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1000 Little Memories: The Gamelan Player

New series of very short posts recounting specific moments in my life.

I was living at Post St. in San Francisco, a punk house of some renown. 114 kata lagi

Navel Gazing

Lou Harrison’s unheard complexities

Central among Lou Harrison’s pioneering East-West fusions, his works for gamelan and Western instruments are frequently cited either as exemplars of the composer’s Californian, postmodern musical sensibility, or as noteworthy instances of cultural hybridity. 190 kata lagi


Gamelan Workshop in Barcelona, Spain

One of the many interesting moments during my trip to Barcelona was the opportunity to participate in a Balinese Gamelan workshop.  Yes, in Barcelona not in Bali. 392 kata lagi

Musical Instruments

Belajar Budaya Jawa di Museum Ronggowarsito Jawa Tengah

Untuk mengetahui dan mempelajari budaya Jawa secara cepat, selain mencari-cari informasi melalui internet, kita juga bisa mengunjungi museum. Kali ini, saya pun mengunjungi museum di Semarang, Jawa Tengah untuk tahu mengenai budaya Jawa. 227 kata lagi

A Music History Essay I Wrote in Twilight Hours

A Dolphin Dive into the Shimmering Waters of Debussy’s Impressionism
An exceedingly well-named essay by Tim Min

Hailed as a figurehead of French music, Claude Debussy has persisted as an important musical figure even a century after his death. 1.093 kata lagi


Bali: Almost a Piece of Cake

So the other day I found the above plate being placed in front of me: Balinese afternoon tea was served. The day was as sticky as an iced bun, the 80%+ humidity kinda day where sweat patches appear on your t-shirt in places you never knew even sweated. 1.033 kata lagi