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Consejos para cuidar tu estómago

Como persona con graves problemas estomacales desde los 19 años tengo unos pocos tips que dar para quienes tienen problemas digestivos y quieran consejo (o para quienes no quieren acabar teniéndolos). 378 kata lagi


I just need a rant.

I'm so tired of having this illness. For almost four months now I've been nauseous almost everyday, all day, and thrown up a few times a nite some days. 167 kata lagi


Six Best Foods That Help Combat Gastritis

The festive season brings with it a whole variety of foods and along with this, comes the toll it takes on your stomach due to the overindulgence in sugar-rich and fatty foods that invite bacteria to invade your body, causing stomach infection, indigestion etc. 181 kata lagi


10 natural tips to cure acute gastritis

We must ensure that our stomach does not remain empty for a long time to prevent gastric acid worsen the situation. We must eat breakfast early and eat every 3 or 4 hours.Acute gastritis, or inflammation of the stomach, can occur for many reasons. 488 kata lagi

10 Natural Tips

2018: Post Topics, News, And What I'm Growing Right Now

Happy 2018!! Sorry for not being around a whole lot more. I plan on being back in force at some point in the future. It will be slow in the meantime.. 438 kata lagi

Garden Musings

This Sick Writer

I’ve been thinking of “shocking my system,” for lack of a better phrase, to shift my body, via my consciousness, back to life. I may have to shock this blog a little bit as well. 1.838 kata lagi