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[Solved] Flash player in Google Chrome keeps getting stuck under Ubuntu/Linux

Although I use both Firefox and Chrome on my Linux box, for playing any flash video (yes, I know flash is going to go away and I hate it too but for the time being, it’s still here), sometimes Chrome is the only option as the Flash player plugin for Linux is very old and many websites do not support it already (Chrome separately packages it’s own flash player which is not dependent directly upon your platform (which means it is available for Linux also) and it’s version is regularly updated, if you didn’t know already). 112 more words


How to Remove Primary Result from Google Chrome?

If your Chrome is infected with Primary Result, and you want to remove it, then follow this simple guide and get rid of Primary Result. 192 more words

Chrome Infections

Google Chrome Install Problem (Linux Mint)

I love Google Chrome.  In fact I rarely if ever use Firefox, or any of those other browsers.  Unless I am doing some type of testing, I will almost always use Firefox. 143 more words


Google Will Not Integrate Its Dart Programming Language Into Chrome

Dart is not coming to Chrome, Google announced today.

The lingua franca of the web is JavaScript, but with Dart, Google launched a project that effectively aimed to replace JavaScript. 387 more words

S/W Companies Feeds

Google Chrome VS Internet Explorer

Google Chrome VS Internet Explorer

Which do you use to access the internet?

Some claim that Chrome is faster while others say that Explorer is better. 7 more words

test on chrome: problems with formatting on wordpress

For your information – the formatting HAS CHANGED since I first published this – you can see what the original looked like by scrolling down and stopping near the Harsh Reality logo! 2.043 more words


[SOLVED] Missing pubkey for google-chrome-stable di Fedora 21

Problem :

warning: /var/cache/yum/i386/21/google-chrome/packages/google-chrome-stable-41.0.2272.101-1.i386.rpm: 
Header V4 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 7fac5991: NOKEY

Public key for google-chrome-stable-41.0.2272.101-1.i386.rpm is not installed

Solusi :

1. Masuk root, dan download terlebih dahulu ‘google package signing key’ 30 more words

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