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How Far Will the Harvest Go ~

How long will the fields be ready,
how far will the harvest go . . .
how much longer will we reap?
None of us, will ever know. 163 kata lagi

Christian Poetry

we are gathered here today...

“He wrapped himself in quotations—as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.”     Rudyard Kipling  


Mistakes are either rubbed in or rubbed out

The one thing we all have in common as churchgoers and followers of Jesus, is that we all need mercy – lots of it. In order for any gathering of believers to have godly influence in people’s lives, it needs to be a place where mistakes are rubbed out, not where mistakes are rubbed in. 281 kata lagi

Tidbits, Truths and Lizards

With the final day of July upon us, it is time for the monthly gathering of Chloe tidbits!

Please enjoy these specks of the writerly me. 220 kata lagi


Sunrise Safari

The Gathering Group is excited for you to join our 1st annual Sunrise Safari.  We’ve created a Saint-Tropez style dock party on the newly opened Chicago Riverwalk and crafted a playlist to keep your earbuds happy.


Small Aidilfitri Gathering in Uxbridge

Yesterday I was invited to a small gathering by my Usrah Naqibah. I was so excited to fulfill the invitation because aidilfitri gathering here is raaare~ ;D Besides that, I really appreciate Malaysian gatherings because there are only a few Malaysians at my school and I occasionally see them. 97 kata lagi

A Piece Of Me

Summer Gathering at White Horse Christian Center

Looking forward to the Summer Gathering at White Horse Christian Center in W. Lafayette, IN August 5-7.

A gathering of God’s family in this hour of a fresh wave of Holy Spirit and God’s glory. 23 kata lagi