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"Meet Graham" Wins First Cannes Grand Prix - Deservedly

Clemenger BBDO snagged the first Cannes Grand Prix for their amazing work for the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia the other day. Their work, entitled… 54 kata lagi


Cars, Pontiac, and Good Design: I Miss My High School Grand Prix

When I was in high school, I drove a Grand Prix. I learned to drive on a Cruze, so it was a little bit of an adjustment at first, but I… 266 kata lagi


Memories of a Canadian Grand Prix

Formula 1 is a sport we love! Whenever there’s a race we gather ourselves in front of the TV and watch how our favorite drivers go against each other for a place at the podium. 794 kata lagi


When Your Cargo Load Is Very Valuable

Expensive car trunk load for a day.

These four saddles – Now available through Stoppani Saddles.  They should all find a happy new home soon! 66 kata lagi


My Weekly Adventures #45!

And we’re back!

It feels like I’ve been giving a lot of updates lately so it feels a like that there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. 819 kata lagi


Montreal Grand Prix, French Lessons and Minis

I’m not a fan of the Grand Prix – the noise (pounding music, screaming tires, revving engines), the wasted resources (yes, I know, those tourist dollars coming into Montreal – but think of the taxpayers’ subsidies going out), the ‘vroom virus’ that infects even normally sedate drivers, making street crossing an extreme sport. 227 kata lagi