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Autistics vs. Socipaths

I want to make a bold proposition: the polar opposite of the autistic is the sociopath.

The autistic is internally chaotic and thus attempts to order the world–we seek order and seek to create order. 397 kata lagi

Glutamate Overload Possibility and Histamine Intolerance

I just wanted to stop in and give an update. Not something I usually do but I just want to for this.

I am struggling with some pretty severe issues. 1.201 kata lagi

Collective Intelligence and Individual Differences

Recent research in the biological sciences is evidencing the role diversity plays in collective intelligence. Findings on eusocial insect colonies and schools of fish have suggested that collective intelligence is supported by a diversity of foraging strategies and group valuations, and offers massive ‘ 2.044 kata lagi

A dietary supplement that reversed age-related hearing problems in the brainstem

This 2018 Nevada rodent study was on acetyl-L-carnitine’s action in the brainstem:

“We examined age-related changes in the efficiency of synaptic transmission at the calyx of Held, from juvenile adults (1-month old) and late middle-age (18- to 21-month old) mice.

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Alcohol: A Fine Line Between Friend and Foe Part II

In Part I of the article series, we looked at the motivational aspects and the neurotransmitter systems involved in alcoholic dependence. We will now expand on this by looking at the reinforcing properties of alcohol, focusing on… 1.450 kata lagi

Behavioural Neuroscience

Soup Bones & Canine Epilepsy

My HuMom used to give me soup bones to chew on. However, it appeared these delicious treats triggered seizures. We did some sniffing about & discovered that HuMom was right, soup bones are a known trigger because they contain high levels of an amino acid called glutamate (different from MSG). 171 kata lagi

CEO Olivia

Encephalitis - recommended reading

Brain On Fire: My Month of Madness is an autobiography by Susannah Cahalan. WARNING: although there is a happy ending, this is pretty rough reading. She was afflicted with NMDA receptor antibody encephalitis. 194 kata lagi