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Today I’ve decided to write on a rather strange for me topic: a Hindu deity. I am not Hindu and while I admire India’s magnificent and ancient culture, I am as versed in it as any average modern Westerner. 1.362 kata lagi

Ganesha's World

The Garland Maker

Picking up fallen flowers, stringing them, absorbed in his meditative activity Ganeshji sits in solitary splendour 😊.

Loved making this painting!


Ganesha + Goemon Button Farming Kanetsugu Descended


Kanetsugu still remains one of the best dungeons to play for plus eggs outside of Star Den. While the All-Attribute restriction was frustrating in the past, it has become significantly more manageable due to Skill Inheritance and we can now button through quite efficiently. 202 kata lagi

Mantastic PAD

Shree Ganeshaya Dheemahi

A tribute to the wisest, happiest and smartest God. An invocational prayer. A humble tribute…


Vigneshwara kathe

bhadrapada maasa suddha chowthi dinadalli
harushadindallu baruva Gana naathage mithreyarellaru
mutthinarathi etthi belagi – manadha
ishtaarthavanu bedi kolli jaya mangala nithya subha mangala||1||

mane maneyalli thattadhe kadubu undalikeyu… 128 kata lagi


The Moon Curse

Lord Ganesha – the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi had a weakness for sweets. He could not stop himself from taking the sweets, whenever anyone offered it to him. 538 kata lagi

Indian Myths