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Reishi Double Extraction 8oz



wildcrafted ganoderma lucidum tincture + decoction

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Oh, my heart.  I love mushroom medicine and magic mycelium! Reishi is the first plant medicine I ever made, and was the doorway for me into working with other plants and methods.  471 kata lagi

Thyroid Imbalance

Being a Hypothyroid patient for a number of years I know personally quite a bit about this topic. Not only through my own symptoms and experience, but through extensive research I did over the years. 1.333 kata lagi


Analisi SNEP ITALIA www.onesnep.com

Primo anno di vita per l´azienda di integratori che commercia integratori italiani prodotti in italia

e a detta loro 100% naturali ***(1) . L idea sui prodotti nasce da un connubio di materie prime come il Ganoderma Lucidum e i preparati sostitutivi di pasto a prima vista “scopiazzati” da altre aziende ma per essere magnanimi useremo il termine: una conbinazione di integratori e ingredienti come e tipico di tante “altre aziende sul mercato ” che producono integratori: 689 kata lagi

Breakthrough Research Reveals How Ganoderma Mushroom Suppresses Propagation of Cancer Cells

Mushrooms are an emerging niche crop with many benefits, including improving farmer stewardship of forested lands, utilization of old buildings and barn space, and the ability to offer a unique and highly desired product. 988 kata lagi


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The magic effects of ganoderma:

Ganoderma has always been shrouded with a mysterious curtain for more than a thousand years. People only know ‘‘Ganodermas can keep one young and give one a long life if taken continuously”, but no one had ever scientifically investigated why it is so effective. 628 kata lagi