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Kurihama Flower Land

In case you were wondering, Godzilla still lives in Japan. He has stopped destroying cities and is retired next to fields of poppies.

At Kurihama Flower Land, you can stroll through huge fields of poppies and crawl all over an adventure park that features a giant Godzilla. 355 more words

PS4 version of new Godzilla game to have Exclusive Multiplayer Mode

When the new Godzilla game comes out later this year there will only be one way to play it online. That will be with the PS4. 26 more words

Godzilla. Not like this please...

I don’t know how one could make an awesome Godzilla game, and to be fair, that’s not my job. But what my job does entail is presenting my readers with an honest analysis of upcoming releases. 193 more words


Ifukube 100: A Legacy of Monster Music Needs YOUR Help!

The Team Behind the Incredible “Ifukube 100: A Legacy of Monster Music” Needs YOUR Help for a Brand New Show!

Author: John DeSentis
Official Site: … 554 more words


Godzilla to attack PS4!

A gameplay trailer has just been revealed for Bandai Namco’s Godzilla game, which is set to hit store shelves this summer.

In the game, Godzilla… 220 more words


Bandai Namco's "Godzilla" - The Battle Heats Up Trailer Released

I’m sure, if you’re anything like me, the 2014 Godzilla film left you with one monster of a bad taste in your mouth. What we thought was going to be two hours of Heisenberg riding a giant lizard turned out to be crushed expectations and a lacklustre leading man. 207 more words


Get Pumped! New stuff to Gush!

Another week is upon us!  We’ve got some things we can’t wait to share with you!

Frankie’s Five:

1.  Creature from the Black Lagoon-  Remake News! 419 more words