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Day By Day

Laughter and Selfies in a Sophisticated Café.

Last Saturday me and my friends decided to head to MidValley. So…WHOOH SHOPPING FIESTA!!!

No, we would never go crazy like that – unless you count buying bread and pastries at Lavender bakery as a fiesta. 214 more words


ProCodeCG codeMeetUp 4 May 2015 - ICT-based Values for Non-ICT Business

What is great about ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() is that we can learn many things in just 1-3 hours.
Like yesterday, we learned A LOT about what a Gibran Huzaifah, the CEO of… 220 more words


[Agenda] Gathering Malam Puisi Jawa Timur oleh @KotaJancuk

Malam Puisi adalah sebuah komunitas yang beranggotakan para pujangga, bisa dikatakan demikian. Bagaimana tidak, setiap kali penampilan komunitas Malam Puisi, pasti membuat semua orang yang menyaksikan berdecak kagum. 172 more words


See? Phubbing is Hurting the One You Love

Phubbing means the annoying habit of ignoring someone in a social situation by busying yourself with a phone or other mobile devices. With the proliferation of mobile Internet, we gradually become addicted to our phones, chatting, searching,entertaining and socializing. 75 more words



Moving in big groups, like moving in a herd, is often unparalleled to any sense of direction; moving in a big group can be confounding without a sense of purpose. 439 more words