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June 25 @ Philippians 1-2

Philippians 1-2 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He empowers us to do what pleases Him 

@ Philippians 1
What a treat it is when we attempt to encourage someone who is going through a difficult time and find ourselves encouraged the most!  584 kata lagi

Daily Devotions

Isaiah 29:13

Do we truly honor and love God, or is it just something we say because we’re “church folks”? The Lord told Isaiah in 29:13 that “they act like they’re worshiping me but don’t mean it”. 218 kata lagi

Mo More Chemo!

Thursday was a big day… my last chemo treatment! I still have surgery and radiation ahead of me, so there’s a lot more to go. But chemo is supposedly the hardest part, so marking the end of it feels good!! 38 kata lagi

Breast Cancer

Peru creates campaign to combat anaemia and malnutrition

The Peruvian government aims to reduce the number of children suffering from anaemia.

Prime Minister Fernando Zavala announced that one of the government’s main focus for the quarter is to lessen cases of anaemia in children by 19% through 2021. 162 kata lagi

Good News

Leading the way in bicycle traffic expansion and green transportation 

The Dutch lead the world in handling traffic congestion. Here is one example of that for those who ride bikes. Bicycle transportation is wildly popular in The Netherlands and they have created a unique method of dealing with traffic lights. 8 kata lagi

Good News!

Matthew 5:16

Ever wonder why moths are drawn to light? Long story short: they use the moon light to navigate and sometimes confuse man-made lights for the real thing. 206 kata lagi