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The Society of the Mysterious Nine 5

I return one last time to share with you the mysterious of this society of nine. Unfortunately my inquiries have run dry and I have run out of leads to continue traking this society so regrettable as it is hear is the last I can tell you of these things for now. 281 kata lagi


Waking pt 3

Darkness surrounds me I have no sense of direction up down left right all feels the same. I am no longer aware of my body I am just concensness floating through the void. 307 kata lagi


Werewolves 2: Defence

Alright its time to learn how to defend yourself from all the different types of werewolves as laid out in werewolves 1.

Now the warg and wolf walker are from a mostly physical standpoint just people. 305 kata lagi


Waking pt 2

Voices Disturb me from a restless dreamless sleep I can’t seem to open my eyes but I can start to make out two seperate voices. 462 kata lagi


Never Flippin Happy!

The last 3 days I have been cleaning. I don’t mind cleaning – it gives me time to think and reflect.

I do mind that the people I clean for are never flippin happy and never say thank you! 331 kata lagi

The Society of the Mysterious Nine 4

Back once more to delve into the secrets of this mysterious society and the role they have played in shaping the world. I have recently discovered evidence showing  previous leaks be they intentional or not below are a few. 286 kata lagi


Turritella Agate - A Snail By Any Other Name ...

In last month’s blog I explained that for many gemstone beads, the country of origin may be difficult to determine.¬† Fossil turritella agate is an exception because it comes exclusively from the Green River Formation in Wyoming, USA. 382 kata lagi