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Arrested Economy

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had barely finished delivering his statement approving the Trans Mountain and Line 3 pipelines, and rejecting Northern Gateway on Nov. 29 when anti-pipeline activists erupted on Twitter. 198 kata lagi


What God hath Wrought...Treading on Snakes!

I think that many people do not have any idea what has actually happened – what IS happening – that resulted in the election of Donald J. 555 kata lagi

Liberal Tub of Lard Michael Moore Calls for Inauguration Anarchy

Like many leading liberal opinion makers, filmmaker Michael Moore is desperate to remain relevant as the Democratic party that they cling to like fleas on a dog crawls off in the direction of history’s ash heap. 320 kata lagi

Trump's Inauguration Day - dancers required urgently!

Fellow Truthers,


George Soros has now put up a Craigslist ad for dancers to dance to the Trump Flashdance song “Maniac” – to the musical tune as featured in the YouTube video below.  477 kata lagi


Soros Pledges Money to Fight Increase in Hate Crimes

Source: The New York Times, November 20

After a series of attacks against immigrants and minorities since election day, the financier George Soros says he will commit $10 million from his personal foundation to combat a rise in hate crimes that he linked to the “incendiary rhetoric” of President-elect Donald J. 72 kata lagi

John Forbes Kerry, Marty "Smarty" Indyk, and ??? - how foreign money influences State Department

Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry said Sunday he thinks Israel is “heading to a place of danger” because of settlement growth, and he had been “pushing uphill” with the Israeli government, because a majority of the ruling coalition does not support a two-state solution. 578 kata lagi