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GP: Mika – Grace Kelly

Slovenskými internetmi včera prebehla vydarená fotka z bratislavského hudobného klubu Unique. Nebolo na nej nič zvláštne, len pekné: tancujúci a zabávajúci sa mladí ľudia na party a dvaja bozkávajúci sa chlapci. 194 kata lagi

Guilty Pleasure

How justifiable is expenditure on arms and the armed forces in the modern world?

In 2014, the combined military expenditure of every country amounted to USD$1.6 trillion, which, on average, accounts for 2.2% of each country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 989 kata lagi

Downward Spirals

I haven’t written for months, and most of what I have been writing has been about my counselling courses. The fact that I have been writing about it is good but I struggle to find the energy and motivation to write about me in other contexts which is really not what this is all about. 1.385 kata lagi


MENA managers moving away from LP-GP private equity model

By Kamran Anwar

At a recent session during the annual IFC global private equity conference, industry leaders, including SS&C GlobeOp, discussed the fate of the traditional LP-GP private equity model in MENA and the recent growth in technology and venture capitalism (VC) deals in the region. 370 kata lagi


Talking about urinary incontinence

This week is World Continence Week, an annual campaign to raise awareness of continence. The theme this year, Incontinence – no laughing matter, tackles a common response by people to laugh off incontinence. 359 kata lagi

Older People

APO Self-learning e-Course on Material Flow Cost Accounting, Jul 1 - Dec 31, 2017

MFCA, developed in Germany in the late 1990s, is one of the major tools of environmental management accounting (EMA) widely adopted and used by private corporations and organizations around the world to boost their economic and environmental performance. 298 kata lagi