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shakudo by Blancpain

El shakudō es una aleación compuesta por cobre y oro que según su composición y su textura puede cubrirse de una pátina de color oscuro, con tonos marrones, azules y negros… 1.262 more words

Alta Relojería

OMG!!! Baby Born With Four Sets Of Limbs Worshipped As Deity In India (See Photo)

The baby boy, who is yet to be named, was born with four legs and four arms, is believed by locals to be the reincarnation of Hindu God Ganesha. 215 more words


Solo in Delhi, Day 2: Wherein I Find My Temple and Learn the Gods' Days

I’ve heard India described as “everything coming at you at once.” This is pretty close to the truth. The chaos has its own rhythm and creates this meditative background noise that I’m sure I will miss when I’m home in the quiet. 1.126 more words


Dewa Berkepala Gajah yang Pintar dan Bijak, Ganesha

Didalam ajaran agama Hindu, para dewa menikah dan memiliki pasangan, termasuk Mahadewa, Dewa Siwa atau Civa atau Siva. Menurut ajaran Hindu, Dewa Siwa memiliki pasangan bernama Parwati. 212 more words

Nesia and the Mouse WIP

Here is Day 3 of coloring Nesia. I didn’t do a live stream last night because I was lazy (don’t judge me). I added in a door light to create a heavy contrast from light to dark. 115 more words

Comic Art

God and the Rainbow.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Roy G. Biv.”

shot by my son…Vidur Mayor