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You were evaluated in the Emergency Department today for epigastric pain, which is most likely due to irritation of the lining of your stomach. Your symptoms improved with medication in the ED. 76 kata lagi


I Can't Live Without Vegetables

I love me some vegetables; throw them in a salad, stir fry them, slightly boil them, eat them in their natural state.  Whatever the case my life is meaningless without them.  360 kata lagi


3 Natural Method to Cure Gastritis

Mudra for Gastritis

Yoga Pose for Gastritis

Acupressure Point for Gastritis

Acupressure Point For Gastritis

Stomach Follow-Up

If there is one thing I have learned in the last 5 years it is that in Canada, you have to fight for the best medical care possible (I suspect this may actually be an international thing). 713 kata lagi

Medical System

Babyfood, Antibiotics, and Finally Some D$%@ed Answers

If you follow my Social Media you’ll know I finally managed to get an appointment to discuss the digestive issues I’ve had over the last year… Needless to say it went far better than expected! 1.526 kata lagi


Epigastric Pain - low risk

Presentation consistent with acute epigastric abdominal pain. Differential diagnosis includes ***. Abdominal exam without peritoneal signs. No evidence of acute abdomen at this time. Well appearing. 55 kata lagi


Peds - Gastritis - Nontoxic

*** is a *** y/o otherwise healthy *** with midepigastric pain worsened with eating, most consistent with gastritis. Reassuring that his pain was relieved with OTC antacids. 97 kata lagi