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Gamelanish Grooves III

Indonesia’s Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) is busy pushing nasi goreng (fried rice) and prog-rock-jazz A-listers as cultural icons to the country’s embassies overseas. Bekraf’s bureaucrats also believe that creating ‘cultural villages’ with blanded rituals for incoming tourists and building empty standardised ‘homestays’ for them is selling the best that the country has offer. 440 kata lagi


Everyone's Lovin' Jack! Ten interesting facts about jackfruit

Everyone is loving Jackfruit at the minute, all those pulled jack fruit sandwiches and have you tried jackfruit ice cream? It’s incredible! But how much do we know about this strange fruit? 1.222 kata lagi


Indonesian Gamelan

Maybe somebody of You heard about indonesian Gamelan, or You are from Indonesia and maybe know this tradition very well. Gamelan is music played mostly by percussion musical instruments, mainly metallophones and some drums too. 56 kata lagi

World Music

1000 Little Memories: The Gamelan Player

New series of very short posts recounting specific moments in my life.

I was living at Post St. in San Francisco, a punk house of some renown. 114 kata lagi

Navel Gazing

Lou Harrison’s unheard complexities

Central among Lou Harrison’s pioneering East-West fusions, his works for gamelan and Western instruments are frequently cited either as exemplars of the composer’s Californian, postmodern musical sensibility, or as noteworthy instances of cultural hybridity. 190 kata lagi


Gamelan Workshop in Barcelona, Spain

One of the many interesting moments during my trip to Barcelona was the opportunity to participate in a Balinese Gamelan workshop.  Yes, in Barcelona not in Bali. 392 kata lagi

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