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Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy

What are the recommendations for management of H. pylori infection this week?

Clarithromycin and metronidazole have high emergent resistance. It helps to know if that is the case in your area. 155 kata lagi


Doo je zbolel

Nekaj časa se nisva nič kaj oglasila. Malo nama je zmanjkalo časa, saj se v naši družini zdaj toliko dogaja…

Vmes pa je naš tudi zbolel. 420 kata lagi

Yoga Lesson 15th September 2016

Maha Mudra ( Great Psychic attitude)   ||Paadmulen vamena yoni sampidaya dakshinam, prasaritam padam krutva karabhyam dharye dhradham||

Press the perinium with the heel of the left foot, extend the right leg in front of the body. 383 kata lagi


When you've fallen off all the horses, crawl if you must, but just keep moving. Right?

Shame!  Shame!  Shame! (Yes, that’s a Game of Thrones reference.)

I’ve fallen off every single horse I was on when I was here two years ago.   1.438 kata lagi


Catch up, Gastritis, and Seeing a Doctor...NOT

So two weeks later….

Reasons why I didn’t posted last week because I was busy with life. Had to make sure that everything was ready, and nothing was missing. 685 kata lagi

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Why my stomach is ruining my life 1.0

Hi there. I’m glad you found my blog because then you’d know that you are not alone in this war with your stomach issue. I’m 22 and I’ve had gastritis and who knows what else since I was 17. 640 kata lagi