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i have gastritis

i discovered i had gastritis this july after almost a month of no fruit or vegetables and a heavy bout of drinking which left me with the worst hangover i have yet experienced. 445 kata lagi


Call me crazy but maybe I needed this week in bed and this was the only way my body knew to get it.

I stay wiped out all the time and I don’t give myself time to recoup. 330 kata lagi

Weight Loss

I want pancakes and coffee

Sooooo it’s been a while and I’ve been quiet here. Mostly because I can’t focus on much other than the ever pervasive nausea, stomach tenderness, bloating and malaise that come part and parcel with a stomach infestation of helicobacter pylori. 228 kata lagi


The Unrecognizable Me

“I almost didn’t recognize you…”

This is slightly insulting. Some older woman told me this one day…was it because she hadn’t seen me in a year? 707 kata lagi

Weight Loss

Well I’ve really done it now.

I had to break down and go to the doctor for immense burning stomach pain, dizzyness, nausea and overall sick as crap. 603 kata lagi


No eres una carga

Muchas de las condiciones en el sistema digestivo limitan la dieta del que las padece. Hay personas que pueden comer salsas o algunos alimentos específicos. No importa en cual renglón te encuentres, tu dieta definitivamente será diferente a la de tu familia y amigos. 357 kata lagi