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Social Media Site Gab Sues Google After Their App is Removed From the Google Play Store

Does Google Have the Right to Remove Gab?

About a week ago news broke that social media site Gab is filing suit again Google after their app was removed from the Google Play App Store. 245 kata lagi

1993 Nissan 180SX Type-X

* SR20DET  (pulls a premium a week before RaceWars)
* URAS transmission mounts
* R32 fuel pump
* NISMO tension rods
* GAB coilovers
* PIVOT half-eye light kit… 214 kata lagi


Globalists Censoring Speech to Maintain Control of Reality

Search engine giant Google and other tech platforms have threatened to shut down free-speech social media site Gab in the name of fighting “hate speech.” 53 kata lagi

World News

GAB🐸 Is Under Attack!

September 18, 2017

GAB which is a social networking site based out of Austin, Texas, much like Twitter, except that it has a mostly right leaning conservative base — is under attack by Asia Registry which is based out of Australia 🇦🇺 … 123 kata lagi


Goodbye Gab

There is a lot of high tempers, emotion, and misinformation about the spat between Vox Day and Gab.  From what I can tell, here’s what happened: 269 kata lagi

Current Events

Spreading the Message of Liberty on Social Media alternatives

Especially now, knowing that the likes of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are ‘governed’ by self-appointed thought police stamping their boots all over those with politically undesirable opinions (which more and more tend to be all opinions to the right of Bernie Sanders), it becomes very important to have alternative avenues of spreading the message of liberty. 263 kata lagi