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Revolution of the Heart

I clearly remember the day, 12.12.2012, a group of Heart Energy Beings had gathered on the Mangawhai Beach to embrace and celebrate this special day.  A lot of people had been preparing and waiting patiently for that special date to arrive, which was the gateway for Heart Energy Beings to step up and into their Heart. 1.724 kata lagi

Blogging From The Heart

Standedge Cutting

Needed to get out into the fresh air, and what better place to get it than up at The Standedge Cutting which sits on the Pennine Way on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. 25 kata lagi


Encounters with sharks and lovely people

So much has happened in the last days, this is going to be a long entry. The day I left the Umzumbe Surfhouse, I unfortunately couldn’t enjoy a last glance over the lovely green garden with the ocean behind it, as it was still pitch black when we got into the car. 1.808 kata lagi

Scuba Diving

Physicists Restart Souped-Up Large Hadron Collider

After a two-year shutdown, the atom-smashing machine known as the Large Hadron Collider has embarked on a renewed quest to probe some of the biggest puzzles about the universe, such as dark matter and the possible presence of other dimensions. 791 kata lagi

Future Technology

"WOW" Our new Weidmüller ACT20C gateway provides greater transparency and preventive monitoring for equipment and processes

“With our new ACT20C gateway and communication-enabled signal converters you can for the first time obtain extensive information directly from the signal conversion level.”

The new ACT20C gateway supplies precise diagnostics and status information on devices used in various areas of automation, while performing preventive monitoring of systems and processes. 722 kata lagi


Install and configure the Ubuntu gatekeeper in a cluster

Currently we bought tens of Lenovo System X3550 M5 servers to build up a internal cluster. We need one (under the name of HA, actually more than one) gatekeeper to manager and monitor the cluster and also act as a gateway to connect to the Internet. 313 kata lagi

Operating System