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Galang Hendra Juara WSSP300 Ceko 2018

Pembalap Indonesia yang bertarung bersama Tim Biblion Yamaha MotoXRacing – Galang Hendra Pratama, berhasil menjuarai balap World Super Sport 300 (WSSP300) yang berlangsung di Sirkuit Brno-Ceko, Minggu, 10 Juni 2018. 163 kata lagi


Galang Hendra Raih Pole Position WSSP300 Ceko 2018

Garuda Muda yang bertarung di gelaran balap bergengsi WorldSSP300 Ceko, Galang Hendra Pratama berhasil meraih pole-position atau grid terdepan berdasarkan hasil kualifikasi Superpole 2 (SP2) yang berlangsung pada Sabtu, 9 Juni 2018. 340 kata lagi


Galang Hendra finis 5 Besar di WSSP300 Imola

Setelah mengalami balapan sulit di dua seri sebelumnya, pembalap Tim Yamaha bLU cRU Challenge – Galang Hendra akhirnya mendulang poin, sekaligus berhasil finis di posisi kelima di balapan… 258 kata lagi


Galang Hendra Raih The Best Rider in Motorsport

Galang Hendra Pratama – Pembalap Yamaha Racing Indonesia, berhasil memenangkan penghargaan The Best Rider in Motorsport dalam ajang Otomotif Award 2018. Penghargaan yang diterima… 291 kata lagi


F2 Logistics remains to be deadly on the volleyball court

After all the speculations, F2’s final lineup finally confirms that Ara Galang and Mich Morente is cleared to play for F2 Logistics!

Despite losing notable players to the UAAP, F2 Logistics Cargo Movers remains to be deadly as skipper Ara Galang marks comeback from knee injury. 49 kata lagi


What Makes Ara Galang Special

Have you ever seen her doing the ‘no look down the line’ or maybe the ‘facing one side then spike to the opposite side’? No one can do it better than the darling of the crowd, Ara Galang.  376 kata lagi

Friday, October 6th pt. 2

Yes, I know it’s Thursday the 12th…

In a nicely left-field Desert Island Discs bookended by Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin, cancer specialist Siddhartha Mukherjee played “Round Midnight” and talked about the links that Indian music has to jazz (and in later selections, flamenco and Philip Glass): “I was very late to the jazz party, which was unusual, because of course, the connections between jazz and Indian classical music are so apparent now – both improvise, both are rhythmically complex, both melodically similar… Once I discovered all these parallels I became addicted, and I discovered Monk when I was in Oxford.” I’d never heard the Vijay Iyer Trio playing “Galang”, but the programme sent me shooting off to find it. 342 kata lagi

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