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Making Fake Meat Real: How Scientists are Tricking Your Tongue

Fake meat is often associated with a tough, flavorless texture that is added to dishes to provide protein. However, fake meat is no longer just glutinous balls or tofu hidden beneath sauces. 765 more words

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Beginning an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Changing your eating habits is a whole process. If you are aware of the reasons why you are doing it, it will be very much easier. 393 more words


Raised rates of serotonin and glutamate may drive extreme aggression

Increased rates of the neurotransmitters glutamate and serotonin are related to extreme aggression in male mice, finds a fresh study, indicating a similar mechanism could drive psychopathy and violence in human males. 120 more words

The MSG Watch list (Part One)

As I’ve noted in my earlier blogs, MSG isn’t always listed on food packaging. The only time it is, is when it is in its “pure” form, Monosodium Glutamate. 206 more words


Kobujime Karei |umami|

This is karei a flounder white fish that has started to appear in season and this is referred to as kobujime because it has been marinated with kombu and it has a very long taste of umami. 107 more words

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MSG and its importance to overall health

MSG gets a bad rap; it shouldn’t.

The important role of umami taste in oral and overall health

There is a close relationship between an individual’s perception of umami taste and that individual’s physical condition. 166 more words

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