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We have a new kid in the block, we named him Data journalism...

The word data is a word that belongs in hell! That is, for most people. The word data brings back memories of sitting in maths class and not feeling like the brightest person in class.  490 kata lagi

Automated Journalism

Daisy on gathering

In the middle of the floor, there is a gathering. Foxy, Monkey and Reindeer with Christmas Antlers. What delights have we collected here? I ask Daisy. 96 kata lagi

Daisy On Life And Literature

原来“饭要粒粒分开,还要沾着蛋”的蛋炒饭确实存在!Best fried rice in town @E18hteen Crockfords, Genting Highlands.

其实一碟好吃的炒饭真的不容易找哦!哈林庾澄庆那一首“蛋炒饭”就正好拿来形容我在这一家E18hteen Crockfords吃过的蛋炒饭。现在想起来还真想再吃一碟呢<3 如果你即将上云顶高原,或你身在云顶高原的话,不妨去试一试~


我俩吃完饭当然不能少了甜点!万万没想到连甜点都那么好吃..我本身超级喜欢那个绿茶巧克力心太软,小雪(我隔壁那位美女)则非常享受他家的creme brulee.

Missing the dessert at E18hteen Crockfords already ! Fly me to Genting please ~ . Blog updated , link at bio ☝🏻️ www.flyingindance.wordpress.com .

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It’s the NARCS lead singists birthday today. Here’s a picture of he & I at a house gathering recently. I shan’t explain what is happening for I do not know. 66 kata lagi

Remembering how we gather

St. Paul admonishes us not to forsake the gathering of believers. But here is the thing: none of us, Christian or otherwise, forsake the gathering of believers. 1.152 kata lagi

The Captain's Block

Gathering @Quéretaro, MX.

It all began a few months ago. I met these friends at an architecture contest in Mérida, Yucatán. The group is so diverse and even though we have seen each other in person for only 13 days we get along really well. 674 kata lagi


Lumley Fee Bunkhouse

A couple of weekends ago, we stayed at Lumley Fee Bunkhouse, just outside of Kendal, with a group of friends for a weekend of walks, drinks, catching up and good food. 527 kata lagi