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Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Son of Godzilla, and the films that preceded it had seen a decline in box office return. Toho began to saw the interest wane for kaiju films, and so they were going to stop producing them. 361 kata lagi


Sunday Photo Fiction — Mean and Inconsiderate

It was, perhaps, the meanest act I’d ever committed. Certainly the most inconsiderate. But I was only ten-years-old, so what did I know?

My father loved to build miniature settings. 185 kata lagi

Flash Fiction

Mother Jones Editor States Obvious: San Francisco has been Lost to the Homeless

DEC 09, 2017 – @ClaraJeffery, Editor-in-Chief of Mother Jones, tweeted Saturday, “San Francisco has essentially given up its streets to the homeless … it could go either way here.” 23 kata lagi


Confirmed: Godzilla’s Resurgence Expected to Continue

Katsuo Kokaji reports: Since the first film in 1954, a series of works have been released under the Godzilla franchise — albeit with occasional blank years. 279 kata lagi


Godzilla’s resurgence expected to continue

Godzilla — Japan’s iconic kaiju monster — has risen once again.

The creature made its animated film debut in November, and an official store opened in Tokyo in late October, just to name two of the latest developments. 591 kata lagi


Son of Godzilla (1967)

As I’ve said, Jun Fukuda’s entries in the Godzilla series were very different than what had come before, and they were definitely more geared towards children. 324 kata lagi


Picture Yourself in a Boat on a River

On a Saturday morning with the
TV off and all the usual means of
communicating with the outside
world down, my five-year-old son
declares, “If I close my eyes I can… 48 kata lagi

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