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Source: Rip Jagger’s Dojo: Godzilla’s Robot Buddy!

   The 1993 flick Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II, was pure Kaiju madness. I usually stick to the older G-Stuff but Mechagodzilla is one of my favorites. 22 kata lagi

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[Review] Kong: Skull Island (2017)

King Kong is a well-known name, the 1933 film is a classic not only for the title character but for the techniques used to bring Kong and the other creatures to life. 1.083 kata lagi

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Movie Review: 'Kong Skull Island' (Second Opinion)

Plot:  At the end of the Vietnam War, Monarch employee Bill Randa (John Goodman) and geologist Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins), convince the US government to fund an expedition to a remote island in the South Pacific.  901 kata lagi

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King of New York Review

It’s Tabletop week and for the occasion, I purchased a new board game. One I felt symbolized my new life in the Big Apple and my relationship with it. 344 kata lagi

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Grindcore, hardcore and an obsession with giant monster flicks yields brutal and radioactive results for Kaiju Daisenso. Uniting former members of Helen of Troy, Gospel and others, Kaiju Daisenso crafts a raw, crushing sound that’s as heavy as a certain giant, green lizard. 2.833 kata lagi


BW's Morning Article Link: Turner Classic Monsters

In the month of May Turner Classic Movies will be doing a monster movie marathon on Thursday nights. Some will be smaller monsters like the Creature From The Black Lagoon and the first movie adaptation of Swamp Thing, but there will also be a lot of giant monsters, both from Japan and the 1950s US movies. 101 kata lagi

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Godzilla at the Beach

My favorite activity in the whole world is beach napping.

Towel laid down, a cold beer, and the sound of sand grains grinding together as people crunch past. 394 kata lagi