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Manually creating free SSL Certificates using letsencrypt

SSL/TLS in this day and age is nolonger an optional requirement but a mandatory expectation,

Usually let’s encrypt has an automated application that takes SSL/TLS installation, activation and refresh to a simplified easy to use level. 719 kata lagi

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How to ruin Empire Strikes Back...

Clickbaity title, I admit it. And inspired by some actual clickbait (thanks Becci Richardson for originally bunging this on FB). So, chaps, chaps I know and chaps I don’t, what do you think of this article that I’m still thinking about days later? 872 kata lagi

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Can Geeks Be Runners?

Can geeks be runners? Sure they can, but I don’t tend to see that as a natural pairing. In fact, I tend to wonder just how common that duo might really be? 351 kata lagi


Epic Fail Pictures Squeezed Into One Stack (28 Pics)

Some situations or things strike in one’s mind at the first look and only thought that is created in mind is ‘this is so wrong’. There are so many types of situation and so many things that people do wrong. 39 kata lagi


A Bundle Of Awesome Things In The World (25 Pics)

Awesomeness is an achievement wished by the commons to feel oneself a little different or just to satisfy self-interest. It can be found in people, their thoughts, art, science, food, scenery, clothes, machinery, action etc. 52 kata lagi


Creative Billboard Advertisements Used In Modern Era (18 Pics)

Business has existed from the starting of the human civilization and the advertisement process has developed a lot throughout the years. Nowadays a big part of a business is ‘advertisement’. 48 kata lagi


Unintentional Ironies of Life (28 Pics)

The term ‘Irony’ is a figure of speech where words are used in such manner that their intended meaning is different from the original meaning. … 51 kata lagi