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Road to Bollywood - Review & How Did You Do? Poll

It was one of those hip shaking, belly busting, blink and you’ll miss it events. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how you got on in the Road to Bollywood Event. 1.151 kata lagi

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Gajavadana pavana

ಗಜವದನ ಪಾವನ ವಿಘ್ನನಾಶನ ||pa||

ವರ ಪಾಶಾಂಕುಶಧರ ಪರಮದಯಾಳೊಕರುಣಾಪೂರಿತ ಗೌರೀವರಕುಮಾರನೆ ||

ಸುಂದರವದನಾರವಿಂದನಯನ ಘನ-ಸುಂದರಿ ಕಂದನೆ ಬಂದು ರಕ್ಷಿಸೊ ||

ಗೋಪಾಲವಿಠಲನ ಅಪಾರ ಭಜಕನೆಶಾಪಾನುಗ್ರಹಶಕ್ತಾನೇಕ ಮಹಿಮಾ ||

Gajavadana pavana vignanasana ||pa||

Vara pasankusadhara paramadayalokarunapurita gaurivarakumarane || 9 kata lagi


Road to Bollywood Character Questline - Ganesha

Hey there little drummer boys, and girls!!!

God help us all as Ganesha has come to town. Not being a God to blow his own trumpet he’s instead brought his drums, oh and a Questline, yes he’s brought one of them too. 242 kata lagi

Game Play

Road to Bollywood Character Profile: Ganesha

Namaste, Addicts!!

There’s a new god joining the many deities of our Quahogs, and this time it’s the Hindu god of wisdom and learning, and the Remover of Obstacles. 289 kata lagi

Family Guy Addicts The Quest For Stuff

New Year Fresh Start

Namaste my fellow yogi/yoginis!

A new year fresh start, facing unknown adventures, with a willingness to return time and again to an open and compassionate heart for all experiences that will come my way.   186 kata lagi


గౌరి నందన గణనాథ

గౌరి నందన గణనాథ
పరమేశ్వర పుత్ర గణనాథ

పిండి ముద్ద కి గణనాథ
ప్రాణం పోసెను గణనాథ
ద్వారా పాలకుడవై నావు గణనాథ
శివుని ఆడ్డగించినావు గణనాథ
ఆగ్ర్రహించినాడు శివుడు గణనాథ
శిరసు ఖడించను గణనాథ

God Songs

Road To Bollywood 101: Boss Battle - Ganesha

Side Note Bunny: Please understand RT meant no harm in her opening sentence. With us all coming from different sides of the Planet it is hard at times to gauge what is acceptable in one country, but offensive in another. 992 kata lagi

Family Guy Addicts The Quest For Stuff