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Believe in yourself, avoid those who try to discourage you.

One day Alex go to the church. It was the day church celebrates a church day, and Sunday school kids are so excited to celebrate the new day. 244 kata lagi



I have a friend who will be leaving today. He is chosen to be one of the students willing to be trained as a cadet of the Philippine Military Academy. 652 kata lagi

Bon Voyage

It's good to make Music !

Psalm: 92 verse 1

It is good to praise The LORD


make music

to your name,

O Most High.


The Lord Jesus and God our Father loves to hear music either by singing or by playing an instrument.   274 kata lagi


Today, I spent the day in Halifax. I went to the Hindu temple for the puja and cleared my negative energy. I also wanted to say goodbye to my grand father. 152 kata lagi


Getar Jiwa Sang Musisi Pada Cermin Ketujuh

Sekitar jam delapan malam, pelataran God Bless Cafe 2 yang terletak di daerah Blimbing, Malang, tampak penuh dengan kendaraan roda dua dan empat yang parkir. Hujan yang turun sedari sore nyaris berhenti. 1.823 kata lagi


Menikmati Panggung Sandiwara Senikmat-nikmatnya

sumber: http://fathiyahthia.blogspot.co.id

Dunia ini Panggung Sandiwara. Begitulah penggalan lirik pertama yang dinyanyikan oleh Achmad Albar Sang Vokalis God Bless. Panggung yang seringkali menyajikan drama bernuansa puitik mau pun bersajak analitik. 617 kata lagi