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Macron: Terrorism Will Be Part Of Our Daily Lives For Years To Come | ViVa MaRooN…MaCRoN... | williambanzai7 + milo yiannopoulos

LM:  French globalists are just like their counterparts around the world. In fact, they have more in common with globalists from other countries than with the people in their own country. 132 kata lagi


Orbán's response to the EU

As most of my readers will know, the hysteria about George Soros CEU university is still going on and PM Orbán visited Brussels this week twice.  400 kata lagi


REVEALED! Hundreds of George Soros Organizations

by Rev. Austin Miles

Self-professed Nazi war criminal George Soros continues to go free while radicalizing American politics and society, but not for long. The strategy to take him down is by first openly identifying the organizations he owns and funds. 7.442 kata lagi


George Soros Thugs Attack Heritage Foundation

Leftist Agitators Target Conservative Thinkers

Soros-affiliated group tries, fails to bring right-of-center policy organization to standstill

by Jim Stinson   at  PoliZette

“A newly formed left-wing activist group with ties to liberal billionaire George Soros invaded the lobby of the conservative Heritage Foundation on Tuesday morning, causing security and police to scramble to the organization’s Massachusetts Avenue building in Washington, D.C. 172 kata lagi


The Americanized Taliban and ISIS in the South

by Al Benson Jr.

We presently have, in the American South, a clique of people who try to elevate their questionable status by referring to themselves as “Progressives.” That’s a politically correct name for socialists and communists that want you to accord them much more status than they deserve. 830 kata lagi

Orban to give up to Soros pressure

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban informed the EU’s center-right political group   that his government would reconsider measures that were perceived by his own political family as an ‘attack on academic freedom.’ The pressure on Orban mounted after the visit of US financial wizard and philantropist George Soros to the European Commission. 129 kata lagi


((( Crooked Hillary Clinton ))) Supporter Stalking ((( Donald Chump ))) Families At Their Homes - This Is What The Jewish Elite & Their Blackmailed Goyim Slaves Cause

((( Crooked Hillary Clinton ))) Supporter

Stalking ((( Donald Chump ))) Families

At Their Homes

This Is What The Jewish Elites & Their

Blackmailed Goyim Slaves Cause… 97 kata lagi