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Fraka Harmsen : The Variety of Geology

Fraka Harmsen has been a part of the academic community for over thirty years. Much of that time has been as a professor within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at California State University, Fresno. 195 kata lagi

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Fraka Harmsen : New to Fundraising? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Fraka Harmsen has worked in the field of academia, particularly as a member of the California State University community, for more than 30 years. An accomplished professor, department chair and administrator, … 222 kata lagi

Fraka Harmsen

SWANSEA: Earthquake uncovers mysterious lost village called ‘Skewen’

An earthquake which hit Swansea yesterday has uncovered a strange, lost village which appears to be known to its inhabitants as ‘Skewen’.

The earthquake measured a 4.4 magnitude and sent shockwaves through the city. 238 kata lagi

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Fraka Harmsen : The Purpose of Research

A career-long academic, Fraka Harmsen knows well the driving force(s) behind academic research. Fraka Harmsen generally considered the method for locating resolution and/or better understanding of a scientific problem, academic research, when properly executed, allows the researcher not only the opportunity to attempt to satisfy academic curiosity, but to establish causal probabilities while eliminating certain elements unrelated to the problem. 194 kata lagi

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Fraka Harmsen : Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Fraka Harmsen as a longtime university-level professor, academic and proponent of higher education, Fraka Harmsen has had no shortage of opportunities to speak in front of large groups of people. 92 kata lagi

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A Blog 400 Million Years in the Making

A guest blog from geologist and science communicator Haydon Mort. Find out more about Haydon’s work, and contribute to his Kickstarter campaign here.

There is an old pine table in Liskeard, Cornwall, to which I owe my personality. 1.827 kata lagi


Fraka Harmsen : Established Facts on Climate Change

Fraka Harmsen has been a part of the academic community her entire career. Fraka Harmsen initially a part-time Lecturer at the Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), Fraka Harmsen has held numerous professorial and leadership roles throughout her career, and now serves as the Special Assistant to the President at California State University-Chico. 19 kata lagi

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