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Hot Off The Flame broil - Tips for Making Summer Barbecuing Protected and Sound

Summer is authoritatively here and it is the season of year when motivating outside to cook and eat can be extraordinary fun. You may be a standard at flame broiling, yet might want to make it all the more intriguing, or you may be a beginner who doesn’t feel good or has heard barbecuing may not be a solid approach to cook. 906 kata lagi


Free food

With the dull, grey, sullen and at times, somewhat damp weather yesterday, it wasn’t great for landscape photography. However, we were armed with two Tupperware boxes which after some walking, a bit of effort in stretching and the occasional scratch, were full of juicy blackberries. 49 kata lagi


Savvy And Practical Tips When Opting For Food Catering During Gatherings

It is truly a distressing assignment to arrange a gathering or any social affair as there are a great deal of things to consider and arrangement. 47 kata lagi

Fast Foods

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In the spirit of celebration for the recent #Oxford Dictionary new words list for 2015, I have one of my own. Scoffling – one who has been ignored, mocked, gently(?) bullied into believing that anything they have to say or do is only worth a dismissive wave of the hand, which is what a #scoff usually is. 487 kata lagi


Meeting places

Recently, Lyn and I were at a meeting for the Bahá’í Faith. Having arrived early (a rarity for us!) I had some time to take some pictures of the beautiful building where we were gathering. 112 kata lagi


The Mustard Seed Garden

“Sometimes, before composing poems and essays, I paint one or two small things on a sheet of paper and so collect emotions and ideas. In such ways, one may often gather inspiration from the skill and ideas of celebrated artists of the past, like drawing water by rope and bucket from a well.

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