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I don’t know the official term we use these days. 639 kata lagi


Gathering of the Crows

On a treetop in the country side the crows had gathered. All the clans in the area was represented. They had come from the hills, from the oat fields, from the city. 502 kata lagi



Food, family, friends…..gathering is a gift.   🌻


Matthias Full Month Celebration

Blue, White and Yellow!

Marking the occasion, Matthias Full Month with a beautiful Elephant theme Party.

That’s exactly what the day was for our precious addition. 49 kata lagi


Elder Scrolls Online [ESO] — first impressions

This post first appeared on my Medium publication, Tikh Tokh.

Disclaimer: I’m an older gamer whose main interests are crafting, exploration, lore, game design and aesthetics. 1.433 kata lagi


Gathering Vendor Crowne Plaza 2016

Hands Organizer

Gathering Vendor Crowne Plaza 2016
Selasa – Rabu ; 26 – 27 January 2016
@ Crowne Plaza – Bandung




Getting up early always sounds easy the night before and is always hard in the morning. Today was no exception but we all wanted to join the swim from the surf club so we had little choice. 629 kata lagi

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