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Epic fail, one pound weights, and a few tears.  

So after trying both powers at once (nutritional and healing) I noticed one was making me sick. (Of course my stomach being my stomach had to react) my doctor had me stop them. 495 more words

Chronic Illness

Reduce la gastritis

Reduce la gastritis
Incluye en tu dieta comestibles ricos en flavonoides y antioxidantes, esto te ayudará a proteger tu estómago. Ejemplo: Manzanas, arándanos, cerezas, calabaza y verduras de hoja verde.  55 more words


La maravilla de lo natural

Quiero contarles que desde comienzos de este año, siento que soy el hombre más feliz del mundo. Porqué digo eso? Desde el día que me presentaron algo novedoso y el cual estoy consumiendo ya desde hace meses me va muy bien. 484 more words

Health Drama Continued

So much for working out.

Oct 19 – Doc phoned with the results. The verdict is acute gastritis. I’ve also tested positive for H-Pylori. Doc initially phone in one medication, but insurance wouldn’t pay for it and it was $800. 2.073 more words

WTF Is Wrong With Me?

H.pylori & Me - The Journey Begins!

I got the blood test results today: I’m positive for H.pylori infection. Rats.

I know you’re probably wondering why I’m not more upset about this. I think it’s because I did all of that research (both on the open net and using my university’s research resources) and know that this thing is treatable, one way or another. 266 more words

How I've come to this point

Since I was younger, I always knew I was different. I always had stomach issues as a kid and wasn’t the most coordinated kid in the world. 781 more words

Chronic Illness

False alarm/gastritis

Well, maybe I shouldn’t have said something so soon. Sadly and frustratingly, I’m back on prednisone–5 mg. My right foot and ankle are flaring up again (seriously, what is WRONG with THAT foot and ankle?!). 170 more words