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QAnon on the Rothschild, Saudi & Soros Puppet Masters behind the Deep State

There has been a number of important developments within the U.S. that indicate how ferocious the behind the scenes battle has become between President Donald Trump and senior Deep State officials embedded within the Federal bureaucracy. 1.749 kata lagi

World Politics

OSF waits for 'Stop Soros' in Budapest

George Soros’s Open Society Foundations will wait until the Hungarian government’s planned law on non-government organisations is passed before it decides whether or not to leave the country, an OSF spokesman Csaba Csontos told… 81 kata lagi

Soros foundation attacks 'stifling' Orban law as Hungary exit looms

FILE PHOTO: A man rides his moped past a government billboard displaying George Soros in monochrome next to a message urging Hungarians to take part in a national consultation about what it calls a plan by the Hungarian-born financier to settle a million migrants in Europe per year, in Szolnok, Hungary, October 2, 2017. 794 kata lagi

George Soros Single-Handedly Is Attempting To Change Florida From A Red State To A Blue State

George Soros the sadistic one just can’t stay out of the affairs of the United States of America constantly spending his money to socialize our great country. 532 kata lagi

Orban: Soros is crashing out

In the wake of a report that the Open Society Foundations (OSF) are leaving Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in his regular Friday interview to public broadcaster Kossuth Radio, said… 826 kata lagi

OIL WARS: the thing with black gold is, it seeps into everything.

 From Hungary via the EU migrant crisis to Syrian bombings, from tensions with Russia and a US President at war with his Alt State to Islamist rebels and German reticence, it’s all about oil in the end. 688 kata lagi

Hungary Declares George Soros An Agent Of Satan

The Hungarian government has established itself as a steadfast opponent of George Soros and the globalist agenda at the political and social levels, but now they have taken the battle spiritual. 35 kata lagi

Arrest George Soros