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CAD Customization- AutoLISP

AutoCAD Customization & Scripting-AutoLISP & VBA- You can customize different aspect of AutoCAD such as its Linetype, Hatch pattern, User interface. Drafting by nature is labour intensive and user attention but standard repeative geometries can be scripted written in AutoLISP or VBA for application. 33 kata lagi


Residential Burglary Prevention

The MOST important thing you can do is CALL THE POLICE to report a CRIME or any SUPCICIOUS ACTIVITY.  You have to be the eyes of your neighborhood. 588 kata lagi


When it comes to writing a song or coming up with a new instrumental piece, I have always found myself stumped for ideas. I can cover songs, that’s easy, but when it comes to making something of my own, that’s when I get stuck. 66 kata lagi


Senate Democrats enter new territory on Russia probes with push to grill Sessions, Trump

Personally, I’d tell them to go screw themselves…..they didn’t grill HIldabitch or Odummer. Senate Democrats are looking to intensify the Russia-related investigations on Capitol Hill despite a call from Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to abandon the “collusion” track for lack of evidence – with plans to grill Attorney General Jeff Sessions and even a bid to get President Trump under oath. 835 kata lagi

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The era of digital nomads

In December one of my main client contracts will come to an end and as such I have been slowly starting to think about what I will do next year.   732 kata lagi


Trump turns collusion charge on Obama for doing 'NOTHING' on Russia

President Trump sought to turn the tables on Democrats on Monday, accusing former President Barack Obama of having “colluded” with the Kremlin or “obstructed” the investigation into Russian interference through his administration’s admitted lack of action prior to the presidential election. 305 kata lagi

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Another Dem 'queasy' over claim of Loretta Lynch meddling in Clinton case

One more Democrat has come forward to voice concerns about allegations ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have sought to keep a lid on last year’s Hillary Clintons email probe, with California Rep. 541 kata lagi

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