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This piece was created in an introduction to printmaking course. It is a woodcut print and is the first print I made in the course. I wanted to use the rudimentary, jagged look that many of the ancient prints had and I feel like it was well executed. 80 kata lagi


How the Druids became Witches

Today, these mysterious magicians of the Celtic lands are generally understood in two ways; either as a class of priests or seers who basically governed their society through advising their chieftains, and only existed during the Iron Age, or alternatively, as a longer tradition stretching from the earliest times into the present day. 1.827 kata lagi

St. Martin of Tours

Martin of Tours, an important saint in our church calendar, is worth reflecting on  today.  Saints are the antidotes to the poison of their times, Chesterton said. 560 kata lagi


Easily Confused Words: Gaul vs. Gall

Gaul and gall are easily confused words. They are also homophones, meaning they sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean different things.

The spell-check application of most word processing software programs would not catch a slip-up of these two words. 259 kata lagi

Easily Confused Words

This Week in History: The Last of the Romans is Murdered

In this week, Flavius Aetius was assassinated by Emperor Valentinian III, just three years after commanding the last great victory of Western Rome. 240 kata lagi

This Week In History

Sudah Jarang Malam Mingguan

Ketika banyak orang menyambut antusiasme lebay rayakan malam minggu, salah dua teman dekat ane sudah jarang, bahkan bisa dibilang tidak pernah lagi menselebrasikan itu. Alasanya ? 446 kata lagi


Masa muda (pt.2)

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