.   794 kata lagi


Now, Where Were We?

Since leaving our cozy little Tokyo apartment last year, we managed to squeeze 15 countries into one last world trip (for now).  We lived with nomads, tested the limit of our taste buds (and stomachs!), partied with the friendliest Russians, squeezed into a packed sauna in an Estonian forest, ate canned corn and salami every day for a week, climbed up one of the Lofoten Islands, slept under the northern lights, met up with all of our relatives in North America, among other things. 1.991 kata lagi


Su-35 Battle Royale, Part 1: Antebellum

It’s been a little over a  year since my last build review – of Kitty Hawk’s maddening Su-17 Fitter. Why haven’t I returned to the well sooner? 1.283 kata lagi

Travel is a medicine

Hello Saturday!!!

Now I am very happy because I just submitted my resignation to my boss and will work in a totally different field from my background (Environmental Engineering). 295 kata lagi