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Meet the gamelatron

The gamelatron, a robotic gamelan built by the sound artist Aaron Taylor Kuffner, has appeared regularly at events such as Burning Man, … 63 kata lagi


New things for new people: Caroline (week 1)

One of my guest bloggers this month is Caroline. This woman already does new things constantly and has been the inspiration for many of mine this year, so her new things in May are likely to be in a different kind of league to mine! 1.121 kata lagi

New Things

Gamelan in Pink and Green

I have been lucky enough to be playing the York Gamelan, Gamelan Sekar Petak (white rose, in honour of York’s white flower symbol) with a lovely group of people, some really experienced players. 116 kata lagi

Songs And Stories

Gill Roberts (Dancer)

Having started out as an actor, Gill began studying Javanese dance and singing in in the 1990s, under teachers from STSI Solo including Sunarno, S Haryono, Dwi Wahyudiarto and with S Adi Pramono in Malang, East Java. 188 kata lagi


Like, Utterly Awesome!

Heathrow Airport has nothing on the regional airport at Yogyakarta in western Java. At least not in terms of welcome, but that’s the same wherever you go in Asia – an utterly awesome welcome that puts our sourpuss European ways to shame. 700 kata lagi

Balinese Rehearsals

This year I was not scheduled to perform in the LSO Balinese Concert as the gamelan aren’t playing any group male dances. Instead, I went along to one of the final rehearsals to take a few pictures of the dancers and the players in rehearsal. 148 kata lagi