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#ThursdayThoughts Manchester City - Warm enough for you, Gab? #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity...

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Welcome Google AI & Gab

SMART SEARCH: Ask Google’s search app “What is the fastest bird on Earth?,” and it will tell you, “Peregrine falcon. According to YouTube, the peregrine falcon has a maximum recorded airspeed of 389 kilometers per hour.” Google’s search engine pinpoints a YouTube video describing the five fastest birds on the planet and then extracts just the information you’re looking for. 162 kata lagi


Free Country

Back in the Kennedy era there was a joke… “An American said to a Russian, in America we have free speech, I can say in public Fuck Kennedy!” 51 kata lagi

All The News Not Fit To Print.

The Gab Fail Chronicles: LOL DDOS, EULA, and NAZIS

The dishonesty of Andrew Torba knows no bounds in the latest postings. The reality of the mater, as I understand it, is most of the down time was related to fixing the major security issues I’ve raised over the past few days. 479 kata lagi


Destroying Gab, with words, on a screen, but at least it's not LiveJournal!

“build it yourself social media back end for blog comments”


Greetings Kids,

It’s been a while since I did a post exposing and pointing out major flaws while laughing hysterically. 1.174 kata lagi