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Conversations with a Gemini

I don’t accept it!

Fine – kid yourself

How long do you think you can keep this up for?

As long as it takes…why?

You’ll die before you realise the truth y’know…

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Kait King

Horoscope: 06/29/15

Aries (3/21/-4/19): No one could accuse you of being shy, at least not if you are a typical Aries person. You benefit from possessing the qualities of the Ram, which is the symbol of your sign. 1.239 more words


Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, June 29th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, June 29th



While you’re emotionally prepared for non-routine experiences today, dear Aries, this is in fact a wonderful time to nurture and develop your pet projects or work today.  1.128 more words

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Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for June 29 - July 5

Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for June 29 – July 5

by Maria DeSimone

Expect an electric bolt of excitement in your love life this Monday as Venus makes a perfect trine to Uranus, the planet of surprises. 1.142 more words

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You Are Not A Tree

The past week I felt stuck, usually one would feel stuck in a certain area of their lives like their love life or career. I felt stuck when it came to my creative side. 29 more words


Astro Weather - June 29th 2015

Tomorrow morning we have the Moon in Sagittarius moving away from the conjunction it shared with Saturn in Scorpio and moving into a square with Neptune in Pisces, which lasts into the evening. 172 more words


astrology 101

You either believe or you don’t.

Most people know at least their sign. Oh, you’re a virgo? Do you really know what that means though? 1.051 more words