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28/4/2016 - Campus Martius [Day 3]

Palazzo Altemps, which illustrates well the aristocratic Renaissance phenomenon of collecting antiquities, is composed vastly of the former Ludovisi collection. This collection comprises of infamous pieces such as the ‘Galatian Suicide’, a Roman copy of a Hellenistic bronze. 20 kata lagi

Who Are All These People and Where did Come From?

I assume I am not the only one who is completely baffled by the chaotic mess of invasions leading into the Dark Ages.  I believe that some of the confusion lies in the fact that Germanic tribes, and other early groups, tend to be mentioned as loose collectives in regards to the Fall of Rome or the rise of the Middle Ages.  1.155 kata lagi

Fall Of Rome


Minggu, 27 Maret 2016 Kami (saya, Lisa, Yoyo, Hana, Monik, Niken, Bimo (mas supir+pacar) pergi ke kota Semarang hanya dengan mengandalkan petunjuk jalan saja karena kami belum pernah ada yang pergi ke Semarang, tetapi kami nekat untuk pergi ke semarang dengan mengandalkan map, sesampainya disana pun saat kami mau ke tempat wisata kami juga mengandalkan petunjuk jalan dan juga bertanya kepada orang-orang sekitar sana. 804 kata lagi


It Wasn't a Stylish Marriage -- They Could Barely Afford a Carriage

It seems odd that the last wedding story I have to tell you will be a short one, because I have very little information to draw from.  408 kata lagi

A Preview of Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar Volume VI of the COIN Series by GMT Games

Since being released in early May this year, Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar has invaded social media with the raw power of a Roman Legion. 2.334 kata lagi

Board Game

Ordinary life

Short story


“Ma, jadi gimana keputusan Mama ?”
“Kalo Mama si ok ok aja, yang penting kamu jangan lupa sama kewajiban kamu”
“Tapi Papa ?” 173 kata lagi


Boats and boats and boats

When I visited Nimes a year and a half ago, I’d started looking round at other places in Southern France that might be worth a look. 699 kata lagi