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Rational Security, Episode #39: The "He Said, Xi Said" Edition

Has the Obama administration outplayed China on cyber spying? The Taliban is on the march in Afghanistan. What does this mean for the future of U.S. 53 kata lagi

Rational Security

Countdown to Halloween: Hammer’s Godzilla And The British Studio’s Best

Hammer Horror Films were atmospheric, moody, bloody, and filled with overt sexual voraciousness. The talk of Warner Bros’ reboot of Godzilla getting a sequel, and maybe crossing over with King Kong has sparked our memory to an online video of what Hammer’s version of Gojira might have looked like. 883 kata lagi

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10/04 Slothzilla

There was a cross between Godzilla and Sloth from the goonies (picture below if you don’t know who he is) attacking.

We will call him Slothzilla. 383 kata lagi

Paul's Favorite Films - Honorable Mentions

Of all the couple thousand films I have watched in my lifetime, it was actually quite difficult to narrow it down to just 25 of my favorite films. 2.077 kata lagi

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Thoughts on Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (Spoilers)

I’ve always known the Godzilla films were campy. They don’t have the benefit of a big budget, despite their popularity. Though perhaps they choose to keep it low-budget on purpose in an effort to make it feel more realistic. 1.573 kata lagi


Try A New Comic Book Publisher

I my recent pull-list contents I’ve got comic book media from four different publishers. The gallery below highlights the books G pulled for me this week. 329 kata lagi

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