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Just Because...

I recently met a friend who has just started suffering from panic attacks. I was really shocked to hear how much his life has changed but I also felt inspired in terms of how well he was coping with everything. 222 more words

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Beneath the Chaos, God Knows our Heart

I am not one to very often cling onto Bible verses. I have begun to realize how much people’s words have begun to wear off on me. 725 more words


13 Amazing Movies About L(mostly)GBT People

No spoilers here.

  1. Weekend- This beautiful, beautiful, beautiful movie is a story that every gay man lives, 20 or 30 times in our lives. You meet someone wonderful, and you spend an amazing weekend together where everything works.
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lids and heavy heart


the spirit within.



thoughts and heavy tongue

tend to

wear the loosh too thin.


Things kids ask me/ LGBTQ Youth Rant

Every time a kid see me they ask me if I’m a boy or a girl, now I not one for being politically correct so I say things like “I’m both or do I have to choose”. 390 more words


J | Dear John: A Letter To My Pastor

Dear John,

Sorry to put you on blast on such a public platform (and sorry to you, reader, for the misunderstanding. My John is not like Channing – AT ALL), but recently I heard you called off your engagement and I felt like something had to be addressed. 805 more words

World Deserves More Than Rumors About the French Ambassador to the Vatican

Two weeks ago, on April 12th, we published a post with the headline “Did the Vatican Reject France’s Openly Gay Ambassador?” which noted that the Vatican has yet to credential a new French ambassador who is openly gay. 707 more words