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My guys are gay, and I love it.

All of my protagonists are male, and they fall in love with another man.

Not using that as a selling point, like ‘OMG I totes have teh next Brokeback Mountain so READ MY STUFF’. 452 more words


Mob Cheers as ISIS Militants Throw Another 'Gay' Man to His Death

ISIS militants called their latest victim a ‘child of Lot,’ claiming he committed the ‘crime’ of sodomy.

BY  Thom Senzee Advocate.com

A man reportedly in his early 20s was thrown from the rooftop of a tall building in Raqqa, Syria, for the alleged “crime” of being gay, according to… 278 more words


Where Vows are Laid to Rest: Nilai Development (March 5)

Where Vows are Laid to Rest: Nilai Luzige Kirryn, represented by KAITO the vocaloid. •

Nilai learns about Loriah and his culture through the time they spend together. 256 more words


A New Daily High! So Much Loooove!

Guys. This JUST happened:

I love you, the internet and life in general. My books were downloaded more than 750 times today, the previous record was 740. 31 more words


The Witch Within

After so many years of imagining it, my dreams came true this past Friday night: I saw Wicked.  For those living under a rock or just not into the musical scene, WIcked is a musical by… 1.431 more words