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King Kong Escapes review

Rated: 2/5

Just a mini-review this time. Been doing more hobby-time programming than watching films, and trying to finish playing GTA V so I can write a review for it, but Rockstar Games is filled with a bunch of cocksuckers who try to impede anyone from finishing the game if they either don’t have a good online connection or do any modding whatsoever (ie I’m having a hard time finishing it for reasons that have nothing to do with procrastination or gameplay difficulty). 808 kata lagi


VIDEO: Gorilla known for ability to communicate through sign language needs help

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY (KRON) — Koko, the gorilla known for her ability to communicate through sign language, needs help.

Koko and her companion–Ndume–need a new roof for their play yard. 83 kata lagi


5 Fakta Tentang Koko, Gorilla Yang Bisa Berkomunikasi: dan punya peliharaan

Pernah kebayang ada yang bisa berkomunikasi dengan manusia? Atau bahkan hewan yang memiliki peliharaannya sendiri? Maka kamu perlu bertemu Koko guys, seekor gorilla yang bisa berkomunikasi dengan kita manusia, dan juga memiliki peliharaannya sendiri. 307 kata lagi

Ivan the Gorilla (1962-2012)

I recently came across a story I find intriguing. We picked up a book called Ivan, The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla.  922 kata lagi


Mother Gorilla's Baby Died And What She Did Next Made Me Cry...

This is the story of a Mother Gorilla named Shira who lost her baby and still tries to wake her up. She is not ready to accept her baby’s death.  121 kata lagi