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Dirty Jokes in Ancient Gaul

It’s been said that one of the measures of skill in a language is the ability to tell a dirty joke. It looks like some women in central Gaul were up to snuff in their Latin. 467 kata lagi

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Tempat Nongkrong di Surabaya

Surabaya adalah kota gaul. Yaya dong…

Hal ini terlihat dari  generasi muda Surabaya yang hobi bereksperimen dan menciptakan tempat – tempat nongkrong yang NGEHITZ  abiizzz… 74 kata lagi


Moon Lin, Nenek Asal Taiwan yang Gaul Abis !

Usia cuma angka. Kira-kira, itu jadi pepatah paling tepat buat ngegambarin nenek yang satu ini.

Di saat nenek seusianya menghabiskan waktu dengan bermain bersama cucu atau menjahit, nenek berumur 88 tahun ini justru sibuk ngatur feed Instagramnya, dengan foto OOTD khas remaja kekinian. 173 kata lagi


Saint Hilary of Potiers

Besides  the scriptures, the saints are companions on the journey of life, revealing  the wisdom of God from age to age.  “A cloud of witnesses,” the Letter to the Hebrews says, they tell us what to hope for and what to expect. 472 kata lagi


Celtic Religion: Now Available!


This short but coherent work was penned back in one of my favorite eras and styles of literature- the academic theory and archaeological/historical thought of that happy period during the rampant social upheaval of the early technological era- with its tintypes, early moving pictures, and obsession with tombs and temples. 77 kata lagi

Tros! Of! Samothrace!

Tros Of Samothrace

By Talbot Mundy

Bought this one (several years ago) for the title. And the author’s name. Of course I did.

I also bought it because it had this wonderful pulp adventure cover image (even though, as my artist wife has pointed out, the anatomy is off; nobody’s torso actually bends like that), and because the story seemed pretty pirate-y. 480 kata lagi

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