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The Senses

I can remember what the plastic-coated railing of my crib tasted like: flat, cool, and sometimes it pinched my tongue and it bled a little bit.   1.205 kata lagi

Home for Christmas

The windows were filled with the morning’s frost, and the red and green lights twinkled among the 20 year’s worth of handmade, grade school Christmas ornaments which filled our tree.  780 kata lagi


Jepang Hari 9 : Fuji Shibazakura dan Chibi Maruko Chan

Gunung Fuji adalah icon Jepang yang paling mendunia. Gunung ini begitu terkenalnya sehingga tidak pernah sepi dari pengunjung. Banyak cara untuk melihat Gunung Fuji. Yang populer diantaranya adalah melihat dari Hakone, Fujigoko, dan Fujinomiya.  614 kata lagi


Christmas Disaster

You remember that scene in Old School where Will Ferrell’s character takes a tranquilizer dark to the throat and then stumbles around aimlessly knocking over everything in his path? 353 kata lagi

Universal Studios Japan announces 2017 line-up of Cool Japan attractions

“Big” is looking to be the operative word for next year’s Japanese pop culture themed attractions. 960 kata lagi