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Festival Indonesia @ Te Papa, Sunday 23rd

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
Te Marae, Level 4
Sunday 23 October, 10am-5pm

Bring the whole family to this enchanting day of music, dance, song, and batik fashion from… 45 kata lagi


Ayak-ayak: A modern take on traditional music #gamelan

I I’m bringing back a lot of old arrangements into the open now. When I was studying my music degree, I had the privilege of playing Gamelan music. 128 kata lagi

Music Education

Berkelana dalam Planet Harmonik


P/s : Semalam, aku berpeluang menonton sebuah persembahan muzik gamelan ‘Berkelana dalam Planet Harmonik‘ yang dipersembahkan oleh Grup Planet Harmonik yang diarahkan oleh komposernya Al. 349 kata lagi


Indonesian gamelan gongs at Malay Heritage Centre

While passing through the Malay Heritage Centre a couple of weeks back, I happened to come across this gamelan orchestra that was playing there. In case you guys do not know, gamelan orchestras hail from Indonesia and the music is pleasant to hear, especially when those gongs are struck. 43 kata lagi



(Español aquí)

Gamelan music was created by Sang Hyang Java Guru, in 230 A.D. to speak with the gods, previous to Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Catholicism gods, ancient gods, who had always been there, on the island. 316 kata lagi


Heroes Under Earth - Gamelan Set

I spent the last months working as a padawan in a project from 6corp, called Heroes Under Earth, where moles masters in the art of earth-bending fight each other in an arena game. 41 kata lagi

3D Modeling