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Gansu Province (3) : Jiayuguan

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My journey continues as I take the train from the oasis of Dunhuang to the city of Jiayuguan.  I like the Chinese rail system.   2.398 kata lagi


Hiking the Great Wall

“Go on and do it! People will say no, and I’ll tell you why they say no, it’s not to hurt you it’s not to stifle your dream, it’s that from where they see it, it’s too scary.” …

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6 Alternative Ways to See the Great Wall of China

There’s so much more to the Great Wall of China than the tourist hotspots. The Badaling Great Wall and the Ming Tombs? Been there, done that, never again. 1.005 kata lagi


Gansu Province (1) : Dunhuang

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I am about to start the second stage of my amazing trip.  Where Xi’an was the final destination of travelers on the Silk Road, I am going to explore a more western part of the Ancient Silk Road in Gansu province, in North-West China.   2.385 kata lagi