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A sluggish slime trail through the world of gastropods


You may have never heard this name but I’m sure you know the creatures that belong to this class. You know them as snails and slugs. 1.105 kata lagi


Friday Fellow: Tulip Cone

by Piter Kehoma Boll

The year has almost ended, but if you would touch today’s Friday Fellow, it would end for you right now, and without a new year coming. 332 kata lagi

Friday Fellow


Det finns invasiva jättesnäckor i Kina. Tydligen kommer de från Afrika, och jag tror att arten är Lissachatina fulica. Så här ser de ut: 70 kata lagi

When curiosity didn't kill the beast!

I’ve just opened my (new😊) washing machine and had an extraordinary experience. Not possibly quite as extraordinary for me as a certain visitor, though.

I’d noticed some slime on the machine door and was chuntering about how it could be dirty already when I realised the cause was something quite unexpected! 110 kata lagi


Zetekina panamensis (Bartsch)

Panama Zetekina Snail (Zetekina panamensis)

The Panama Zetekina Snail was endemic to the Río Matasnillo, which runs through Panama City, the capital of Panama. 43 kata lagi



We had wet weather in Sweden, and slugs like nothing better. Rather more so than birds, that’s for sure. Arion vulgaris was everywhere. These seem to be the invasive — “the Spanish slug”– but it gets complicated. 93 kata lagi


Il-bebbux żgħir imlembet

Il-bebbux żgħir imlembet

Alfred E Baldacchino

is-Sibt, 12 ta’ Awwissu 2017

Il-bebbuxu li nistgħu nsejħulu l-bebbux żgħir imlembet minħabba l-għamla tiegħu, huwa speċi ta’ mollusk fil-klassi… 808 kata lagi

Alfred E Baldacchino