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Nice advice

For Ronovan Write’s weekly haiku challenge, the words are lock and gab:

mothers and fathers
if you can’t play nice, my dears
sit and lock your gab… 7 kata lagi


One Beat

Seal it with a kiss

Forever lips entwined

Locked, our hearts gab.

​Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge : Lock & Gab.​

I’m back folks :) with not so pleasant news but I’ll make another post for that.


Weapons: a haiku 

The gift of gab is
The strongest weapon I have –
a lock on patience

Linked to the weekly challenge from Ronovan Writes.


Lock & Gab

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge week #49’s word prompts are ‘lock’ and ‘gab’. The words led me to think of secrets & blabbermouths. LOL. ;-)

Lock & Gab… 36 kata lagi


The Girl, Recluse

Do you want to write haiku? Join Ronovan’s haiku challenge and meet new bloggers and have some fun or shed some tears.

by Martha

The Girl… 26 kata lagi


gab and lock

i used to gab all
to you until the day that
i locked it away.