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Treepers on Twitter and Gab

This is just going to be exactly what the title says – a list of Treepers (people at The Conservative Treehouse, aka The Last Refuge… 373 kata lagi



Haven’t done one of these for a while!  I used to do them but started posting individual items to the Eternity Matters Facebook page.  I avoid just posting links and/or doing just teasers that don’t tell enough about the link.  757 kata lagi


Mea Culpa

I was supposed to have a date every single day this week. By Tuesday I was already booked until Saturday, BUT… I’m moody. It’s actually pretty overwhelming dealing with so many guys while having so little sleep. 294 kata lagi

First Blog Post

I wanted to start a political blog. I love tweeting but how much can you really write in 280 characters on Twitter? Twitter is censoring conservatives and forcing everyone on the right to verify their accounts on a weekly basis while the left gets a free pass to create ghost accounts to harass and belittle. 121 kata lagi

Alt Tech: How it Can Win and Why It Must

I have written several times about supporting alternative technology, or alt tech. As governments and leaders around the world like Occupied Londonistan’s mayor call on big tech firms to censor… 804 kata lagi