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The Tablets pt 1

Professor Lewis brought up the final slide of his lecture as a wry disappointed smile crossed his wrinkled Visage.

“This young scholars is both my proudest moment and my biggest failure. 610 kata lagi


Hitler V's Stalin

Two of the most vicious dictators of the 20th century Combined they killed millions. One almost concurred europe the other ruled a world super power with an iron fist, but who has the best interpretive dance skills. 365 kata lagi


Professor Iain Stewart Painting.

Photos of the painting from pencil sketch to finished picture. 611 kata lagi


Mary & Bill "Barnski"

Do you want to play a game?  OK, the fact that I just read that in Jigsaw’s voice must mean we are getting pretty close to Halloween, sorry folks!!   367 kata lagi

Iowa City Wedding Photography

Have You Ever Noticed How Beautiful Grains Of Sand Are?

Often we take the most beautiful parts of our world for-granted because we only see them from a distance in very down to earth contexts.  When you are hoovering the sand from your car after visiting the beach you certainly don’t notice how beautiful the grains are. 260 kata lagi

Everyday Objects

When I Grow Up

From Exploring Spaceship Earth Kit 1: Elements, minerals and crystals, Workshop manual

When I Grow Up

The work of geoscientists can be very exciting. Here are some examples for you to think about!