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CERMIN (7): Unit Legendaris Bernama God Bless dan Seorang Penggemar

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Nama God Bless, saat dengungkan pada konteks zaman sekarang adalah mungkin berarti tentang “band legendaris berusia 43 tahun”, “raksasa rock Indonesia”, “rambut keriting Ahmad Albar” dan “band milik gitaris serba bisa Ian Antono”. 1.406 kata lagi


Ulas God Bless 'Cermin 7'

Sengaja saya membuka 2017 di blog ini dengan mengunggah foto saya bersama Istri dan keluarga dengan maksud agar berkah selalu menyertai ditahun ini. Lalu apa yang akan saya tulis untuk ulasan musik pertama pada tahun 2017 ini? 257 kata lagi



Lord, today I pray for President Donald Trump and his family as well as Vice President Pence!

The time has come for change, and I pray that your love guide these great men as they guide our country out of the abominable slums we have found ourselves trapped within. 81 kata lagi

#FacingRace Carmen Electra - Found my moms KARATE GEE , Black BELT and her old karate bag...

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Happy Birthday Barack Obama 

Let’s say Happy Birthday to Obama! 🤗😍🎈🎉🌷🌹🎂



” The truth you ask , what is ‘the truth’ ?

The truth is that life is something that makes you a lonesome wolf , it makes you do heinous things but at the end , when you hit rock bottom you realise it wasn’t life that made you do what you did , it was your choice all along , you accept the insanity and bitterness pumping through your veins , you finally let it flow and absorb the fact that no one will ever completely love you because you are you and no matter how much you try to hide it , it will come out and that day will be the day you become what you were destined to be , a monster . 214 kata lagi


God Bless the USA


I hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July and has had a nice summer so far! I have been praying that God would open my ears and mind to whatever He places on my heart to write my next blog about, so I hope I give it justice ;) 499 kata lagi