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Conspiracy Theory 23: The Elders

The Elders on paper are a group of retired world leaders, statesmen and other high profile people who have held positions of power.

If you go to their web site  240 kata lagi



The most Regularly talked about of the cryptids the bigfoot lives in its forest home in the american northwest.

The many real sightings of bigfoot are unfortunately discredited due to the spred of misinformation and false “evidence” like the patterson-gimlin film and similar anti bigfoot propaganda. 229 kata lagi



Titles are hard.  So are beginnings.  The best stories are the ones you don’t know you’re starting.  A month ago I quit my job bartending in the bluffs near Omaha to move across the country to a state I knew nothing of save for the dumb stereotypes of potatoes, a place called Idaho.   154 kata lagi

A little Rock Rant

So so, last week and a couple weeks ago, I GOT MORE ROCKS!!! YEESSS, HAPPY HAPPY GIRL I AM!!

Last Tuesday, my mom brought me home my Michigan rocks. 91 kata lagi

Daily Rant

Edward Hitchcock and the first "tree of life"

Edward Hitchcock (24 May 1793 – 27 Feb 1864) was an American geologist and the third President of Amherst College (1845–1854). In 1821 he was ordained as a Congregationalist pastor and served as pastor of the Congregational Church in Conway, Massachusetts, 1821-25. 393 kata lagi


Everyone is an Entrepreneur

I’ve been unemployed 6 1/2 months now.  I am a petroleum geologist in Calgary, Alberta.  Just about the worst place in the world to be any kind of geologist.  554 kata lagi


Waking pt 5

I chose the yellow and he cut me free after administering the drug. Within seconds my mind started to clear, the fog that had so blanketed my mind for so long I hadn’t even noticed it lifted and everything was brighter and sharper. 412 kata lagi