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Tattva (or Tattwa) is a Sanskrit word meaning “thatness”, “principle”, “reality” or “truth”.  It is a philosophy originating in India that speaks of an element or aspect of reality. 288 kata lagi


Groovy Mangroves!


Dear readers, this post has no thought provoking statements or touching experiences or any amazingly written paragraphs. This post is just a record of an impromptu trip to an interesting place I recently have been to. 869 kata lagi


Pi-Hole: Plug & Play ad-blocking

Full Home Ad-Block

I’ve been using the adblocking script on my wireless gateway for a few months now, and I have come across a few quirks and drawbacks in this method. 486 kata lagi


spreading love

Another portal painting … Spreading Love

Shopping Cart Payment Gateway Integration

If you are a business owner that owns or controls a website then you need to have a secure payment gateway setup through your shopping cart software in order to accept credit card payments. 57 kata lagi