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Introduction - Challenge to live

My personal motto is “Dream big so that God may provide bigger.” In everything I do, I strive to dream the biggest that I possibly can. 357 more words


Thank You

Thank you to all of the men and women who have fought and are fighting still and who have given their lives for America.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  440 more words


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

To the brave and selfless people that put others before themselves, we celebrate their lives.

Honor their sacrifice and remember with gratitude and pride all those who have served. 11 more words


Thank you!...

Thank you to all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. God bless you all this Memorial Day.

“Gardenia” by Brittany Edsall

Heart Free

Oil Painting by: J. Larman

Psalm: 119 verse 32

I run the path of your commands,

for you

have set my heart free.


LORD you have set my heart free, free to love The Lord Jesus and to serve Him.   219 more words

Thank You!!!

Happy Memorial Day!! Thank you to all the brave men and women that serve our country thank you for your sacrfice.Thank you for all the service members past and present.. God Bless you all!

My Ramblings

Happy Memorial Day Wishes

Pass this along to honor those who fight for our freedom.

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