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Director Guillermo Del Toro (@GuiDelToroOffi) Wants Godzilla in Pacific Rim 3!

More monsters, more giant mecha suits (jaegers), and now The King of Monsters too! If director, Guillermo Del Toro has his way Godzilla will making an appearance in  224 kata lagi

Hey Mikey

For The Love Of Haiku

Construct a painting
with words splashed as images
revealing a heart
I found this online
My tribe scattered to the wind
can still make Haiku: 12 kata lagi


TOHO GODZILLA 18'' Full Body Hand Puppet 1990s Zilla

What can I say… it’s blinking Godzilla man – or Zilla to family and friends. Huge massive 18 inches tall and 30″ long (if you uncurl her tail a little). 107 kata lagi


Guillermo Del Toro Could Put Godzilla In ‘Pacific Rim 3’

Let me begin with this word, NO!!!!! I love the Big G and all his glory but I don’t see the need to have the Pacific Rim universe mixed with my Godzilla universe. 212 kata lagi


Autoethnographic investigation of Godzilla: The Summary

A summary of week 2, 3 & 4 blog posts and what I have understood of autoethnographic research through the investigation of Godzilla.


Ellis, C., Adams, T.E., and Bochner, A.P.  83 kata lagi