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#7 Movie Review: The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)

Movie number SEVEN!!and going back to a genre which i love….horror, its an older movie i watched from 2013!

So lets get into it, the synopsis…. 268 kata lagi



Why does interest slack
It’s washed out muted colors
Smeared, Empty
Not able to capture the attention
Further engaging
Yet void of substance
Once looked upon with delight… 15 kata lagi

Bipolar Disorder

2 Race Car Trophies: Ghost City Hill Climb, Jerome Arizona, Phoenix Chapter

2 Race Car Trophies: Ghost City Hill Climb, Jerome Arizona, Phoenix Chapter
Offered Are Two 1961 Auto Racing Trophies. The Taller Trophy Is A Four Cylinder Club Of America Phoenix Chapter 1961 Jerome, Arizona, Ghost City Hill Climb III. 131 kata lagi


The Trap

Sameer cursed his irresponsibility as he glanced at his wrist watch. It was 11.30 PM. He doubled his pace as he prayed to reach the station well in time for the last train. 2.660 kata lagi


Welcome to Show Dem Camp’s Palm Wine Joint

While the album does sound like what you need to play and chill at joints where palm wine is served in champagne bottles, Ghost and Tec stay true to the type of music that separates them from the average rappers just spitting bars. 292 kata lagi


Ghosts of Shepherdstown

Destination America released a series of televised shows about the town of Shepherdstown. As it is a historic town, known for it’s role in the Civil War,  ghost hunters have always been interested in the town. 162 kata lagi


The Four Best Blogging Platforms

Sometimes blogging platform can be entangling and intricate for bloggers. This can repel bloggers, who like simplistic and clean interface, due to their widgets and tools that generally remain unused. 973 kata lagi