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Diesel or Gas?

When it comes to motorhomes, you can usually choose between a gas or a diesel. This choice is a source of heated debate among RVers, with diesel fans claiming their choice is higher quality than gas motorhomes and fans of gas motorhomes saying they’re more economical. 1.167 kata lagi

Gas Prices Rise For Memorial Day

Gas prices have  jumped over 3 Dollars a gallon in Cincinnati, according to AAA Ohio.

AAA recommends these safety tips for Memorial Day travelers:


How Do You Save Money On Gas?

Use a mobile app With popular smartphone apps from GasBuddy and AAA, drivers can find the cheapest gas station in their area. Check your credit card rewards Some credit cards offer bonus rewards when paying for gas. 23 kata lagi

Higher gas prices could hurt already weakening home sales

Today’s homebuyers don’t need another headwind. They’re already facing one of the tightest, most competitive housing markets in history, with home prices rising far faster than incomes, mortgage rates climbing and the supply of homes for sale continuing to shrink. 529 kata lagi


Technology thy Human

Hey noticed this?

When you book taxis from the apps of an Aggregator this is what usually happens:

You log into their apps and check for taxi availability. 206 kata lagi


2014.08 Ямал-СПГ. Оценка воздействия на окружающую среду и социальную сферу

2014.08 Ямал-СПГ. Оценка воздействия на окружающую среду и социальную сферу.pdf

Михельсон Л.В., ПАО “Новатэк”, ОАО “Ямал – СПГ”, ООО “Фрэком”, Ямал, оленеводство, газ, нефтегаз, Обская губа, трубопровод, сжиженный природный газ, СПГ, Total S.A., ОВОС, Оценка воздействия на окружающую среду, МФК, Международная финансовая корпорация, займ Международной финансовой корпорации, Всемирный банк, Стандарт деятельности 6, традиционное природопользование, исследования традиционного природопользования, Минасян В.В., World Bank, International Financial Corporation, IFC, WB, карта особо охраняемых территорий, ООПТ, Ramboll Environ Inc., Ramboll Group A/S, Сенченя И.Н., Дордина Я.Ю., ООО “ЭтноЭксперт”


Fighting Oil with Lawsuits

It is almost a month after Boulder and San Miguel counties filed a lawsuit against Exxon and Suncor energy for the damages to the environment their product has caused, and nothing has changed. 713 kata lagi