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by Robyn Banks

UCAS deadlines have passed, interviews are taking place across the country, college students are going through the clearing process. For many, university isn’t just about learning- it’s about the life experiences, the parties, and the new experiences you’ll have within your own minds. 849 kata lagi


Drug Use

Moving to Colorado has given me a fascinating look at the fringes of socially acceptable drug use. As a society we accept openly the use of drugs like alcohol and caffeine, but marijuana is only legal in four states (at the time of this posting). 68 kata lagi


Two J’s Later Episode Alyssa Milano

Jason revels in his new found legality as a medical marijuana patient while Josh regales us with tales of his adventure at San Diego Comic Con International. 13 kata lagi

New Episodes

Trousers and Skirts.

It was time to say goodbye to our yurts and drive our way up North in the Altai Republic. Our next stop was Aksat on Katun’s river. 676 kata lagi

The Electric Picnic

Paddy is ready.
None of that slumming it in a 2-man tent with Fionnuala this year. Oh no.
He can only too vividly remember last year’s fiasco, when she overdid the ganja during Underworld’s set. 57 kata lagi


A ganja love letter.

To my fellow friends of ‪#‎weed‬––An editor had me switch formats so the following poem will not be published anywheres. But, I couldn’t just delete it! 392 kata lagi

Obama said he'd let science - not ideology - dictate policy -- [except for the so-called War on Drugs]

On Thursday, the Drug Enforcement Agency formally refused to reconsider its classification of marijuana, which is officially regulated as a dangerous substance with no medical value, alongside drugs like heroin and LSD.

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