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Reasons why men are obsessed by breasts

3 reasons why men are obsessed with breasts!
Have you ever wondered why you often catch men eyes fixed on your neck, although it is far deeper? 32 kata lagi


Vegetable Matter

Our household is going green.

I write a lot about environmental issues, but it’s not quite that kind of green. Nor is it anything political! We are going green in the area of health and beauty. 579 kata lagi


Ganja-European Youth Capital 2016 welcomes visitors

Ganja welcomed first visitors from a number of European countries who have arrived in this ancient city to attend the opening ceremony of the Ganja-European Youth Capital 2016 project, Azertac reports. 347 kata lagi


Strain talk with Rocky

My boy Rocky sent me an instagram message about a strain called Truth that he just lit up. Thought it was worth sharing.