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I’ve had this Godzilla figure since I was the wee age of 23.

Oh no! Godzilla couldn't afford to attack Manhattan, so now he's in Yonkers!

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Nissan GT-R – Godzilla hitting showrooms by September 2016

Tis the season of sports cars! Automakers are bringing in their halo cars to one of the largest car markets on the globe. Enthusiasts with deep pockets will be spoilt for choice in the not-so-distant future. 300 kata lagi

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Thoughts on Toho's DOGORA and KING KONG ESCAPES (spoilers)

Here are a couple of standalone kaiju films I’ve managed to track down over the past year or so, bracketing the Frankenstein duology I covered in my previous post. 2.221 kata lagi



My name is my name motherfucker. It means whatever I say.

Anybody who follows me on social media, even a little bit, knows I change my name quite frequently. 490 kata lagi

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The Big Green Guy

Spot illustration number 5 for “The Big Green Guy” article in Starlog #180, July 1992. Here we see Godzilla dealing most effectively with the multi-headed Ghidra, also known as King Ghidorah and Monster Zero.


Rampage (Arcade) - Retro Bits

Es un juego para maquinitas de Midway que apareció en 1986. Estaba basado en esas películas de monstruos que destruyen ciudades como Godzilla o King Kong. 224 kata lagi