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News: Release Date and Kickstarter Date

In 1959, Morehead Planetarium director Tony Jenzano phoned NASA, proposing that Morehead Planetarium provide critical training to astronauts. His follow-up letter dated in October of that year did the trick and the first NASA representatives and astronauts visited and began training in January of 1960. 90 kata lagi

Astrology, Stars, & Life

Have you noticed the amount of astrology information that is circulating online? Whether you’re a skeptic or a strong believer it seems the ads are targeting everyone these days. 679 kata lagi


The Qualities: The Mutable Signs

Okay, so in many ways the mutable signs seem to be the polar opposite to the cardinal signs that we looked at yesterday! Mutable signs are flexible and adaptive; they take a communal approach to everything in life. 780 kata lagi

Unemployed at 22 & More Lost Than Ever - Why I’m Okay With That

Last week I saw the quote – in today’s society, we have to continuously grow, accelerate and innovate in order to keep up. Growing up, I thought I’d have met ‘the one’ by the age of 20, I’d be married at 25, have children soon after, know exactly what career I’d love by 21, and I thought university would be the only option if I wanted my dream career. 709 kata lagi


Walking Contradiction

I’m a weird one.
Of course I am.
I was born a Gemini.
One body.
Two minds.
Two spirits.
Two personalities.
One twin is obedient. 106 kata lagi

To Infinity and Beyond: What The Final Frontier Taught Us About The First Frontier

I was having a conversation with a friend one night and the subject of space flight came up, particularly its importance and what kind of impact it’s had on the world and the environment. 3.425 kata lagi


South in Winter

Why am I doing this?

I’ve often asked myself this question regarding astronomy—not in an exasperated sense, but in an attempt to understand what about astronomy compels me to load up a vehicle with heavy-ish equipment and drive away from “civilization,” spending many (frequently uncomfortable) nighttime hours in pursuing faint smudges of light before tearing the heavy gear down and making a tired drive home. 4.057 kata lagi