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Ginseng Crop Update - August 19, 2016

The hot and dry weather in early August has resulted in a number of issues in ginseng gardens. These issues include poor berry development, premature senescence, discolouring of leaves due to various root diseases and probably poor root growth. 329 kata lagi


Banana and spinach smoothie

Banana addict! Lol!

Banana, spinach and ginseng powder smoothie for my morning dash out the door with the dogs!  Good food – good energy!  ❤️  Ginseng is supposedly great for an energy boost! 35 kata lagi


Wausau Marathon 2016

Saturday August 20th, 2016, marks the 5th annual Wausau Marathon in Wausau, WI.

The importance of this race can’t be stressed enough as it serves as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon in April of 2017.  222 kata lagi

American Ginseng

Sulwhasoo Innerise Complete Mask: The Sad Fiddy Review

I distinctly remember telling someone, not too long ago and somewhere public, that I hadn’t yet found a Sulwhasoo product I didn’t like. Well. Joke’s on me, because now I have. 1.974 kata lagi


Postcard 25.2: Seoul, South Korea

When traveling with a tour, be prepared for some very full days with very little down time. I think it’s safe to say I did more on my first day in Seoul than I would do in a week’s time back home: I did some jewelry shopping, went to the top of Seoul Tower, explored a royal palace, saw the South Korean president’s home, visited three museums, ate three meals and watched a dance performance — all in one day. 891 kata lagi


Ginseng Crop Update - July 29, 2016

This is the time of year that ginseng leaves may show early senescence or discolouration due to root diseases. Red discolouration is usually a sign of advanced root rots like Cylindrocarpon or Phytophthora, whereas early purpling of the leaves can be a sign of less aggressive root issues like rusty root, nematode damage or insufficient watering. 276 kata lagi