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Adrien Miéville Kong

O macaco japonês ouvindo música francesa na Estação Pedido

Eu estou enrolada escrevendo uns projetos e por isso não deu para postar nas últimas semanas. Isso e, claro, teve aquele negócio de Olimpíadas que eu preciso assistir de 4 em 4 anos, porque é a única chance que tenho de ver tênis de mesa na televisão. 474 kata lagi

New Products! Caesar, Hysucat and more! 

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Mercury Retrograde August 30th - Sept 21st| Know What To Expect & Be Prepared! What Is M.R?

Mercury Retrograde is a phase that happens 3-4 times a year. This is an astrological position that all signs need to know. Most importantly, Gemini and Virgo are influenced by this transit the most. 687 kata lagi


September's Zodiac Tarot Readings! ~ Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo

September’s 2016 Tarot Readings ~
This month I’m doing something really special and very different. I’ll be drawing 5 cards for you; the first four cards are from a Plain Deck of Playing Cards! 193 kata lagi


Kanye's Gemini

Today was the first time I listened to Kanye’s The Life of Pablo. Wanting to know what critics thought about it, I googled the reviews. 530 kata lagi


Pole Progress: Gemini

If there is one thing that I wish I could go back and change when I started to do pole dance, it would be to TAKE MORE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. 323 kata lagi


COFFEE DIARIES: Of Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Stalking

If I was having coffee with you, somewhere that isn’t your house or mine, I’d probably order cheesecake (if they had it) to go with it. 1.042 kata lagi