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Dietary Supplements

For brevity ,this post may, essentially,  exclude vitamins and Minerals. The worldwide market for these products in over 50 Billion US$.  American, European, South American, Asian, and African civilizations have all, sometime or the other, made use of botanicals or say plants and their extracts for healing purposes. 623 kata lagi

Dr Puneet Chandna

Coffee? Or Tea?

Coffee, or Tea?! ……. both duh. ☕🍵
Coffee in the morning, and Tea by afternoon/evening.

This ahhh-mazing tea provides:

🔸Melaleuca alternifolia leaf – used for centuries by the aborigines in Australia for its therapeutic properties… 234 kata lagi

7 Best Superfoods to boost your energy

Fight the urge to sleep 10 hours continuous with these superfoods advised by scientists.

Increase your energy levels
We know all this, I swear you slept well the previous night, but when you are in the middle of a meeting, you have trouble keeping your eyes open why.? 478 kata lagi


Alternate Investments For Alternative Lifestyles

Let’s say you’re living in Kentucky (near Frankfort), married with 2 boys, six and eight years old.  You’re working as a janitor making $34k (take home) but there’s a nice health care plan.  898 kata lagi


Ginseng Pesticide and Research Prioritization Meeting - 2015

Ginseng growers, researchers and industry representatives are invited to attend the annual Ginseng Pesticide and Research Prioritization Meeting

Where: Simcoe Research Station Auditorium
When: Tuesday, December 1, 2015… 87 kata lagi


Week 33: Ginseng

My daughter, Gretchen, and I were roaming around Chinatown in San Francisco recently and happened to enter Superior Trading Company. The store is filled with Chinese medicines and herbs – some in barrels, some in glass jars, and many inside glass front cabinets. 765 kata lagi