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《鸭王》 The Gigolo 電影預告2

《鸭王》 The Gigolo 電影預告2

《鸭王》 The Gigolo 電影預告2


filthy fingers vanish
into the stranger’s denim sheath

a stealthy provocation 
for wealthy,  alley fiends

© Anthony Gorman 2016

image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/512566001314684992/


How to play with gigolo?

If you are lonely woman, there is no point for despair. You just need to ask for gigolo. Yes, i am joking, but things are changed and feminism brought us new tool to compete with men, and his name is gigolo. 545 kata lagi


Promo APRIL-MEI 2017! on call guy. Cowok panggilan (khusus wanita)

Bosan dengan cowok panggilan yang itu-itu saja? Bosan dengan dia yang hanya modal atletis?

Temukan sensasi lain disini! Cowok ekslusif, berpendidikan tinggi (alumni sekolah luar negeri), pendengar yang baik, dan tentunya, romantis. 26 kata lagi

Undercover Gigg-Olo 101: Gigolos

Who’s afraid of the giggity strut??? Me that’s who!!!

But currently there’s a lot of it going on in Quahog as Gigolos have now descended upon our towns.So let’s get giggy with it as we chat more about clearing them. 240 kata lagi

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