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Cari nenek 78 tahun hilang di perbukitan, warga Badung tabuh gamelan

Sejak tiga hari keluarga bersama warga lingkungan Banjar Sekar Mukti, Desa Pangsang, Kecamatan Petang, Badung di Bali sibuk mencari Ni Made Kenyur. Nenek berusia 78 tahun itu sebelumnya pamitan mencari daun sirih di perkebunan berbukit. 198 kata lagi

Invisible Inc. label feature and interview

Glasgow based label Invisible Inc. are going from strength to strength with a visceral blend of music and performance. Their latest EP by Peter Power is an ambient and tropical infused delight. 144 kata lagi

The Flexible Orchestra at the Ukrainian Restaurant, September 28th, 2017

The Flexible Orchestra with a core of bassoons and contrabassoons performs September 28th, Thursday, 7:30 at the Ukrainian Restaurant, 140 Second Av. At 9th Street, conducted by our wonderful, Tara Simoncic. 187 kata lagi

Daniel Goode

Mekotekan Tradition

The Mekotek or Ngerebeg ceremony is held on Saturday Kliwon Kuningan or on exactly the same day with Kuningan day celebration, which is hel every 210 days. 348 kata lagi


Gamelanish Grooves III

Indonesia’s Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) is busy pushing nasi goreng (fried rice) and prog-rock-jazz A-listers as cultural icons to the country’s embassies overseas. Bekraf’s bureaucrats also believe that creating ‘cultural villages’ with blanded rituals for incoming tourists and building empty standardised ‘homestays’ for them is selling the best that the country has offer. 440 kata lagi


Everyone's Lovin' Jack! Ten interesting facts about jackfruit

Everyone is loving Jackfruit at the minute, all those pulled jack fruit sandwiches and have you tried jackfruit ice cream? It’s incredible! But how much do we know about this strange fruit? 1.222 kata lagi