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Gab CEO Rejects CNN Interview Request

A second CNN reporter reached out within 24 hours.
We aren’t doing interviews with fake news outlets at this time.

~ Andrew Torba · @a

Source: https://gab.ai

Arts & Entertainment

Gab Interview with Morgon Newquist

Morgon Newquist is the second writer from Silver Empire that I’ve interviewed. The first was Russel Nequist not even two months ago. She has some interesting things to say about how to get yourself going, what challenges face indie publications in the future, whether you should pursue that MFA and a host of other interesting things! 2.837 kata lagi



I’ve been on Twitter for quite some time…if you are, too, you can find me @prairiecat55. As for Gab, I’m there, too – @prairiecat. Y’all don’t be strangers, eh?

Happy Monday!

Home On The Range

Gab Interview with Edward Willett

Edward Willett is an American ex-pat living in the Great White North. He is the author of several YA books which are mentioned in the interview. 4.577 kata lagi


Gab.ai Rocks

Greetings Debassi fans! I have been absent for a while, ’cause I’ve been on Gab.ai!

Follow me for daily updates: https://gab.ai/Debassi

Beware, I express my opinions fully!


Gab Interview with Raychel Rose

My name is Raychel Rose. I’m a young adult author who writes under many sub-genres. Beside writing I enjoy reading, listening to rock music, and being active in politics. 2.151 kata lagi


Gab Interview with T.S. Pettibone

Brittany and Nicole Pettibone, who write under the pen name, T.S. Pettibone, are the authors of The Hatred Day Series. Hatred Day, book one, is available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 2.148 kata lagi