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So this is a more serious topic and will probably be one of the more serious ones in my college edition

But I do feel like I need to talk about this topic because although college is great and experience so much in that time; some of these experiences are not always positive… 574 kata lagi


Avoiding the hospital at (almost) all cost...

**Warning: This post is not medical advice. It is simply a glimpse into my life and things I deal with with my health conditions. I do not advise avoiding the hospital if you have serious medical issues or need immediate medical care.** 1.144 kata lagi

LWAH-013 Medical issues that complicate my life, part 2

After my heart attack at age 32, things were quiet for a few years on the medical front. I stayed fit running and playing basketball, continued working in my new career as a computer scientist (but moved from system test to software development and started traveling internationally), kept going to graduate school at night, continued to coach recreation basketball, and helped Sara raise our girls. 952 kata lagi

Friday Fellow: H. pylori

by Piter Kehoma Boll

I already introduced three species of bacteria here, all of them free-living and/or friendly little ones. But we all know that many bacteria can be a real annoyance to us humans, and so it’s time to show some of those, right? 395 kata lagi

Friday Fellow

hot food

gastritis can be aggravated by eating hot food. hot soup for example. many sources suggest that spicy food are also bad. not sure about that.


First Post... The Last Year

I just wanted to start off by saying that sharing the experiences with my health and the journey I’ve had over the past year is not easy. 1.376 kata lagi

I'm alive!

Whew! I thought I was a goner for good!

I recently experienced extreme pain in my right abdomen which prompted me to visit a doctor. Luckily it was nothing. 73 kata lagi