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Daily Deals - Get 55% Off 10 x 30 Foot Party Gazebo Tent with 8 Removable Walls

Only $89.97! These 10′ x 30′ Gazebo Party Tents are great for those events where you need a temporary enclosure or covered space for up to 50 people. 44 kata lagi

The Gazebo Challenge

We’d been married for a few years at this point but together for over a decade.  Finding who I was going to marry at sixteen is strange to most people, but we knew we didn’t want to have a life without each other.  1.008 kata lagi


Curmudgeon in training

It’s quiet and peaceful on my back porch today, but it won’t last. New neighbors are on their way, a couple with three young children. 295 kata lagi

Getting started with Gazebo

I don’t actually own a robot (and they don’t come cheap) so the next best thing is a simulator. Gazebo is open source robot simulation software that interfaces nicely with ROS and supports a library of robot models and environments. 503 kata lagi


A Woman Using Her Dog To Scam People

The battery was too low on my MP3 player so I was not able to voice record all of this dream, and so I can not remember some of the details now. 1.178 kata lagi

Dream Journal