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My First Ever Blog Post

Hello! My name is Gabby and I am seventeen years old. I named this blog The Haphazard Rantings Of Gabby because I could talk to someone for hours and never get bored. 92 more words


Untitled first post.

The first post. How very ambitious of me. It has been a lifelong aspiration of mine to be a writer. Maybe it is due to my problem to express all my  191 more words


My Comed-IAN (part 3)

If you haven’t read the previous post, click here.


A to A

When Bayan came for a visit, we asked him about the status of his working visa. 411 more words


King Arthur Week - The Quest for the Holy Grail and Compliance Defense - Part V

We conclude our Arthurian themed week with the Holy Grail, which has fired the imagination of artists for millennia. What was the Holy Grail? According to Professor Dorsey Armstrong in her Teaching Company lecture series, entitled “ 1.845 more words


Sweet goodbyes

Its always so hard for me to say goodbye. & today was another one of those days. One of our married family military friends were headed off on to their next adventure today. 129 more words

My Ultimate BFF's

Were you aware that it was SIBLINGS Day last Saturday? Yes, aside from Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day and Friendship Day, meron na ding Siblings Day. 745 more words

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