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Deep-sea volcano a hotspot for mysterious life

GEOLOGIST SEAMOUNTS, Hawaii (AP) — The turquoise waters became darker and darker, and squiggly glow-in-dark marine creatures began to glide past in the inky depths like ghosts. 925 kata lagi


Earl F. Griffith

Title: Geologist

Company: Griffith Environmental Consulting Inc.

Location: Helena, MT

Helena, MT, September 9, 2016, Earl Griffith, Geologist at Griffith Environmental Consulting Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in geology consulting. 162 kata lagi


Climate Change explained in a way, even a child can understand it.

Click on the link to watch video of Professor Ian Plimer explaining Climate Change to the U.K. government.  He is the author of Heaven and Earth, Global Warming: The Missing Science… 7 kata lagi

Anagnorisis -- Ignorance To Knowledge

The end of an era

Journal log – June 26, 2016:

I’m currently sitting in a crowded food court at Toronto’s Pearson Airport eating an unexpectedly delicious Beef Pad Sew from Thai Express.

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Broken Neck

Pengenalan Geologi

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Apasih geologi itu ? geology, geologist, itu bedanya apa ?  earth-science ?

Menurut buku Earth’s Dynamic System karya W. 227 kata lagi

Earth Science

Point Loma


Point Loma is part of the Point Loma Formation, near the coastline of San Diego. According to the second citation, “The massive, ungraded sandstones in the Point Loma Formation have sharp upper and lower contacts, thick lenses of mudstone clasts, and common load-deformation structures, suggesting deposition largely by grain-flow processes.” 141 kata lagi


Coal Point, Isla Vista

Geology: The fossiliferous layers are part of an unnamed Pleistocene formation. Once you park, walk down to the beach and look for the sedimentary rocks on the beach cliff. 34 kata lagi