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Rarua will never use his bows and arrows again

​In my entire days in hunting i had never seen a beautiful gazelle like the one which was standing few metres away from me Rarua the chief hunter. 716 kata lagi


My List-2017

As I’ve said in previous posts, this year for me is all about improving on what I’ve got, I’m not looking to collect hundreds of pairs but just fill out my collection a bit more. 265 kata lagi

Casual Culture

Top drops of 2016- You Decide.

Thank you to donators at the bottom of the article !

Here they are. It took longer than expected from both me and you but it’s all been worth it in my opinion. 356 kata lagi

Casual Culture

Waiting at the bus in Gazelles.

Now I’m pretty new really to the world of original trainers. Been keeping an eye on things and slowly building a collection for the last two years really but it’s just started picking up. 281 kata lagi

Casual Culture

Gazelle - 憤

My scars haven’t disappeared…
words/lyric: Hiro

Day-by-day it blocked my vision too much, knowing that your confidence had disappeared from your sight.
I should get over it and not return the “mistake”, but knowing that I can’t face it… 137 kata lagi


Gazelle - 雑音社会

Noisy Society
right and wrong criterion is uncertain
lyric: Hiro music Miya

The entertainment media noise is even suffering from a gunshot.
All evil marks will be distorted and erased, without any justice. 174 kata lagi