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(Resep) Pisang Goreng Crispy

Olahan makanan berbahan dasar pisang yang paling simpel adalah pisang goreng. Ke kota mana pun Anda pergi, pisang goreng pasti mudah ditemui. Ini adalah jajanan yang tak pernah dilupakan oleh masyarakat Indonesia. 117 kata lagi


Little India, the Pursuit of Goreng Pisang, and the Botanic Gardens

For my last outing in Singapore I really wanted to get a good look at Little India and finally have a taste of goreng pisang.   141 kata lagi


Banana Fritters or Pisang Goreng (炸香蕉)


“Pisang goreng alt. Goreng pisang (fried banana in Indonesian/Malay) is a snack food made of banana or plantain being deep fried… 1.087 kata lagi


Razak's and Ani's Fritters... And Drinks.. And Sandwiches...

It appears almost remiss of me to even begin attempting to give full credit to an establishment such as this… The fact of the matter is there has been a true commercial Evolution of this business… 678 kata lagi


Traditional Malaysian Delicacy

Traditional Malaysian delicacy is versatile and can be eaten as breakfast, dessert after meals. It is best eaten during tea time with a cup of… 361 kata lagi

All Things Malaysian

Going Bananas for Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng was introduced in 1511 by the Portuguese who loved their banana fritters as a breakfast staple. Since then it has became one of Indonesia’s best-loved snacks! 254 kata lagi


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We have this in Singapore too and it's such a tempting snack after a meal at the hawker centre.

Isu Rotan Sana Sini... Ibu Nak Tumpang Sekaki...

Assalammualaikum buat saudara seagama n salam sejahtera buat saudara senegara ku.. firstly nk minta maaf dlu kot2 la klu slot ibu kali di xsebulu dgn sesetgh pihak coz this is my opinion.. 947 kata lagi

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