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Umami Dalam Penyedap Rasa

Umami Dalam Penyedap Rasa

Seringkali penikmat kuliner tidak merasa puas dengan makanan yang dikonsumsi. Kepuasan tersebut memang dapat dicapai melalui berbagai hal, termasuk di antaranya aroma yang pekat dalam makanan. 321 kata lagi


Your guide to glutamate (+vegan queso salsa dip)

On savory flavor

There are many foods and food components that make food taste savory – that rich, complex taste that’s independent of salty, and sometimes described as “meaty,” and known as “umami.”  One molecule that contributes to those flavors is glutamate – an amino acid that’s found in meat, cheese, and even vegetables including mushrooms, broccoli, and tomatoes.   362 kata lagi


Amino Acid Metabolism

Good evening, everyone! I’m back yet again, after a brief moment spent procrastinating by watching Hunter x Hunter fan videos on YouTube. (You never realize you want to spend a whole day doing something until you’re doing it instead of being responsible. 1.364 kata lagi


Not All Mutations in Autism Are Just about Loss- or Gain-of-Function

A few weeks ago I wrote about cell stress and its relationship with epilepsy. I reviewed how the accumulation of misfolded proteins within the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) can lead to an Unfolded Protein Response (UPR), which, if chronic, can lead to cell damage and even cell death. 994 kata lagi

Ah, the Good Stuff.

There are many names for this compound: the white stuff, the bad four-letter word “sn*w”, tasty flakes, tooties, the good stuff. These are all names I’ve heard for the compound monosodium glutamate or MSG for short. 1.102 kata lagi


What Is Acamprosate For Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Acamprosate (or calcium acetyl homotaurinate) is known to be a safe and effective drug for treating alcohol addiction. It reduces alcohol cravings and it is often prescribed for up to 12 months after a person stops drinking. 322 kata lagi