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BLINDNESS il nuovo di GAZEBO anticipazione di RESET il nuovo album di inediti

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Anticipato dal singolo “Blindness” esce nel mese di Settembre l’ottavo album da studio di GAZEBO dal titolo emblematico “Reset” … un riassestamento alle sonorità più che mai in voga degli anni ottanta … brani quasi esclusivamente elettronici ed atmosfere romantiche care al sound “gazebiano” 739 kata lagi

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Playing around with Gazebo

I thought it would be interesting to see if I could get my current Bioloid URDF file into Gazebo and try out some simulations. It turned out not to be too difficult; in order to load the model in Gazebo, all I had to add to the URDF were… 89 kata lagi

Bioloid Project

The Oldest Municipal Rose Garden in The US

Yes I am referring to Elizabeth Park.

I’m glad that I found this little sign back in April. This trip I was so distracted by the roses I never would have noticed. 322 kata lagi


28.05.15 Solanum

22.06.2015 Solanum

Oh Solanum, I’ve planted you in the wrong place.
You like to have sun all day on your face
but I’ve left you out there in the shade… 460 kata lagi


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