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Saint Hilary of Potiers

Besides  the scriptures,  we remember the saints in our daily liturgy. They’re our companions on the journey of life, revealing  the wisdom of God from age to age.   520 kata lagi


Sri Lanka Trip

An enviable coastline, warm sunshine, a seafood lover’s den, a cultural sanctuary and people proud and prudent for Sri Lanka truly is no longer a communal battlefield, but a tourist friendly destination whose natural beauty and rich heritage preserved over many centuries is now accessible to the world… 1.632 kata lagi

World History Post 2-Ancient Europe!!!

I have finished the majority of my second post of ancient history which will be ancient Europe! Yay! With that being said, please keep in mind most of the countries and city-states listed below existed at the time I’m speaking of and is certainly not all inclusive. 2.322 kata lagi



This piece was created in an introduction to printmaking course. It is a woodcut print and is the first print I made in the course. I wanted to use the rudimentary, jagged look that many of the ancient prints had and I feel like it was well executed. 80 kata lagi


How the Druids became Witches

Today, these mysterious magicians of the Celtic lands are generally understood in two ways; either as a class of priests or seers who basically governed their society through advising their chieftains, and only existed during the Iron Age, or alternatively, as a longer tradition stretching from the earliest times into the present day. 1.827 kata lagi

St. Martin of Tours

Martin of Tours, an important saint in our church calendar, is worth reflecting on  today.  Saints are the antidotes to the poison of their times, Chesterton said. 560 kata lagi


Easily Confused Words: Gaul vs. Gall

Gaul and gall are easily confused words. They are also homophones, meaning they sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean different things.

The spell-check application of most word processing software programs would not catch a slip-up of these two words. 259 kata lagi

Easily Confused Words