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Ginseng Crop Update - July 31, 2015

Other than the continued damage as a result of frost, the ginseng crop is proceeding as normal at this time, if there is such as thing as normal in ginseng. 271 kata lagi


Exirel Insecticide for cutworm and aphid control on Ginseng

As mentioned in a previous post, Dupont Exirel is now registered for control of variegated cutworm and aphids on ginseng. It is also registered for control of European corn borer, which has been found on ginseng, but does normally warrant an insecticide application. 237 kata lagi


Dupont Exirel insecticide registered on several specialty crops

The DUPONT EXIREL insecticide label was recently expanded to include several new crop groups which include specialty crops grown in Ontario.  These include:

  • Control of certain caterpillar pests, aphids and flea beeltes on…
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Wild Sarsaparilla

Wild Sarsaparilla, Aralia nudicaulis

Family: Apiaceae, the Carrot Family

Description: Native perennial herb 20-40cm tall. Leaves with long stalks, divided into 3 groups of 3-5 leaflets. 319 kata lagi

Natural History

Juice Find: Ginseng & Arugola

Good Morning,

Felt the need to share this yummy & healthy juice recipe.


  • 1 Ginseng Tea Bag or 1 Teaspoon Ginseng Tea
  • 2/3 Cup boiling water…
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#KimmyeatsKorea: Samgyetang! White Chicken vs. Black Chicken

The weather in Korea has been uncomfortably hot and humid lately. It’s the kind of heat that’s got me stripping down to nothing and blasting the air conditioner all day and night to cool off. 757 kata lagi


Ginseng Crop Update - July 10 2015

Ginseng growers continue to deal with Alternaria issues in frost damaged fields. If you have applied fungicides on a tight rotation for the past month and are still not getting control then one of the following is probably occurring: 533 kata lagi