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Mall Rats in Starfield

So… I’ve been busy. Reality got the best of me and I had to fight so many monsters along the way. Yeeha. But I’m back! That’s more important, right? 1.446 kata lagi


SoCar Car Rental / Car Sharing in South Korea - Our Experience

During the Chuseok break we tried the SoCar for the first time. SoCar is a Car Rental / Car Sharing application, designed for short trips generally just for a few hours. 704 kata lagi


Air Kelapa Goyang

Air kelapa goyang (coconut shake) memang sangat nikmat diminum pada waktu tengah hari & petang yang panas.

Air kelapa goyang yang sedap menggunakan campuran air kelapa muda & tua dengan nisbah yang tertentu. 56 kata lagi


back to work..

A new term starts, the sky is beautiful and the country air feels fresh.

Great to be back!

Exploring Goyang

Back in April, I visited Goyang for a picnic and mooch around the city. I was well impressed and plan to head there again – there is a new Starfield to be explored as a plus! 19 kata lagi

Goyang DT Starbucks

The new Starbucks Goyang DT gives locals a taste of America within an easy walk of the main shopping street and local university.


경기도 고양시 덕양구 호국로 1775 (고양동)
경기도 고양시 덕양구 고양동 568

Korea 2017 Day 5: Korea International Horticulture Festival (Goyang)

For our 5th day in Korea, we went outside Seoul to attend the Korea International Horticulture in Goyang.

I found this event while I was planning the itinerary. 266 kata lagi