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Betrayed ?

So Scared of falling…

So Scared I’ll wake from this dream…

Betrayed by my heart

Swore I’d never fall in love again

Yet here I am on the edge of the precipice; looking over the edge into the deepest blue pool of healing waters, so scared of falling in only to find I land on the Blue Bedrock of shattered promises. 137 kata lagi


How I Was Abandoned

When our family was left with a penny,

I worked hard in school and work,

To support you,

Because you are my father,

When your depression hit, 319 kata lagi


...The Virgin...

…And the countless cocktails…

Hello dear readers! Sweet baby Jesus I’m early this week! Don’t get used to this my lovelies, it’s because I’ve been stricken with¬†disease. 1.576 kata lagi


An Ending and New Beginning

Usually used as a metaphor for a passing, this post will carry a similar setup of starting with an ending before describing a new beginning. 473 kata lagi


A picture is worth a thousand tears...

Well that isn’t exactly the saying is it? ¬†It should be, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but this morning that wasn’t the case. 692 kata lagi


They say Sri Lanka, a tiny island
Nation has so many gay men masquerading
As straight, in sparsely ploughed marriages
The nucleus of which gets bigger… 366 kata lagi