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Mob rage and uncertainty: Understanding Ganja's riot

The sudden slump of energy prices, and the consequent shift of the geopolitical order has rapidly changed Azeri politics and economics. Riots, rage, uncertainty, devaluation, organised opposition: a whole new vocabulary to learn and get accustomed to, for Azeri people. 520 kata lagi


Two J’s Later Episode 50 w/ Jimmy McKnight

Jay and Josh unknowingly celebrate their 50th episode by chillin out talking cannabis,wrestling and Power Rangers with the host of P.O.I ‘s new member The Ninja Starship Podcast Jimmy McKnight. 15 kata lagi

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Legal marijuana sales reach $5.4 Billion in 2015

This week two marijuana analysis and investment firms released a summary of a report that appeared to confirm that the industry has become a gold rush.

352 kata lagi

The Federal Cannabis Racket Exposed

The federal gov’t is in a real pickle with regard to cannabis.


They are rightfully perplexed at how to proceed in bowing out of their profiteering-racket that has been in place since 1970 (Controlled Substances Act) which deemed that cannabis has absolutely NO accepted medical use (a proven lie), is highly addictive (a proven lie), and highly prone to abuse (a proven lie.) 754 kata lagi


Rip City tees

Just finished this Rip City teeshirt design…and got it printed up on teeshirts…
and am happy to say they came out great!!   Only a limited edition run of 50 were made. 45 kata lagi