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Coal Point, Isla Vista

Geology: The fossiliferous layers are part of an unnamed Pleistocene formation. Once you park, walk down to the beach and look for the sedimentary rocks on the beach cliff. 34 kata lagi


Jack's Peak County Park

Geology: According to the USGS, “Geophysical data and sea floor samples collected from the continental shelf and slope between Ano Nuevo Point and Point Sur, California indicate that the Monterey Bay region has had a complex late Cenozoic tectonic history”, meaning that it is difficult to easily date the fossils based on location. 57 kata lagi


Scotts Valley

Geology: Being within the Santa Cruz Mountains in the Central Coast Ranges, Scotts Valley is a geologically active region under the influence of multiple fault lines. 292 kata lagi



(*Quick note this was written back in March and I have just today moved into a home and my wife and I both have  jobs now, my wife didn’t want me to post this while it was happening and worry our families*) 1.027 kata lagi


UPSC Combined Geo Scientist and Geologist Exam 2017

Union Public Service Commission has conducted the written exam of UPSC Geologist 2016 successfully today, 13 May 2016. This is the first batch of the three-day examination.The exam is held in two shifts. 27 kata lagi

I am a Mine Geologist

Meet Ms. Keitumetse Atang Tshoganetso, a Mines Geologist working at First Quantum Mineral Co., Zambia. She has studied and worked in Botswana as an Exploration and Engineering Geologist, before venturing into Mine Geology. 1.341 kata lagi


Conspiracy Theory 23: The Elders

The Elders on paper are a group of retired world leaders, statesmen and other high profile people who have held positions of power.

If you go to their web site  240 kata lagi