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Regarding Monday’s blog post what I failed to mention was when I got home from my GP appointment, I fired off an angry email to the person who spoke with my GP last week. 839 kata lagi

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GP Level prescribing data

GP level practice prescribing data platform

Useful but not user friendly as listed by month and no aggregated yearly mechanisms!

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Inventory Quantities on hand by Lot Number by site - View for Smartlist

A customer needed a new Smartlist showing their inventory quantities on hand analysed by Lot Number and site in order to complete monthly stock takes. This is the view I came up with, hope its of use to someone else. 266 kata lagi


Ankle X-ray Taken

I am always nervous about going to the GP with a running related issue. Normally the response is “Stop Running indefinitely” rather than “Let’s try and find the cause so you can get back to trying to lead a healthy lifestyle” 145 kata lagi


Don Quixote de la Canberra

The ongoing saga of trying to create public awareness of the massive waste of money represented by the ACT Government funded Nurse-led Walk in Clinics has finally, after literally years of campaigning, led to an… 606 kata lagi

Medical Workforce Issues

Grameenphone Best Internet Offer 2017

Welcome to our new website. If you know? this only a blog for Android Experts Channel. 39 kata lagi

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OMG, I have an appt!!!

4 days ago we had the telephone appt with my GP.

It lasted less than 4 minutes & basically consisted of her being confused and asking my partner if “things had got worse” (she couldn’t understand why I’d been sent to A&E or why she’d been told I needed an expedited neurology appt. 181 kata lagi