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Radio Muhammed

I Des-Information d. 22. august då beretter en Mustafa Hussain, som er sociolog, om resultaterne af cirkus multikulti.

I sommeren 2014 deltog jeg i et digtarrangement afholdt af pakistanske indvandrere på en folkeskole på Nørrebro.

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Dansk Politik

George Orwell, "The people will believe what the media tells them to believe"...

What George Orwell once said is true and his statement is true even to this day. People do naivety believe everything they see in the mainstream news which s pretty sad, in my opinion. 293 kata lagi


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To days Media is nothing but the propaganda arm or the American want-a-be ruling class.

Salon: America Has Reached the 'Gun Control Tipping Point'

Holyoak asserted that we are not “doomed to push to extremes forever and never reach agreement,” but he says that as Americans move down one path or another–a pro-Second Amendment path or an anti-Second Amendment position in this case–they continually pick up evidence, or so-called evidence, that reinforces their position, thereby keeping them on the path they have chosen.

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2nd Amendment

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The government has no choice but to go after the guns one way or another. The reason is simple as the government takes more and more of our freedoms they know at some point the people will rebel as they always do --- and they don't want us to have guns when that happens.

Sorry, Clinton And Sanders, There's No Such Thing As Free College

Candidates for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, have both promised that if elected, they would put forth legislation that would dramatically reduce tuition and student debt for…

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As we all know nothing is free! Someone is paying some place and at a cost of something else as resources are poured into education. And when you get out there are no jobs for you as they are all going to foreigners coming in on visas who work for less than the citizens. So what is the point of an education they gets you no where; no wonder they want to make it free its not worth anything.

Donald Trump Wins Tennessee GOP Straw Poll With 52% Support - Cruz Second With 26%

(Via NBC) Donald Trump handily won the straw poll at the National Federal of Republican Assemblies event in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday, becoming both the first and second top pick among conservatives here after delivering another boisterous speech. 146 kata lagi

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Trump is our man and if he destroys the RNC in the process who cares they haven't listened to us in decades!

Obama Labor Dept. Sets Stage for Nationalizing Retirement Accounts

In 2013, in a little-heralded case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit rejected the Obama Labor Department’s attempt to punish voluntary retirement plan service providers.

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Personal Freedom

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Obama and the ststists want control of everything and they get it by eliminating all small businesses. Of course, this also eliminates the middle class which they also wish to eliminate as from the middle class come future innovators which will then threaten the rich and powerful.

"You never know. He could be president."

JUNE 27, 2010

Garden City: America’s future?

GARDEN CITY — Your home can be your birthplace. Or where you raise a family. Or where you bury your kin. 1.714 kata lagi

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