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The Queen of Köln (Post #1)

“There once was a queen, the Queen of Köln, who carried around in carriages carousels of corn and carrion, and all other crazy commodities of the conquered crown, so much so that King Kong could be quenched with the delight of cool corals (not red but blue) contained in the pockets of carolers assuaging the discontented corpses of mortified men with corporal calluses, callously carrying Kenyan key-masters keying Cambridge scholars studying Classics, then cruising from Carthage to Cameroon and caravanning on to Cambodia, eventually nautically vagabonding to the Oceanic subcontinent to keep the company of kangaroos, crocodiles, and koalas casually snacking on eucalyptus, sending you then on a Catholic kayak toward Karagandy, Kazakhstan where Borat hails: the mustachioed clown of comedy, that is Cohen, calmly composing a comic skit to please the queen, the Queen of Köln (who contracted in Crete pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis).”  136 kata lagi


Battlefield 1 Review

I’ll admit, I’ve been a great fan of the direction shooters have been going in lately even if it means ALL shooters have been racing for space and science fiction narratives it seems. 1.628 kata lagi


My GIO Manifesto

No of course this isn’t my manifesto because I’m completely joking about that. Well, maybe for now anyway. Come hit me up for that when I establish the Great Republic of John in order to escape the political spectacle ongoing. 651 kata lagi


Muốn làm gió

Bỗng dưng muốn làm gió
Giật tung lá khỏi cây
Bỗng muốn cuốn thật mạnh
Đem lá tới nơi xa

Dù biết rời khỏi cây… 113 kata lagi


New Gio Dee - 777

Boston based rapper Gio Dee just hit us with his new single 777, produced by DG and 100 Bandz. Stream it below.

Opinion: Resident Evil 7 Could Go Either Way

This isn’t the first time that the Resident Evil series has sought out a new direction or sought to go in a completely different one. We first experienced that with the surprise success of Resident Evil 4 which buoyed the series for several more years even off of the return to semi-stagnation in terms of creativity that came subsequently with main series entries such as RE5 and RE6. 527 kata lagi


Bulwell Training Adventure.

Some of the community went training in Bulwell for the day, taking a walk around the surrounding suburb areas too. It was quite the adventure and below are some select images from the day, with a mix of Parkour and tricking alike in those images. 98 kata lagi

Parkour Related.