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The Gallic Rooster of France

Many nations are represented by the symbol of an animal. Normally, they choose one whose characteristics reflect those of the country: The United Kingdom chose the brave lion and the United States claims the majestic bald eagle. 912 kata lagi

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The Coins of the Lost Emperor

Coins are an unusually good way of preserving history. They are stamped with the images of rulers and significant persons, the precious metals in them do not corrode easily, and the value of precious metal coins means that people save them. 795 kata lagi



Armed with spear and bow and sword,
So advanced the Gallic horde.
At Gergovia struck a blow;
Laid the Roman legions low.
At Alesia – fortified, 113 kata lagi

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The Real St. Patrick

Now that every one has hopefully gotten over their hangover from consuming too much green beer Friday. I want to talk about the origin of the Holiday. 386 kata lagi

Paranormal Romance,

Tips Agar Tidak Kudet & Tetap Update

Halooo… Selama ini terkadang kita di bingungkan oleh istilah-istilah baru yang sering muncul. Entah di media elektronik ataupun di media cetak. Di sosial media apalagi. 363 kata lagi

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Primitive Christianity and the Celts

As far as archeologists can determine, the Celtic peoples originated near the Danube River and spread east, south and west from there. Today, the only identifiable Celtic populations are found in France (Brittany) and the British Isles (Ireland, Scotland and Wales). 456 kata lagi