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The MSG Watch list (Part One)

As I’ve noted in my earlier blogs, MSG isn’t always listed on food packaging. The only time it is, is when it is in its “pure” form, Monosodium Glutamate. 240 more words


Kobujime Karei |umami|

This is karei a flounder white fish that has started to appear in season and this is referred to as kobujime because it has been marinated with kombu and it has a very long taste of umami. 107 more words

Kitchen Facts

MSG and its importance to overall health

MSG gets a bad rap; it shouldn’t.

The important role of umami taste in oral and overall health

There is a close relationship between an individual’s perception of umami taste and that individual’s physical condition. 166 more words

Science Abstracts

Familiar With the 5th Taste-Umami?

By: Nikki Nies

I’m sure you’ve heard of the fifth type of texture, umami. Yet, even if you’re familiar with this word, how familiar are you with what the actual taste is? 293 more words

Nikki Nies

The importance of brain reward pathway

NIH study in rodents identifies a pathway that starts with glutamate and ends with activation of dopamine reward system. Details of the role of glutamate, the brain’s excitatory chemical, in a drug reward pathway have been identified for the first time.  443 more words


MSG Dreams

Last night I had the strangest dream. To describe it as psychedelic would be an understatement. Millions of stars danced around a luminous azure blue sky, colliding with each other from all angles. 588 more words