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Conspiracy Theory 17: 3D printers


I hear you say, 3D printers aren’t a conspiracy whats wrong with you?!

so so many things…

But as for 3D printers, they certainly have a conspiracy building around them as you sit here reading my ramblings. 218 more words


Animal Collective

Back in February Animal Collective members Geologist, Deakin, and Avey Tare came together to perform a DJ set at the U Street Music Hall in Washington. 36 more words


The Kracken

The Kracken.

One of the most feared sea monsters. The giant tentacled beast that will pull you down and rip the flesh from your bones, but it turns out it’s real and they have been around for a crazy amount of time (according to the study I mention latter since the Triassic) 334 more words


Tucson Wholesale Pearl Report - Lois Berger

Lois Berger GG, NAJA, DCGIA’s resident pearl expert discussed “Cultured Pearls”. Lois provided a brief discussion of the history of the Chinese Pearl Production industry along with a number of types of pearls being cultured by the Chinese as well as other countries. 161 more words

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Conspiracy Theory 16: Free energy

So it’s time to learn more about what’s happening behind the scenes of this world you think you live in.

The world is full that is rarely questioned, there are too many people and not enough resources for the way we live. 419 more words