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The Names of God; Hermes Edition

I’ve mentioned before that my practice of syncretism isn’t syncretism in the truest, dictionary definition of the word. I blend traditions in the sense that I recognize the same spark of a Deity across cultures. 165 kata lagi

UPG And Inspiration

Dancing Ganesh

“OM Gam Ganapataye Namah!”

There are so many things that draw me towards Ganesh… in this moment what comes to the front of my thoughts is His ability to ground my ethereal journeys into the here and now… He brings fortitude and strength to my path, allowing me to relax and and play and dance in this Divine Lila … 6 kata lagi


Deepavali - The Festival of Lights

What is it about a festival, that stirs longings in one to be surrounded by warmth & joyful feelings,entangled in childhood memories of a festival spent with so much fervor and happiness ? 204 kata lagi



heavy – yet agile
one raised leg – gently crosses
the other balances – him in time

he signals me
with his majestic trunk
playful – yet powerful… 9 kata lagi