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Well Well Now.

A car was parked in front of the convenience store. Sitting behind it, was a police car with his lights on. While the policemen leaned forward to hand the man his ticket, a thief walked into the convenience store. 109 kata lagi


Sejarah Musik Rock di Indonesia

Seperti judulnya, pada postingan kali ini, Rockin Rollins! akan membahas tentang sejarah musik rock di Indonesia. Buat kalian para pecinta musik rock dan mungkin belum tahu, yuk dibaca! 325 kata lagi


Election 2016: Change is Now

Over months of fighting over who’s more deserving to become the president of the Philippines, the day of casting our vote is finally here. Now, approximately 8 hours after the election, we are all in awe (or maybe just me) over the result: Rodrigo Duterte, the former mayor of Davao that was given the nickname “The Punisher” by TIME magazine, is leading by more than 5 million votes! 290 kata lagi


Thanks to my favourite cousin

We grew up together only 4 houses apart and you are aged just in between my sister and I. Our mums were not only sisters but the best of friends for their entire lives. 274 kata lagi


Do you Love Money?

1 Timothy: Chapter 6 verses 5 – 6

……, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain. 375 kata lagi

God Bless - Tua-Tua Keladi

Kata katanya selangit
Tersenyum penuh misteri
Matanya membikin ngeri
Semua gadis gadis remaja
Gaya lelaki katanya semua begitu

Dia bilang aku cantik
Diapun bilang ku menarik… 47 kata lagi

God Bless

The Hymn of Life Experience "My Life Is Free and Released"

My Life Is Free and Released
My heart, my heart has flown out.
I’m no longer negative or passive; I’ll repay God’s love.
Before I misunderstood God’s will and ignored Him. 357 kata lagi

Almighty God