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Road To Bollywood - How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Yes, finally they’re in, the results from our Road To Bollywood event poll are here and I think you’ll agree the results show very well what many of you said in the comments, too much to do in too little time. 439 kata lagi

Game Play


This Ganesha, at 9.5 cm in height, is larger size than usual. Even otherwise it is an unusual Ganesha. It appears to be single cast, the idol and base cast together. 7 kata lagi

India Bronze

Shree Ganeshay Namah 🙏🏻

Another addition to the product gallery 😊. Please provide your feedback. Looking forward to hear from you! Wishing you all an amazing weekend. Happy crafting!!

Art And Crafts

Ramta Padhaaro Ganpati

This is a Meera bhajan from Rajasthan. We learnt it from Mahesha Ram ji. It invokes the Lord of Beginnings, Ganesha, inviting him and all the other gods to our ‘nij mandir’, our very own, deeply personal, temple – this body, where we may welcome all the gods if we prepare it well enough. 175 kata lagi

Folk Music

Eventually everyone comes to Rick’s

Chronologically you’ve already had the next episode embedded in 2017 so if you missed The people in the restaurant  aka Murder in the Mansion pop over and read it here. 722 kata lagi


बस्तर के ‘ढोलकल’ से वायरल हो रही है एक अपील,जानिए क्यों?

इन दिनों छत्तीसगढ़ का बस्तर एक बार फिर चर्चा का विषय बना हुआ है,चर्चा की वज़ह नक्सली-पुलिस मुठभेड़ नहीं है बल्कि एक घटना है जिसको लेकर लोग ये आरोप लगा रहे है कि ‘बस्तर के इतिहास की योजना बध्द हत्या की जा रही है’ दरअसल बस्तर के पास दंतेवाड़ा से 24 किमी दूर बैलाडीला के ढोलकल पहाड़ी पर भगवान गणेश की प्रतिमा स्थापित थी जिसे किसी अज्ञात ने खंडित कर पहाड़ी के चोटी से नीचे फेंक दिया.

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The people in the restaurant

Since I often travel alone I have loads of time to people-watch, and restaurants are often great venues for the best and worst that the world and my imagination have to offer. 1.775 kata lagi