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Beijing - our introduction to China and the adventure to follow! 

Beijing saw us staying at the Beijing Downtown Backpackers on the famous Nanluoguxiang – an ancient shopping district, which sees hundreds of people line the streets each day – there’s some awesome mojito bars along there if you find yourself in the area :) This place had the comfiest bed we have stayed it – it was like a giant pillow and they are famed for organising some of the best Great Wall trips! 655 kata lagi


China and "404 Not Found"

The wall fences in a Chinese information prison where ignorance fosters ideologies of hatred and aggression. If the firewall exists indefinitely, China will eventually revert to what it once was: a sealed off, narrow-minded, belligerent, rogue state.

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Beijing - The Great Wall

The Great Wall, Beijing, 2013
once again amazed by ancient architecture
the Great Wall is just like a dragon lying on ridges
the 3rd pic was taken when climbing up the stairs… 46 kata lagi

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How Mexico Can Beat Trump

by Brendan Beery

During one of his brilliant comedic impersonations of George W Bush, Will Farrell invented the word “strategery.” It was an artful riff, reflecting the toxic admixture of W’s linguistic sloppiness and intellectual vacuity. 512 kata lagi

The Panacotta Army and the Great Wall

The next day we met our new group properly with an exhausting walking tour of the forbidden city and Tiananmen square. Everyone in the group seems really nice, and its a much wider range of ages this time, even if the core of the group is English (7 of 15) one nice Canadian lady had bought her 15 year old son and 11 year old girl. 1.073 kata lagi

The Great Wall, and Open Doors

Where did we leave off? Oh right, the dismal photographic failure on the Bowron Lake chain. It was not long after that I purchased a “Kathy Proof” camera, a… 871 kata lagi