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Start the summer off right with this vintage-style Godzilla bank

Diamond Select Toys have been all about their line of full-sized vinyl kaiju figures lately, and the most recent addition to that line-up comes in the form of a monster who will help you save up for that next tropical getaway! 88 more words

Godzilla Review

It has been a very long time since I have reviewed a book. It may have even been over a year at this point. What better way to get back into the industry than with Godzilla right? 1.286 more words


Rare DVD's for sale

I have recently acquired a large quantity of Godzilla merchandise which I won at a UK auction.

Included were toys, DVD’s, soundtracks, magazines, and books. 684 more words



Hey fandom,

It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news of our dear friend Joe Astalfa’s death. He lost his battle with cancer this morning. 476 more words


Colossal Creators Sued by Toho

This is probably the saddest story of the day. The Japanese Film Studio Toho, famously known for creating the record-long running Godzilla series, has filed a lawsuit against Voltage Pictures. 203 more words


Mie Hama in a white bikini

Mie Hama: born 1943, in Japanese movies 1960 – 1975 and in the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice (1967).


TOHO verklagt Voltage Pictures wegen COLOSSAL

TOHO verklagt Voltage Pictures wegen COLOSSAL
Wie der Hollywood Reporter berichtet, verklagt die Firma die schon seit Generationen die GODZILLA Filme produziert, TOHO, die Produktionsfirma des Films COLOSSAL. 16 more words