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Animal Collective//The Painters & Meeting of the Waters EPs

The perception of an artist’s’ prolonged excellence can often thank gradually reduced expectations for that longevity; same applies for Animal Collective. After the underwhelming but still compelling… 391 kata lagi


Conspiracy Theory 22: Time Travel

The Following has been removed by the  under statue  of the act of 1935.

In the public interest you are now on a watch list and may be contacted in the next 48 hours for questioning by agents from… 13 kata lagi


Geologist Heads To American 'Mars'

An Australian scientist has spent three months in the Utah desert simulating conditions on Mars.

Broadcast on ABC The World Today.

Click HERE to listen.

AM / The World Today / PM

From the field: India (March 2017)

In March, I spent two days on planes and in airports, five days in India, and two more days in transit. Short time in the field, but it was worth it. 211 kata lagi



Flesh slips from the bone catching slightly on the wrist as it sloughs to the floor. The necrotic flesh releases an ungodly odour as it slips open. 342 kata lagi



Deciding to switch careers in the same year that I am planning my own wedding is pretty damn stressful. I would say something here about maybe having a little better timing but I’m old enough to know that big life decisions NEVER have a “better time”. 568 kata lagi


The mountain

The professor named Chris Rinford which is declared the expert of the geology was teaching in a university in the calm town named Veahlych.
He often left the class to his assistant named Bennett and went to a volcanic investigation of all over the world. 373 kata lagi

Short Story