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National Endowment for Democracy is Now Officially “Undesirable” in Russia

The NED, along with Freedom House, has been at the center of all major US State Department-financed ‘color revolutions’ in the world since 2000 when it was used to topple Milosevic in Serbia. 1.564 kata lagi

World At War

"A Republic If You Can Keep It"...

Those were the words from Dr. Benjamin Franklin as he exited the Constitutional Convention in in 1787 while replying to Philadelphian Mrs. Powell’s question: “ 1.437 kata lagi

Typical Prog Behavior

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A good discussion and worth reading more than once.

PROPHECY: What Scripture Actually Says About Antichrist

I am just a layman.  I have no special training in understanding the Lord’s Word.  What I have learned has come by reading the Scriptures, then reading what those I consider to be Spirit-Lead teachers have to say about the Scriptures and then looking to see if those teachers match with Scripture — not the other way around.  2.989 kata lagi

Logic & Reason

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A very interesting read and a very strong case if made that these words written here are correct. I recommend you read this.

EPIC - Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Can't Define Difference Between Socialist and Democrat....

The reason the head of the DNC cannot tell the difference is because in 2015 the Democrat party has moved so far to the left, they are now fully immersed socialists. 113 kata lagi

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The Dem's are now almost all Progressive Socialists boarding on Marxism; and the RNC leadership is on a ideological chase to catch them.

Syriza’s connection to George Soros

When I first heard that a left-wing party won the Greek elections, I got my hopes up. Now I know that Alexis Tsipras, the Syriza leader and the Greek prime minister is no more than controlled opposition supported by Soros. 345 kata lagi

George Soros

Another member of the Soros mafia..

So I was just looking at old stuff which I collected over the years and I found some pamphlet which I got at a bookfair once, about an NGO here in Lebanon (it is basically an “artistic” NGO which promotes modern art in the region) and in the list of supporters look what I spotted: 60 kata lagi

George Soros