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Throwback Thursday: My First Short Story

I wish I could find a copy of this, because I remember loving it when I wrote it. More than that, it was the first criticism I ever remember receiving (though I didn’t receive it particularly well) on a piece I had written. 605 kata lagi

GoComics SDCC 2016 Signings

GoComics is the largest online site for classic comic strips like Dilbert, Calvin and Hobb’s and Garfield. The strips are available for free with the option to purchase print collections of series via a link to… 153 kata lagi

Films & TV

A Little Lit - 21

The subtitle of the movie that has been blanked out in the poster below is a pun on the title of a 1859 book by a famous English author. 82 kata lagi

Little Lit

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Acting like Garfield on a Monday morning

A/N: Sorry this is late, meant to write this yesterday but the day got away from me. As always be sure to check out Tim’s stuff on… 395 kata lagi


Zapomniani uczeni rosyjscy: Ilja Siergiejewicz Ofsajdow

Ilja Siergiejewicz Ofsajdow – wybitny radziecki trener i teoretyk futbolu, ze względu na swoją przebiegłość i zamiłowanie do forteli nazywany Liskiem Chytruskiem Zielonej Murawy. Do historii przeszedł jego najsłynniejszy manewr, tzw. 554 kata lagi

Mieszkam W Tym Kraju

Republican Convention (1879)

Boston, Sep. 12, 1879

You are earnestly requested to meet several gentleman at lunch at Parker, at one o’clock sharp to consult on the best method of securing harmony in the Republican Party at the convention and the election. 56 kata lagi

Did You Know?


There is nothing worse than someone who steals lunches at work. I’ve personally never had my lunch stolen, but it has happened to other people. I’m pretty much the only one (like 86% positive) that brings in Amy’s frozen meals for lunch. 154 kata lagi