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Today's Video: "The One That Really Matters" Michael W. Smith ft. Kari Jobe" 

Greetings and blessings in the Lord!

We hope you enjoy this song with Michael W. Smith and Kari Jobe, it is titled “The One That Really Matters”! 7 kata lagi


Mrs Fields Bakery-Cafe

Sometimes when you’re out and about those hunger pangs hit you hard and you crave for something out of the ordinary. You know its lunch time and you’ve skipped breakfast and you should really have something decent and healthy… but sometimes irrationality overtakes the mental processes and next thing you know you’re seated in a café waiting on your order and trying to work out what elements of upcoming meals you can sacrifice in order to save face at Weight Watchers on the weekend. 773 kata lagi


Gateway Taproom gets the Oktoberfest to BKC!

Mumbai, India

Never been to an Oktoberfest? While the world celebrated this 207 year old extravaganza  in its birthplace Munich until a couple of weeks back, the newly opened Gateway Taproom in BKC gives you an opportunity to enjoy the fest until  22nd October 2017.They call it ‘Pretty Much Munich’. 162 kata lagi

Local Restaurants

Gateway 2017

This year we headed back to one of our favorite conventions. Three times a year Strategicon hosts a convention at the LAX Hilton where attendees can come and play games of every kind. 762 kata lagi


Gateway by Frederik Pohl

Gateway is a 1977 science fiction novel by Frederik Pohl that tells the story of Robinette Broadhead, who is both extremely wealthy and in therapy because of the traumas that he faced while on Gateway: an alien spaceship hub with spaceships capable of interstellar travel. 573 kata lagi


Purdue Pharma: They Said it Wasn't a Gateway Drug

I doubt you have really heard of Purdue Pharma. Many people haven’t that are from our generation because we were too young to fully understand or care about the story when the news broke. 1.246 kata lagi


live everything...

do not seek the answers, which cannot be given you, because you would not be able to live them. and, the point is to live everything. 7 kata lagi

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