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Commenting on the Vedas: Bird Imagery

One common thing one finds in the Rig Veda is bird imagery. It’s found in many hymns as metaphors or as divine entities. For instance, 4.27 is a hymn dedicated to a falcon, possibly Garuda, who is mentioned in some previous hymns and who is represented as a falcon or similar birds of prey in Hindu art. 201 kata lagi

The Eagle

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Rosa and I prepared our last things for our trip to America. Clothes, toiletries, electronics all the essential for a memorable trip to a country I had never seen with my own eyeballs before. 2.786 kata lagi


Some reservations about list of world's top airlines

It’s out. The list of the world’s top airlines. If you care.

Most of us really don’t — most of us flying coach, that is. 298 kata lagi


Inclusive Yoga Series @ Birmingham Shambhala Meditation Center

Join me in a new class series at the Birmingham Shambhala Meditation Center in Forest Park. . 89 kata lagi


Last Chapter Garuda Indonesia !! #38 mohon ijin mundur dari khalayak ramai

Halo geees, pakabar masih semangatkan, yang iktikaf, yang ngejar lailatul qadr tetep semangat yaaa jangan lupa doa buat kita semua agar selalu dalam lindungannya.

45 hari yang lalu gue masih baru,setelah peringatan 40 hari gue disini gue jadi yakin, kalo gue bener bener gabuuut wkwkwk…

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Another corner here and there, though its crowded the place is still wonderful place to visit



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This winged creature has clawed hands and bird’s talons. ¬†Large, glinting eyes and a serrated beak dominate its avian face. 506 kata lagi