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A Little Thing Called Kdrama

It all started on a lazy summer day in 2011. A friend and I were looking for something to watch on Netflix and came across a picture of this beautiful looking group of people. 1.142 kata lagi


Great Queen SeonDeok

Once a long time ago there were two women battling to be Queen. Korea of the 7th Century A.D. was comprised of three smaller countries. Women of that era had more power and influence then they did later in the history of Korea. 597 kata lagi

love story ; tetep! ga kapok ^^

liburan semester ini, *tetep masi dengan status mahasiswa* udah mulai bingung mau ngapain. eh, inget masih ada DVD yg blum selesai ditonton. Great Queen Seondeok! korea colosal series… 545 kata lagi