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Saying Goodbye

I just said goodbye to my uncle today.

He isn’t gone yet but he’s going. Fast.

I don’t understand. One minute they are saying it’s treatable and the next minute they are saying that treatment would only kill him faster. 796 kata lagi

Self Awareness

A little of April and May #lupus

I know I am overdue for a blog. I don’t really remember where I left off last time. I’ve been to a new cardiologist and I had an ultrasound to see if there was any inflammation around my heart causing me chest pain and shortness of breath. 782 kata lagi

Crónica de una colitis anunciada

Hoy hace dos meses tuve una fuerte crisis de colitis acompañada de gastritis y reflujo. El dolor era tan fuerte que sólo podía soportarlo estando en reposo prácticamente sin moverme.   3.014 kata lagi



That … is becoming semi-regular.

It has become clear after this now occurring three times in the last year that … it is not going to stop. 1.189 kata lagi

Today was a day of meetings, creativity and firsts.

The Sun Yogini has been getting frustrated because the individuals in the class have physical ailments and they of course clam up and won’t share so that we can work through it and learn how to heal it together. 668 kata lagi

Self Awareness

Manfaat Jambu Mete untuk Mengatasi Maag

Manfaat jambu mete atau jambu monyet untuk kesehatan memang sangat banyak sekali. Selain bermanfaat dalam mengobati sariawan, jambu monyet juga berkhasiat dalam membakar lemak di perut… 255 kata lagi

Jambu Mede

Gastritis - what the heck?

This past week was busy with my father in law passing away. The day of his visitation I had scope that had already been scheduled for two months. 505 kata lagi

Autoimmune Disease