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Hey guys,
So normally I don’t do this but I think this is pretty important. Can you please share this as many times on social media? 7 kata lagi

Happy Birthday Barack Obama 

Let’s say Happy Birthday to Obama! 🤗😍🎈🎉🌷🌹🎂



” The truth you ask , what is ‘the truth’ ?

The truth is that life is something that makes you a lonesome wolf , it makes you do heinous things but at the end , when you hit rock bottom you realise it wasn’t life that made you do what you did , it was your choice all along , you accept the insanity and bitterness pumping through your veins , you finally let it flow and absorb the fact that no one will ever completely love you because you are you and no matter how much you try to hide it , it will come out and that day will be the day you become what you were destined to , a monster . 213 kata lagi

God Bless the USA


I hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July and has had a nice summer so far! I have been praying that God would open my ears and mind to whatever He places on my heart to write my next blog about, so I hope I give it justice ;) 499 kata lagi


Instinct says go ahead follow me, it’s ok.

Nature says wait and relax, seasons are meant for patience and clarity,

Youth says feel free yolo, 49 kata lagi


Those Shocking Shaking Days (2011): Menyimak Mereka yang Menguncang dan Mengejutkan

Sigmun, Kelompok Penerbang Roket (KPR), atau The S.I.G.I.T adalah deretan grup yang akhir-akhir ini santer di daftar putar kaum muda Bandung. Nama-nama itu pun selalu hadir di gelaran-gelaran musik kecil hingga festival. 542 kata lagi