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Mammoth Information Services

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Mammoth Information Services was a small geotechnical, survey, and information management consulting company with headquarters in Golden, Colorado. 582 kata lagi

Long Distance Love is

Trying to stay awake or wake up early just to catch up every single day #timedifference


Thinking of new ways to show how much you love them… 196 kata lagi


Drop bears

Drop bears are the biggest threat to Australia today, not terrorism not boat people or climate change not even our terrible politicians.

Yet drop bears are considered a fairy tale, a cute joke to scare tourists but they are very real. 185 kata lagi


Russian Scientist Claims Ancient Race Drove Giant Cars on Earth and the Tracks Are Still Around


A leading Russian geologist recently made the bizarre claim that the mysterious groove like markings found in the Phrygian Valley of central Turkey were made by giant, pre-historic cars, millions of years ago.

243 kata lagi


Oh shiny!

I like shiny things the way they glint and sparkle,  they give me warm and happy thoughts.

Where did it go?

Hmmm I need to get to the shiny. 179 kata lagi


Travel Back In Time : Memories in Borneo

Hai readers! Do you still alive?

Post kali ini saya ingin bernostalgia tentang perjalanan saya ke Kalimantan tiga tahun yang lalu, karena rindu.

Kesempatan untuk menjejakkan kaki di Kalimantan waktu itu saya dapatkan dalam rangka kepentingan mengambil data lapangan untuk Tugas Akhir saya. 1.558 kata lagi