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Manfaat jambu mete atau jambu monyet untuk kesehatan memang sangat banyak sekali. Selain bermanfaat dalam mengobati sariawan, jambu monyet juga berkhasiat dalam membakar lemak di perut… 255 kata lagi

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Gastritis - what the heck?

This past week was busy with my father in law passing away. The day of his visitation I had scope that had already been scheduled for two months. 505 kata lagi

Autoimmune Disease

I'm go to the dr...I can't afford to

Obamacare, ACA, Medicaid expansion, what ever you want to call it.This is an argument as old as the Obama administration. On the first go around Obama care, wasn’t bad it originally modeled the universal healthcare plans in Canada. 693 kata lagi


Fighting with a blindfold

As of today I weigh 116.8 lbs. Some may not see a problem with that, but when I use to be about 140-145, this becomes a issue that needs to be taken care of. 973 kata lagi


Day 1 - Hero

Untuk challenge hari pertama, aku akan bercerita tentang pengalamanku ditolong dan dijagai oleh superheroes terbaik.

Jadi, waktu itu libur sekolah. Aku pulang ke rumah untuk menghabiskan masa libur bersama keluargaku. 412 kata lagi


Common Diseases: Gastritis

Source: Gastritis Symptoms: Signs, Duration, Complications – Medical News Today

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining. This inflammation can be caused by a multitude of factors. 547 kata lagi


Tag 2: Meine Backen tun weh und: nenn mich Google!

Tag 2 meiner Anti-Schling Woche. Wuhu. Ich muss schon sagen es ist nicht einfach. Aber ich habe heute Nacht einmal kein Völlegefühl oder Sodbrennen gehabt. Ich hab sogar geschlafen wie ein Baby. 438 kata lagi