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Top 5 Secrets of Gigolo that attract most of the women

“Gigolo” is nothing but a name given by a male escort with reference to their profession. It is one of the easiest ways to make people understand that the male escorts are heterosexual.  349 kata lagi


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Gigolo is nothing but a name given to a person who gives pleasure sexually to a woman or girl who needs it. These people normally do this for money and to keep their female partner happy. 335 kata lagi


Tryst With a Twist

I’m leaving my wife for another woman. There, I said it.

I never thought it would come to this; I really didn’t. My wife and I have been together for thirty-one bliss-filled years – as smooth and as satisfying a marriage as one could hope for. 600 kata lagi


The Journey Begins

Well, not really. The journey began for me around 36 years.

I was born into a normal household. I guess most of us were, right? It seems to wait until you’re old enough to give a shit to get all screwy. 220 kata lagi

Family Life

Me? Gigolo?

The other day, a dear friend proposed this idea. Classifying ourselves as very near to how asexual people are known to be, we discussed how many people in this world would want to spend nights just sleeping together with people like us — people who do not really have sexual impulses with the allowed proximity of bodies but without pre consented sexual allowance. 469 kata lagi


Sweet Bird of Youth (1962)

Alexandra Del Lago: Chance, Chance, let me tell you. Let me tell you the strange and wonderful thing that happened to me. I realized that your coming back here and the things that you’d hoped for… poor baby, I knew that your comeback had been a failure, like my own.

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Just A Gigolo...Everywhere I Go

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. First of all…Louisiana? It’s been real. Real hard. Breaking down numerous times, frostbite, and running from alligators has taken it’s toll. 1.090 kata lagi