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Joe Jonas Strips Down For Sexy Photo Shoot, Talks Watching Porn While In The Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas isn’t done opening about his sexual past! After recently discussing losing his virginity in a Reddit AMA, the former Disney Channel star got even more candid in an interview with… 455 kata lagi


'Rise' Director Responds To Charges Of Copying Music Video For 'Rise'

Huh, that may not have been the beef fans were expecting.

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The Jonas Brother’s dad took to Twitter to accuse Katy Perry of stealing the idea for her new “Rise” music video. 188 kata lagi


Gambang Kromong

Gambang kromong (atau ditulis gambang keromong) adalah sejenis orkes yang memadukan gamelan dengan alat-alat musik Tionghoa, seperti sukong, tehyan dan kongahyan. Disebut Gambang Kromong karena diadopsi dari nama dua buah alat perkusi yaitu gambang dan kromong. 108 kata lagi