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Crazed gorrila breaks out of Detroit Zoo – raping visitors

Purgatory – yesterday afternoon a gorilla broke out of its cage at the Detroit Zoo and started raping visitors. Read that again…a gorilla broke out of its cage at the Detroit Zoo and raped visitors. 254 kata lagi

The Daily Bogus Bulletin

A New Neighborhood For Street Shooting

The inhabitants are a little different, but just as, or even more interesting than the folks you see walking the streets of Boston. They come in all shapes and sizes. 8 kata lagi

'Dicks Out 4 Winston' And Other Signs At The Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

If you’re headed to one of the Overwatch World Cup qualifiers and thinking of bringing that letter ‘D’ and a white picket fence scrawled on poster board, don’t. 352 kata lagi


Tony Pastry: On The Trail of the Red Herring. Part 9

At 11:54, Detective Pastry and I were still interviewing Liberty Moose. This procedure involved the curator asking us a lot of questions.

MOOSE:  So, Detective, you’re convinced the person who left this fish is… 1.136 kata lagi


The Gorilla Bandit

Tom Jacobs dealt with his hatred for gorillas in the only constructive manner he knew. He stole them.

This hatred was birthed early in his life. 913 kata lagi

Eric Calderwood

Gorilla Versus Dolphins

Somewhere off the western coast of Africa, a silverback gorilla who has somehow fallen into the water must defend himself against a sadistic pack of bottlenose dolphins. 20 kata lagi


883. Upfest 2016 (150)

I have a terrible feeling of being rushed to get these Upfest 2016 posts published, because at the time of writing this one, there are only about two weeks to go before 2017’s festival gets underway. 172 kata lagi