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Ahools are enormous carnivorous bats that inhabit the rainforests of Indonesia. These terrifying creatures have a wingspan of up to 3 meters.

They are named after the bone chilling call they make as they are swooping on their prey. 215 kata lagi


Jhonny pt 2

Johnny thanked the man and we carried the books out to the car.

The books kept Johnny quiet for about a week, no morbid questions or depressing musings about death no wondering why we don’t freze solid when it snows or suffocate in our sleep or why spiders dont nest in our ears and then hatch and eat us from the inside. 369 kata lagi


This Week On Triogenius: Working In Another Country

Would you like to work somewhere else in the world? Could you use your major to find your career in another country?

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Fortean 2: Goblins

Our first stop on our Fortean journey takes us to Africa and the goblin plague of the last few years.

As documented here in the… 342 kata lagi


Jhonny pt 1

Ever wonder why your stomach doesn’t eat you? Or why your Intestines don’t come out when you deficate? How about why when you have a fever your eyes don’t boil and oozoe out of their sockets? 754 kata lagi


My Journey as a Geology Student

The following guest post is but one example of how the mineral museum in Phoenix influenced the careers of many engineers and scientists:

I have always had a love of science and rocks. 688 kata lagi

The flying devil

The tasmanian devil is dying!
Between habitat loss and a terrible contagious cancer there is a good chance that they wont see the end of the decade. 277 kata lagi