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1299. Dean Lane skate park (108)

What a lucky bunch we are in Bristol to have so so many talented street artists walking among us. This is a magnificent collaboration by two Bristol old-timers (I don’t think they’d like me to call them that…probably, but it is more a mark of respect). 488 kata lagi



You ever notice how people only see what they wanna see? And you can be jumpin’ up and down and yelling the truth right in people’s face, but they just see what they wanna see, you know? 512 kata lagi

The Dead Boys|Gorilla| 06/02/18

Seeing The Dead Boys, a classic CBGB band, without Stiv Bators, I had my doubts 512 kata lagi


Beloved: Weekly Photo Challenge


adjective dearly loved. noun a much loved person.

(Or when I anthropomorphize, I include animals, too. See below).

To see more takes on beloved click here. 71 kata lagi

To look and feel more powerful - assume the Gorilla pose!

According to Harvard researcher, Amy Cuddy, “posing” in a powerful way – as gorillas do – can influence the way we’re perceived by others. Cuddy says that adopting a high power pose two minutes prior to a meeting will help you exude confidence and you’ll also feel more confident. 52 kata lagi

Intelligence For Your Life


This tiny freshwater primate-amphibian lives in social families exactly as mountain gorillas do. They are a prized aquarium pet and come in their natural coloration (seen here) or a delightful pink albino. Their babies are astoundingly cute.



Weighing in at 400 lbs, the incredibly fierce and strong striped hyrilla lives in troops on the African plains. Vocal and frequently angry, this creature (seen here in a rare albino form) differs quite a lot from its distant gorilla relative. 9 kata lagi