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At last- A definitive breakthrough in the alcohol and health debate!

We have all read  the conflicting  articles. We pick up of the paper only to read that a scientist somewhere has made a startling discovery that drinking a glass of red wine a day protects you against heart disease only to pick up the paper the next day and discover that another scientist has done research that shows that the very same glass of wine a day gives you an increased risk of dementia.

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Pineapple Salmon with Dill

I have been struggling with severe gastritis over the last week which has forced me to research the best foods to eat that will not exasperate the inflammation and that will help the healing of my stomach and gut in general. 161 kata lagi


Please Excuse Me While I Throw A Massive Temper Tantrum

I am not in the least bit surprised by the results of the H. Pylori test.  They have come back negative, meaning that whatever is going on in my stomach is not the result of a bacteria causing ulcer.  467 kata lagi

Medical System

Psychiatry Report

This is a reminder that I’m better off now than I was 10+ years ago. Found this in my old online journal.

The patient is Aubrey Rodriguez, 21 year old, female, single, Filipino, in-coming 3rd year advertising student in UST, admitted under medicine-Gastrointestinal service on May 25, 2005 and referred to Psychiatry service on the 3rd hospital day of evaluation and management. 438 kata lagi


Waiting Through The Long Weekend

My H. Pylori test is now done.  And I have been told that the results will not be given to my doctor until after the long weekend.  286 kata lagi


¿Esclavo de las agruras y la gastritis?

Los problemas gastrointestinales que se relación con la ingesta de alimentos copiosos es un mal mucho más común de lo que podríamos llegar a pensar. El ritmo de vida que llevamos muchas veces no nos permite llevar una alimentación adecuada y balanceada, y terminamos por vivir dependiendo de tomar medicamentos antiácidos, privándonos de ciertos alimentos que nos gustan o, en el peor de los casos, acostumbrados a vivir con estas molestias. 467 kata lagi