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Gastroparesis Flare Up

Hi Beautiful People!

Today my Gastroparesis has absolutely gotten the better of me. I feel horribly sick and (SLIGHTLY GRAPHIC SORRY) have not been able to get off the toilet for a few hours now. 299 kata lagi

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Endoscopy Day- Gastroparesis Sucks

Today I had (another) endoscopy. It’s been two weeks since my last one, but they wanted to do another biopsy and just have a second look at my intestines. 749 kata lagi

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Gastric Guling - Guling

Kisah gastrik yang berulang kali  datang tanpa diundang!

Dulu, sebelum ada EO saya pulun minum peppermint tea dan makan ubat gastrik.
Ubat gastrik plak kene makan sebelum meal. 117 kata lagi

Neanderthal Herbal Medicine

Our closest, extinct, cousins the Neanderthals are often thought of as thuggish and unsophisticated, but evidence over the last decade has began to challenge this picture, indicating that they had a broad range of skills, knowledge and, yes, sensitivity. 1.541 kata lagi


To the Man Behind Me in the Express Lane at the Grocery Store-

To the Man Behind Me in the Express Lane at the Grocery Store,

Today I decided to push myself. I ran to the store for some plain rice crackers that are easy on my stomach, since I’ve been having several bad IBS/gastritis flares. 530 kata lagi

DGL: Licorice with a Purpose

DGL, or deglycyrrhizinated licorice, is a supplement that puts in work. While licorice is used as a sweetener, it is also a traditional remedy for issues affecting the gut, respiration, energy level, and hormonal imbalance. 452 kata lagi

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