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New Japanese Garden #InWorldz

Japanese Garden set in a walled Square, with lots of sakura trees with falling petals, flowers, waterfall, meditation, buddah, gazebo, tai Chi rug, butterfly garden, Bamboo chimes, Temple bell, Torii Gate, Bridge, statue, stone of peace… All items copy

New Releases

49ers North Pole NFL Side Wall for Gazebo

Add a wall to your gazebo for more shade or privacy with this North Pole Side Wall for Gazebo. 150 denier polyester. Polyester loops with hooks. 8 kata lagi

living outdoors

GOOSE – Living Outdoors Available @ Cosmopolitan

Rare-Gazebo 17Li
Single sofa 13
Couple sofa
Table sofa
Single sofa A

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Photo Of The Week:Boardwalk Empire

The walkway to the Gazebo at Duck, destroyed by Hurricane Irene more than five years ago, is back in business, though this was as far as I could get given the rather formidable chain blocking access.   91 kata lagi

Tom's River

There are a few conflicting stories about the origin of the town name of Tom’s River, such as it being named an English captain named William Toms or a farmer named Thomas Luker. 794 kata lagi


Running the Pioneer 3DX in Gazebo and ROS Kinetic (Part II)

In Part I of this post, we set up the Pioneer P3-DX in Gazebo, using the models found in the Multi Robot Scenario example.

In this post, we would setup the example in our workspace… 427 kata lagi

Running the Pioneer 3DX in Gazebo and ROS Kinetic (Part I)

The Pioneer P3-DX is a popular differential drive robot used in robotics research. With the capability of running for 8-10 hours, payload capability of 17kg and a flat surface to mount accessories like arms, cameras and LIDAR, it fits most basic mobility requirements.You can check out its data sheet… 447 kata lagi