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Why today’s solstice is SIGNIFICANT for every HEART!

Its all about Love. Its all about LiGhT… its all about Gratitude’s Purpose being Love’s PRIORITY!

and here’s what she (Gratitude) wants to EXPERIENCE in FAITH: 387 kata lagi


Seremban Gateway 喝茶好地方 San Francisco Coffee

Address: 109, Jalan Labu, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Hours: 7:30AM–1AM

  话不多说, 我们先来看看环境吧!

装修很有特色, 是拍照的好地方, 适合大家一起喝茶聊天,培养感情



前面会先给评分哦~~~ 5分满分^~^

1.5/5 mango冰沙- 跟一般的芒果冰沙没什么差别,一定要说的话.. 特别贵?!! 哈哈哈哈

3/5 Vanilla- 我朋友觉得在一般vanilla来说, 偏甜,可是是好喝的,不喜欢太甜的朋友不要轻易尝试哦! 14 kata lagi

Gateway Blog: Steven Lock #5 How do you learn?

Learning is the “acquisition of knowledge or skill through study, experience or being taught” (Oxford English Dictionary).

My definition, which is perhaps not as concise: “learning is receiving information, making sense of it, understanding it and being able to apply it” 500 kata lagi

The week that was: June 11-15 2018

I thought i’d take a moment to go back and think on what went on last week.

Monday June 11- I went into the office and edited pictures for online articles. 241 kata lagi

Summer 2018

Principle 4 Gateway 4

Principle 6 Gateway 3

At least a week has passed since I last posted. Hopefully that gave you enough time to review the questions and consider some heartfelt answers. 1.099 kata lagi