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Nothing But The Blood of Jesus - Christian song

I personally find this song to be interesting in a lyrical sense and music-wise. Check it out! :D

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Deftones - Minerva

This song is quite interesting. I believe this song is spiritual. And what do you think?

Spiritual Stuff

John River's Redway Tribute Track Coming

Toronto… SUP From Blog Land,

Do you ever get the feeling that people on the subway are mindless zombies? TALK ALREADY. Just kidding, but honestly, it’s like you’re inside this moving metal can underground and people just sit there sleeping or staring into space like they’re freaking paralyzed or something. 255 kata lagi


Shane Redway: A Real Toronto Artist Lost (but Left So Much to Gain)

Hey 6ix,

I really hope a lot of y’all are having fun in the 6ix. With the Caribbean Carnival going down, OVO Fest, and some EPIC news for the Jayzz, bruh, the CITY IS LIT. 537 kata lagi


Nice Basket with Flowers

These Flowers do look nice in this arrangement.  Yes they are ready to go and hopefully will give someone pleasure by just looking at them while sitting in Church. 154 kata lagi


Wow, how time flies !! It’s the end of June, mid of 2015.

I read all my entry previously and it started since high school until I entered medical school then I had difficulty in updating my blog. 152 kata lagi

seek him

Surrender everything to God. There may be things going on in our lives that we don’t understand. But God has a plan for us. He knows what is going to happen before it happens. 393 kata lagi