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GATEWAY RPG Update- Advanced Character Creation Variant

Hey guys, a quick update for the GATEWAY Tabletop RPG System. These are Advanced Rules for the game.  If you have not yet read through the original rules, you can download them… 723 kata lagi


30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9- visit a new coffee or doughnut shop, take lots of pictures, and write about it

December 9th, 2017

Day 9: visit a new coffee or doughnut shop, take lots of pictures, and write about it

Points you should note:

1) I’m not a fan of coffee/cappuccino or the like… 562 kata lagi

The Greatest Gates of India - Rumi Darwaza

Monumental Gates has always been a reflection of prosperity for Kingdoms. Rulers, over the course of human civilisation, have always wanted to build gigantic gates which will play a pivotal role in the security of the countrymen and also display the might of the state. 912 kata lagi


No Longer A Busiest Shipping Day

ST. LOUIS, MO(KMOX)- The US Postal Service is gearing up to deliver more holiday packages. Mike Cooke, the Gateway District Corporate Communications Specialists says postal employees will begin to deliver packages in the morning, later in the evening and on Sundays.  172 kata lagi


Creative Brief

For an introductory strategic communications class, I designed a hypothetical creative brief for a local children’s theater company, Upstart Crow Studios. The organization partnered with our class to allow students to gain hands-on public relations experience. 13 kata lagi