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There was no better time to launch the Bali: Beats of Paradise teaser than during the 2017 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the IMF, Washington D.C. 353 kata lagi

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Autechre - Pathetic Triangle (2001)

This is pretty brutal techno from Autechre –  one of the mainstays of the wonderful Warp Records stable and producers of uneasy listening since the early 1990s. 49 kata lagi

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Laraaji - The Dance #2 and #3 (1980)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been re-reading a number of books by David Toop (Ocean of Sound, Haunted Weather, etc) and listening to all the wonderful CDs in the “Ambient” series on Virgin Records associated with those books. 49 kata lagi

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Today I’m thankful for gongs.

They have a fascinating history and appear in cultures around the world.  Mostly I like them because they produce such a great clashing sound.  76 kata lagi

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Forged in Fire: the Sound of Heaven

Thursday 19 October 2017, 7pm

Adam Concert Room, NZ School of Music, Kelburn, Wellington

Featuring gamelan ensembles led by Budi S Putra:


Excavation Series 10 - Central Javanese Gamelan: Archaic Styles and Austere Performances of the Early 1970s

From the first few notes of the perfectly spaced ringing gamelan bronze, the music at play is evidence of mirrored life sound world overlap, with that peculiar mix of lyrical minimalism and haunted atmospheric ghostliness, the full expressive impact moves through time slowed down and trance-like, a reawakening to the new spirit shadow created by tone, overtone, and silence in uniformed progression, the scales of the ancestors filling space like stars at night in entrance, evoking mystery more than stableness, old world more than new, the uncanny over the known. 676 kata lagi

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