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What was that? Did I hear you correctly? Midterms are next week!? Hold the wax works! When did that get so close!

They say time flies when you’re having fun… apparently it also flies when you’re drafting 25 page essays, churning out digital models, breaking out real models, refining said models, turning in projects, starting new ones, and not spending nearly enough quality time with your pillow. 51 kata lagi

A Newborn Gorilla At The Philadelphia Zoo

It’s a close race to name our newborn gorilla and all of the names are still in play!

Vote for your favorite and help support GRACE’s work to rehabilitate orphaned gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo! 62 kata lagi


When a Plan Comes Together

Radi has been watching The A-Team. He’s thinking about borrowing Hannibal Smith’s catchphrase, “I love it when a plan comes together.” 


Clemson Bans Harambe Jokes For Promoting 'Racism And Rape Culture'

Harambe jokes have officially been banned from campus at Clemson University… yes really.  Beloved Harambe captured the hearts of many on the internet after being shot to death for dragging a child around his enclosure like a rag doll, forcing the Cincinnati Zoo to make the quick and controversial decision to shoot him, before he crushed the life out of the young boy.   219 kata lagi


Micro Hybrid Hydroponic Apartment Gorilla Gardening

The name that has been coined by my boyfriend for this set up is “Micro Hybrid Hydroponic Apartment Gorilla Gardening”.

We have taken a fish tank and a pump and attached drip heads to the piping for containers. 271 kata lagi