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The Elephant

Elephants:  statuettes, my friend’s tattoo, keychains, t-shirts, stories…The big eared, long trunked animals are showing themselves to me everywhere I turn lately. Appropriate timing too….for now is the time that we step out of the daydreams and into reality, seeing what is real and putting aside what is make believe.

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Day 1 : Class 1

Well, last night when I went to bed, I wasn’t sure today was gonna happen. I spent a solid 8 hours yesterday loading a moving truck and thought for sure I’d be feeling worse for wear today. 214 more words


Lord Krishna Quiz - Shri Radhe Guru Maa

Which name was given to ‪#‎Krishna‬ to reflect his attribute as the “Protector of the cows”


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Ganesha Quiz - Radhe Guru Maa

Which city hosts the #worlds #tallest Lord #Ganesh idol (85 feet) at Chinmaya Mission near top-Sambhapur.

a. Nagpur
b. Kolhapur
c. Pune

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Silhouette of Lord Ganesha in a dancing pose. Black paper and chalk art.