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Sona Sunnies glasses by H&M

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call me later phonecase by TYPO

Gold Glitter iPhone 6/s Case by TYPO
Banana iPhone 6/s Case by TYPO
Daisy iPhone 6/s Case by TYPO

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Flock Flamingo bag

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Tetap Gaul Tapi Syar'i

Sebagai remaja, tentu banyak, dong, perilaku khas anak muda zaman sekarang yang kamu lakukan. Apa coba? Sebut saja, selfie-selfie cantik lalu diunggah ke media sosial atau dijadikan display picture, terus update-update status di Facebook atau komentar-komentar di status orang lain. 77 kata lagi


Roman research - en Francais

Something a bit different for this Thursday’s review. I’ve been tidying the bookshelves of my office and four of my research texts in particular caught my eye. 1.005 kata lagi


Nava and Sidra

Last April we went to Spain. Yes, last April. A lot has happened since then. We had a baby and became parents to the cutest little human being ever. 565 kata lagi


60. Pope Pelagius I 556-561

Born to a wealthy and noble Roman family,Pope Pelagius was the second of the Popes handpicked by the emperor of Constantinople. The previous Pope had been slowly tortured by emperor Justinian into accepting heretical positions. 244 kata lagi