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I love Music

It entertains me, drives me, moves me.

Yeah, I guess I am one of those people.

I am originally from New York and I feel like we’re born with all things musical and creative flowing through our veins. 624 kata lagi


The Feds have no idea how to grow decent pot

❝ The only marijuana researchers can legally obtain for studies looks like something you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe after walking on a grassy field.

237 kata lagi

Bob Marley hablando de la riqueza ❤️💛 💚

Bob Marley hablando de la riqueza
Mi riqueza es la vida por siempre

Ganja and Fitness - The Effect Factor

**This is in no way meant to treat, cure, diagnose or suggest any one use marijuana.**

The stereotype of a “pot head” is lazy, unmotivated, overweight, and spacey. 917 kata lagi

Israel Ajukan Peringanan Hukuman bagi Pengisap Ganja

ISRAEL, FOKUSJabar.com : Pemerintah Israel mengajukan hukum yang mengatur bahwa pengisap ganja tidak akan ditindak sebagai pelaku kriminal. Jika disetujui parlemen, pengisap ganja tidak akan dipenjara. 11 kata lagi


As the central sacrament to Rastafarians, the importance of ganja (marijuana) has been well documented and this importance extends into the sphere of Rasta-influenced Jamaican music. 409 kata lagi

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