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Trail Building Efforts at Gateway Off-Road Cyclists

A construction engineer based in St. Louis, Missouri, Charles Harrison Chandler is a construction engineering specialist with Kirk Engineering. Outside of his professional activities, Charles Harrison Chandler enjoys mountain biking with Gateway Off-Road Cyclists in St. 139 kata lagi

Charles Harrison Chandler

JBoss 6.2: another look at the HTTP-gateway

After reading Pim Gaemers’ wonderful blog about the Fabric HTTP-gateway, it might be useful to add some extra information on how to get this component to function properly. 899 kata lagi


Banned in a Gateway

via Daily Prompt: Banned

In the light of my own observations, I see opportunities around me, but they are not for me. It’s as if I am banned in a gateway that was made for all to enter in. 220 kata lagi


Building a MicroService APIs using the GateWay Pattern


I will assume that you know the theory of MicroServices, and i will assume that you need a hands on reference aid on how to build a Complete MicroService Based REST APIs utilizing the benefits of the concept and also simple enough to build over. 598 kata lagi



I know it is now called Mumbai but I will always call it Bombay. That is the name I know it by.

At first I had decided to skip Mumbai as it is a subject in itself, a place in itself and too much of a subject to be covered in this blog. 875 kata lagi

Importance of Moral Science in Education

Today’s education system has become more or less economical. Students study for the potential of education to make them rich in near future, institutes grant knowledge for the purpose of fattening their own pockets and teachers serve the middle-terms, mostly driven by their need for money. 149 kata lagi

Can a Deep Archive in the Cloud be Useful?

A lot of people worry that a deep archive in the cloud will be about as useful as the boxes in the deepest part of your attic. 642 kata lagi