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Musik Tradisi dan Semangat Perjuangan Indonesia

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Sejak dulu Nusantara memang sudah memikat dunia dengan seni tradisinya, namun tak mampu bicara banyak dalam keilmuan musik tradisi karena posisi nusantara yang dikuasai bangsa lain. 805 kata lagi


Aloysius Suwardi: Planet Harmonik

A lot of the time I just want to collect experiences and try new things. This concert was one such case. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but I decided to go because it sounded so interesting and different. 547 kata lagi


The Function of Musicking

“In this wonderful sound scape there is melody and rhythm” 

–  Bonnie Wade, Thinking Musically

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Listening: The Wolf at the Ruins - Forrest Fang

Chinese-American multi-instrumentalist and composer Forrest Fang’s album ‘The Wolf at the Ruins’ (1989). A beautiful, far-reaching and overlooked ambient work, it’s a fascinating meeting-point between Fang’s personal rediscovery of traditional Chinese and non-Western instrumentation, Western minimalism, and 1980s ambient synth work. 219 kata lagi

Day 26: Gender part 2

Kemarin, aku baru saja membahas gender. Hari ini aku mau bahas gender, tapi bukan gender yang itu. Gambar yang kamu lihat itu adalah salah satu alat musik dalam set gamelan, namanya gender. 249 kata lagi


Behind the scenes! 

Phoebe Green and Gamelan DanAnda join forces to rehearse Lou Harrisons “Threnody for Carlos Chavez”. Performing 29th and 30th of Jan at La Mama!


2017 in Review in Music

That’s me on the right with some of my museum colleagues playing the gamelan, which was installed in an exhibition. This was my first time playing the gamelan since I was a member of the nascent Pitt Gamelan Ensemble in the fall of 1996, when I was a grad student at the University of Pittsburgh and the Ensemble was a class taught by a grad student and before it became what it is… 85 kata lagi