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My Russian Orgasm

We met online. He was very interested in meeting me in person because we had a lot of things in common like; we both loved horror movies, easy listening music, and filmmaking. 1.206 kata lagi


Types of Male Orgasms

Luckily for me, I don’t think I’m going to have to split this up into two parts as men seem to be more simple when it comes to orgasms. 547 kata lagi


Types of Female Orgasm - Part 1

In this section I’m going to be talking about the different types of female orgasm that you need to know. I’m starting with female orgasms simply because there’s more to type about because there are more than people realise. 506 kata lagi


August 16, 2015: find my g-spot. YES YES YES please

Do you remember last year when I bought the we vibe?


Well I can’t say I’ve given it much love lately. The poor thing had fallen victim to my post consumerism abandonment with a long dead battery and a darkened home in my nightstand drawer. 306 kata lagi

Types Of Sex - Part 1

So here I’m going to speak about the different types of sex in a very brief fashion, highlighting different aspects of each which appeal more to me personally. 755 kata lagi



Sex Education

In my home country of Australia, unlike the United States, we do not have mandatory sexual education programs teaching abstinence as the only way, but as the first national survey of sexual education teachers shows, we could be doing so much better. 640 kata lagi


The Clitoris

As much as medicine and the sciences in general have evolved over the decades, there are still new discoveries being made about the human female anatomy.   654 kata lagi