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The NMDA RECEPTOR differ from the AMPA and KA RECEPTOR  in following aspects:

  1. Most AMPA receptors have GluA2 subunits while all NMDA receptors require the presence of GluN1 subunits.
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Let's Talk About Food

So you think you know what is good food? If USDA approved it then must be, right? Well, maybe but just don’t be so sure about it. 224 kata lagi

Addicted to Tech? A Brain Chemical Imbalance May Be to Blame

The title to this post is identical to the title of a News & Technology piece by Timothy Revell in the 9 December 2017 Issue of the New Scientist. 301 kata lagi

Transactive Memory

Cream Of Asian Peas


Cooked peas swimming in a umami-rich Creamy Asian Apricot Sauce! Hey, Asians eat creamy. They love creamy! This is for you! 1.455 kata lagi


The Complex Biochemistry of the Autism-GI Connection

From the “I’m not at all surprised at this,” section, researchers have found GI problems in autistic people to be genetically linked to their autism. Now, while I have connected autism to… 258 kata lagi

GABA Receptor and Synaptic Pruning

Recent research suggests a role for GABA receptor in synaptic pruning. Autism (and schizophrenia) are often associated with a lack of synaptic pruning, meaning neurons are more active, with positive feedback dominating. 409 kata lagi