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Have you ever heard about "ExxonMobil"?

The portal of topfacts.info has published  most interesting facts about ExxonMobil. In nearest future I will write another fact, like conglicts, salary, job oppotunities in this company. 198 kata lagi


UKOG shares rise on Broadford Bridge statement

UK Oil and Gas saw its shares rise in value by nearly 25% today following a statement on the company’s Broadford Bridge oil exploration site in West Sussex. 311 kata lagi


The petrol price will rise again

“The oil price will rise more than 58 $”,reported Tengrinews. The main reason is conflict in Iraq. Brent mark oil was rised 57.17 $ per barrel. 241 kata lagi


gas. A visual poem by Nathan Batt

A few days ago my friend Nathan asked if he could use my dog Mako for a short film. After getting into contact with Mako’s SAG rep and filing all the paperwork we agreed and spent a few hours in a parking lot to bring you this. 33 kata lagi


Tony Abbott’s victory as Australia dumps green energy target 

Still trying to square the circle of unreliable, expensive renewables and reliable, affordable electricity supplies. At least one backbencher is starting to get it: “The problem with solar and wind … you’ve got to have them backed up in some way, and that’s either got to be a coal-fired power station, a gas generator or some form of battery.” And making batteries to the scale of power stations is neither practical nor affordable. 298 kata lagi


There is no shortage of activity on energy policy and we haven’t even heard the outcome of the Scottish Government’s energy strategy consultation.

Let’s start with fracking. 671 kata lagi

Energy Policy


Sean Spicer , ex portavoce della Casa Bianca del 45° Presidente degli Stati Uniti , Donald J Trump, infatti ha detto la Verita’, un’ innegabile verita’ storica: Adolf Hitler , nonostante le impressionanti quantita’ di armi chimiche anche diverse tra loro a disposizione, non diede mai l’ ordine di usarlo contro i suoi nemici, la contraddizione che nasce e’ in realta’ del tutto fittizia, e spiega perche’ il gas non fu mai usato …neanche contro il “nemico” per eccellenza del Reich. 517 kata lagi

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