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Hosier Lane {Melbourne}

During our wandering, we discovered this gem of a street… It’s called Hosier Lane and is home to some fantastic urban street art. According to Wikipedia, the area has become the site for a lot of fashion and wedding photography. 143 kata lagi

Myth busting – Part 5

This post is Part 5 of a continuing series of posts tackling persistent myths in the world of healthy eating, with a particular focus on the consumption of animal foods as a source of ill health and environmental destruction. 1.418 kata lagi

Healthy Eating

King of the Hill

As I posted earlier this week, “I was kind of nervous about seeing the Pittsburgh Zoo remembering the cages where animals would just pace. I remember the caged Gorillas would spit at the people and throw their scat at the crowds.” 55 kata lagi

Scenic Views

Hotels have finally broken the seal...

5* Hotels are typically known to be beige, boring and classy in style. This hotel however is somewhat different. The tribal, gorilla wallpaper blends nicely with the teak wooden doors that stand tall. 34 kata lagi

The Highland Park Zoo

Our rediscovery of Pittsburgh continues as we ventured to the Highland Park Zoo for our first visit since the 1970’s. This is the Zoo we grew up with. 212 kata lagi

Scenic Views

Gorilla gives birth unexpectedly at Prague zoo

PRAGUE (AP) — It was an unexpected birth that took everyone at the Prague zoo by surprise.

Nobody noticed that 24-year-old gorilla Shinda — who is a bit overweight — was pregnant. 154 kata lagi

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See an adorable baby gorilla that surprised everyone at a Prague zoo

Because we have a total case of the Mondays, let’s all take a moment to marvel at this incredible surprise that happened at the Zoo in Prague on Saturday: A baby gorilla born to a mom that no one knew was pregnant. 57 kata lagi