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The Ionic Super Lemon Haze Cartridge

A few weeks ago my sister in law brought over her vape pen with concentrate. It was a nice little pen and much smaller and more compact than the one I’ve been using, but the thing that sold me was the interchangeable disposable cartridge that her pen supported- much more convenient than the pen I’ve been using that you put your wax or shatter in directly- so I had her grab me one. 170 kata lagi


I’m constantly dumbfounded at the hypocrisy of our public health institutions.

The things they get into a flap over versus the things they ignore are amazing. 725 kata lagi

Columns: Playing Solitaire With The Hermit Of The People

Welcome Readers To The Marijuana Manifest!

Hello fellow readers and welcome to our blog! Here we will be discussing all things marijuana related- from reviews to news you’ll find it all here.   40 kata lagi

Lagi asyik hisap ganja, pria ini diciduk petugas

SEL-Tebing Tinggi – Nasib apes menimpa Hermanto (21), kini ia terpaksa harus diamankan pihak Polres Empat Lawang, lantaran warga kelurahan Jayaloka Kecamatan Tebing Tinggi Kabupaten Empat Lawang ini kedapatan meyimpan dan memiliki narkoba golongan satu jenis ganja kering siap pakai. 169 kata lagi

The High Review: Planet Earth

Planet Earth. Quite possibly the greatest nature documentary ever made. Guess what? It’s even better after roasting two bones. Turn down the lights, fill up the bowl, and grab some chips because you’re about to learn some nature stuff. 143 kata lagi


Different Kind of Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis culinary has changed over the years.  Most consumers do not know the type of edible they are consuming other than the mg of THC per edible.  299 kata lagi