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Ganja-European Youth Capital 2016 welcomes visitors

Ganja welcomed first visitors from a number of European countries who have arrived in this ancient city to attend the opening ceremony of the Ganja-European Youth Capital 2016 project, Azertac reports. 347 kata lagi


Strain talk with Rocky

My boy Rocky sent me an instagram message about a strain called Truth that he just lit up. Thought it was worth sharing.


Munchies Run

After rolling one up I had to take Jonah to the grocery store. If you look at the grocery list, you’ll see that nothing healthy is on it. 86 kata lagi


Marijuana Plant Snowflake

Why Every Cannabis Plant Is A Special, Unique Snowflake

April 29, 2016 by Julia Wright

You might not be aware of this weird idiosyncrasy about growing cannabis: even when plants are grown from precisely the same seed, under precisely the same conditions, every single plant usually ends up looking a little bit different. 405 kata lagi


50 years on.. Ras Tafari

I listened to a brief news story on BBC world service, last evening.. it’s been 50 years (21/4/1966) since Ras Tafari visited the Island of Jamaica. 35 kata lagi

4/20 Brownies for all of my Stoner Friends

Let me begin by saying that this recipe is NOT solely delicious with the addition of cannabutter, but in honor of the high holy day of the stoner community a brownie recipe seemed all too appropriate. 168 kata lagi