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ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() #77 - Labtek Indie - Developing VR with Unity

On our 77th codeMeetUp, CTO and co-founder of Labtek Indie, Adityo Pratomo shared about Developing VR with Unity :)

He’s also a Chief Academic Officer at Froyo Framework and a Certified Unity Developer (notice the code number ;) ) 91 kata lagi


Annual Harvest Celebration

The 2016 harvest Celebration was a great hit! We had an excellent turnout and the weather was perfect! Plenty of food, conversation, games and fellowship was enjoyed by all. 71 kata lagi


A Little Sunday Gathering 

In the photos below of last Sunday barbecue gathering. So let here other than goods times are the memories with are meant to last forever. 70 kata lagi

Foods Trail

You Can't Make Old Friends - Day 6

The slow ripening fruit of friendship should never be neglected or taken for granted. I cherish the friends I have collected over the years and have come to realize how important it is to surround myself with people who make me feel good. 381 kata lagi

Weekend Adventures

When "Some" Becomes "Enough"

A couple of weekends back, my brother and sister in law’s family of six came rumbling up our sun-dappled driveway, camper in tow. Almost as soon as the diesel truck engine killed, three eager bodies bounded out of the back seat, excited to join their cousins in play. 966 kata lagi

Faith Musings

TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 2b: Into the Desert

I spent the last half-hour sitting on my beach towel, drinking water and procrastinating. What do you expect? I’m lazy and that’s pretty ‘normal’. It would be weirder if I could just instantly be okay with all of this crazy nonsense… Inari is right though; I need to hunt. 717 kata lagi