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Hackaday Prize Entry: A Mobile Electric Gate

Electric gates can be an excellent labor-saving device, allowing one to remain in a vehicle while the gate opens and closes by remote activation. However, it can become somewhat of a hassle juggling the various remotes and keyfobs required, so devised an alternative solution – … 280 kata lagi

The Hackaday Prize

School Bus Tracking And Attendance

In today’s scenario, avoiding a mishap with the children has become a vital issue for both the parents and school management. The school Bus RFID tracking system… 393 kata lagi

Marketing Technology


Previously we had learned how this modem communicate using TCP protocol and using SMS. Now we will learn how GSM tracking system work. This tracking data can be send using TCP protocol or using SMS service to the remote place. 619 kata lagi



Now I am going to discuss how we will use GPRS feature of this modem. GPRS technology is useful and cost-effective for long range data communication. 886 kata lagi



Now I am going to explain how we send SMS using M590E modem. There are many features and command for controlling SMS feature. But I did only focused on basic thing, after that you can easily handle SMS sending process using this GSM modem. 518 kata lagi


When we set out to make things better for the Self Drive business, we did not just stop at delivering a 100% success rate, we went further and enhanced the self-drive experience for both the business owner and the customer.

A Wise Platform that gives more than 100%

t4u’s Wise Fog Platform is a holistic business-centric & consumer convenient solution for self-drive car businesses. With unique technological innovations, Wise Fog Platform has a guaranteed 100% success rate when it comes to giving a user an experience that seamlessly accesses the car through remote communication. 371 kata lagi

Good Morning

It was a pleasing winter morning, followed the routine like it’s a religious custom. I got this whimsical thought on why even to do the routine and googling about the subject in detail. 483 kata lagi