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Review: Tantus Splash

I won a gorgeous, peacock-blue Splash from Tantus, Inc. in Emmeline Peaches‘ “3,000 Followers” giveaway. The sex geek in me is ecstatic about obtaining a limited version of a discontinued sex toy. 565 kata lagi



At the end of a quest that had spanned several decades, Dominic had finally found it.
He had located the G spot.
It was nothing to write home about, to be honest. 84 kata lagi


Claims & Clarification #1: The G-Spot

Bullshit claim: “The G-spot doesn’t exist.”

Clarification: When a reliable source says the G-spot doesn’t exist, what it really means is that it’s not its own structure, but either the urethral sponge or part of the internal clitoris. 424 kata lagi


C'mon Baby, Let's Do the Twist: Pleasure Works G-Twist

I don’t use internal toys that often, so I am always looking for something that I think would be a good fit to give a try. 792 kata lagi


Sex can wait! Women go gaga about G-spot

Yes, it is related to sex and too bad if you don’t know about it! But your fellow ‘bhartiya naris’ have broken away from the shackles of the system, which required them to keep mum about their sexual desires and are going gaga over the ‘G’ word, G-spot to be precise. 360 kata lagi


31 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During Really Good Sex

Even if you’ve had some lousy sex before, having really good sex can make up for it. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to have it with the person we’re going to be banging for the rest of our lives, and sometimes it comes only for a single night along with that hottie you met at the bar just a few hours before. 826 kata lagi


My Russian Orgasm

We met online. He was very interested in meeting me in person because we had a lot of things in common like; we both loved horror movies, easy listening music, and filmmaking. 1.206 kata lagi