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Matchday 16 - Goyang Eoullim Nuri Football Ground (고양어울림추구강)

So for some reason it had never dawned on me that I actually had a ‘local’ team. OK, it’s not quite just down the road but it’s only 4 subway stops and 13 minutes away to Goyang Citizen Football Club, or at least to Wondang Subway station on Line 3 which is the nearest stop on the Metro. 398 more words


Sweet Korea 2015

As dessert cafes are enjoying strong growth over recent years in Korea, they are trying to keep up with the demand by providing a differentiated service and desserts & fancy foods. 208 more words


[Gyeonggi] Ilsan, a city of beauty, culture, shopping, and more

Originally founded as a new urban area to alleviate the growing overpopulation problem in Seoul, the city of Ilsan has become a popular destination for visitors domestic or from abroad. 859 more words


별에서 온 그대 My Love From the Star/You Who Came From the Stars Exhibit

This is for all you kdrama fans out there, specifically this particular drama. I have to admit this is also the only Korean drama I fully watched so my fangirling definitely reached new heights with this trip. 974 more words


Are We Dead Yet? (Unpacking Nome, Pt. 2)

Today I won/lost.

After an eventful day showing some visiting Nome friends around my old stomping grounds of Washington DC, I realized something: while I’ve spent the last few months trying to unpack Nome, Nome has managed to catch up to  543 more words


Daripada Suntuk, Goyang Dumang Dulu Yuk!!!!

Pagi-pagi dengerin ya ajib2 itu terasa hilang suntuknya…..

Goyang Lagi Yuk….


Sports Day

November 6, 2014

Today was Sports Day for the kindergarteners at SLP!
Sports Day is a big deal at the public schools here, but I’m not sure if all hagwons host one. 255 more words