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Lagu-Lagu Top Billboard Ini Justru Lebih Keren Diaransemen Ulang Versi Gamelan

Hah??? Lagu Top Billboard dibuat versi Gamelan??
Pasti pada ngira ane becanda nih..
Eits jangan underestimate dulu gan, coba dengerin ini dulu…

Nahlo gimana, baru klik Play, dengerin Openningnya aja bisa merinding kaget ga tuh? 87 kata lagi

Bruno Mars

World Cultures Festival 2015: Southeast Asian Edition

This weekend I stumbled upon World Cultures Festival 2015: Southeast Asian Edition, a series of FREE performances and workshops over two weekends at the library@esplanade. (The events weren’t well publicized, IMO.) 266 kata lagi


Moonlight Sonata

Filipino poet and visual artist Maningning Cruz Miclat penned a poem that states: “The moon is but the moon, existing for the sake of existence. We who suffer the tidal blues are linked by the gravitational pull.” It says so much in so little words – exuding a mystical grace. 208 kata lagi


Harmonise the Harmony Day: Javanese Gamelan Orchestra

One of ISAT missions is promoting Indonesian culture to not only to student community in University of Tasmania, but also to wider community from different backgrounds in Tasmania. 127 kata lagi


Pesta Kesenian Bali 2015

Ketika mudik Lebaran di bulan Juli, aku dan pacar Putu Nuniek Hutnaleontina menyempatkan untuk menghadiri Pesta Kesenian Bali.

Pesta Kesenian Bali merupakan acara tahunan yang diselenggarakan di Art Centre Denpasar. 130 kata lagi


The Rhythm of Sunda (Wirahma Sunda) by Gamelan Asmaradana

My in-laws are visiting and, earlier this evening, I took them to the opening night of Pesta Raya: Malay Festival of Arts, a weekend-long celebration of arts features dance, music, and theater from the Malay Archipelago.  164 kata lagi


Music History Wednesday : Debussy, Les Estampes No.1 Pagodes

I found an interesting read recently on musical influences in the colonial times. To read the complete essay, you may access it here. In the upcoming Music History Wednesday I will post music compositions which are mentioned in the essay. 237 kata lagi