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Bermuda to end gay marriage, just months after legalizing it

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

WASHINGTON: Senators in socially conservative Bermuda on Wednesday (Dec 13) voted to restore a ban on gay marriage, overturning a right granted by its top court earlier this year. 475 kata lagi

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On self advocacy

First off, apologies for the long hiatus. These past few months have been an undertaking, bringing me to the subject I want to talk about: self advocacy. 503 kata lagi


Dec. 13, 2017

Me maravillo al ver todos los bienes que me das se├▒or; me maravillo al ver lo bueno que eres con alguien tan malo como lo soy yo. 728 kata lagi


Why I Refused to be LGBTQ+ in Texas

Because I was a “fag” for being a “feminist Bernie cocksucker.”

Because I was a “flaming pussy” for wearing yellow shoes.

Because I was only valedictorian due to having “zero friends.” 143 kata lagi


The Boy's Club

As a male, there is one club you are automatically enrolled into when amongst the company of other males. The Boy’s Club.

Entrance to this club is free, membership is automatically enabled. 229 kata lagi

We All Matter (An Open Letter to the Gay Community)

The recent political climate and historic election of Doug Jones, who has a gay son, inspired me to pen this open letter to the gay community. 595 kata lagi