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Marijuana industry gets blunt: Stop using the word 'pot' - The San Diego Union-Tribune

I have to say, these Millennial s need to chill, and smoke a little WEEEEED.. sheesh! “Call it Cannabis, Pot has such a negative energy, it’s bad for the brand…”…… Jesus christ, has the whole world become Portlandia? 10 kata lagi

Geo-politics, Socio-economics

Poem #44

You can smoke Maryjane

As it temporarily keeps you away from a sort of pain

Maybe make you insane to be sane

As you get new knowledge you gain… 23 kata lagi


Bahamas government urged to “legalize it”

The majority of people who spoke at the CARICOM Regional Commission on Marijuana’s town meeting on Friday night showed overwhelming support of the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana in The Bahamas. 402 kata lagi


Both Sides of the Mouth

The U.S. government is cracking down on legal marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday that the Justice Department will seek to roll back an Obama-era policy where Federal officials don’t challenge state laws allowing cannabis use — both medically and recreationally. 115 kata lagi

News Editorial

Granny Gifts Ganja

Today, I tell a very merry story of a grandmother who may or may not reside in a state where medicinal and/or recreational cannabis is legal. 210 kata lagi


Ganja Smokin' Granny

I submitted this a few months ago to a flash fiction site. In reality, though, it’s a true story. Sorry, Nona lol.

Ganja Smokin’ Granny… 306 kata lagi

Creative Works

GP: CHlaPiKsXiCHteMWlKa – Plná taška hulení

Na Vianoce máme pre vás guilty pleasure klenot. Toto je “street-punk-metal-indie-elektronika” ako sa patrí, od českých bratov. Chlapík dal rozhovor napríklad serveru Bandzone, tak keď vás zaujme, prípadne pohľadajte internetmi, nám pre naše potreby stačí tento exkluzívny track, známy z éteru pražského Radia 1. 15 kata lagi

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