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King Kong on the Big Ben: Banana & Hazelnut Chocolate Cupcakes

BREAKING NEWS!: A giant gorilla called King Kong has escaped from a circus! The SASis on the hunt, but no luck so far. The gorilla is claimed to be the biggest in the world: 43 stones, 6 feet. 1.218 more words


Gorilla origins of two AIDS virus lineages confirmed

Two of the four known groups of human AIDS viruses originated in western lowland gorillas in Cameroon, scientists said.

The virus that causes almost all the cases of AIDS worldwide, called HIV-1, has jumped species to infect humans on at least four separate occasions, generating four HIV-1 lineages – groups M, N, O, and P, Xinhua reported on Monday. 320 more words


☑ Go on a Gorilla Safari

For the video clip of the Safari see below!

While I was travelling towards Kigali on a Turkish Airlines plane, I was extremely excited having the chance to see the -about to extinct- … 296 more words


aids was passed to humans from the gorillas as well as chimpanzees

  • Scientists identified pre-cursor of HIV virus in gorillas in Cameroon
  • Virus similar to two HIV strains known as ‘O’ and ‘P’ found in the gorillas…
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Natasha Geiling: Can a Gorilla Really Get Drunk From Bamboo?

Smithsonian: few weeks back, the Internet went a little crazy over an image of a gorilla. In the photograph seen above, an imposing gorilla stands squarely before the camera, his brow furrowed. 52 more words


It's a girl! Como Zoo's new baby gorilla is 'healthy and strong'

The Como Zoo is welcoming another baby to its troop.

First-time mother Dara gave birth to little Arlene on Feb. 22, the zoo announced Monday… 218 more words