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Spider Worlds by Duncan Long

Duncan Long’s Spider Worlds is a children’s science fiction trilogy is not to be confused with Colin Wilsons’ Spider World quartet; a series of dark post-apocalyptic stories for adults and young adults. 411 kata lagi

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Juliano and the Arcturians on the Eclipse Energies

Juliano and the Arcturians on the Eclipse Energies

Hello, this is Suzanne Lie, and I’m talking again with David Miller and we are going to talk about the Eclipse. 2.502 kata lagi

I Will Find Death - Colleen Brown

Reblogged from Colleen Brown at The Chatter Blog:

I will find death. Because it’s there to be found. It is not elusive. And I, here, am not eternal. 385 kata lagi



I have a gate in my garden. It is a conversation piece, for it is stuck in the middle of the lawn and leads nowhere. 315 kata lagi

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Alessia Cara Teams Up With Logic And Kahlid For Powerful Suicide Prevention Music Video

Logic takes the suicide prevention talk one step further with the powerful song “1-800-273-8255”.

The 27-year-old musician partnered with fellow rapper Kahlid and Canadian darling Alessia Cara. 311 kata lagi


I Will Find Death

I will find death.  Because it’s there to be found.  It is not elusive.  And I, here, am not eternal.  But when I find it I’ll have a few things to say in welcome.   501 kata lagi

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