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Nice Basket with Flowers

These Flowers do look nice in this arrangement.  Yes they are ready to go and hopefully will give someone pleasure by just looking at them while sitting in Church. 154 kata lagi


Wow, how time flies !! It’s the end of June, mid of 2015.

I read all my entry previously and it started since high school until I entered medical school then I had difficulty in updating my blog. 152 kata lagi

seek him

Surrender everything to God. There may be things going on in our lives that we don’t understand. But God has a plan for us. He knows what is going to happen before it happens. 393 kata lagi

All is Well

And after all those sleepless nights,
I know the sun will still shine bright,
all the hard works will be paid off tonight,
even though it’s not, 50 kata lagi


A good morning indeed!

After 21 years of dreading to get up in the morning and having complete enjoyment to fall back into bed that night; I have began to find reason to enjoy my morning and everything in it. 351 kata lagi

On The Other Side

Gunther has officially been home for a little over a week; eight days to be exact! And let me tell you, he looks great.

Though he has no hair on the right side of his face, and has lost a significant amount of weight, his spirits are higher than ever! 598 kata lagi



I saw this, this morning. All I have to say is amen! We all have to remember this. I want to set the tone for the day and that tone is trust in our father in heaven. 16 kata lagi