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Is everyone but me having vaginal orgasms?

Vaginal orgasms have been sought out since the dawn of penetration.

The vaginal or “G-spot” orgasm is a climax that’s brought on by exclusively internal vaginal stimulation. 417 kata lagi


The One Thing Women Should Do To Have An Orgasm, As Told By A Gyno

Up to 15 percemt of women do not experience orgasms.

As a gynecologist, I have seen many patients with this complaint, and all of them ask me what’s wrong with them. 835 kata lagi


Chapt. 4 Do You Mean Two of Everything?

Thursday: Wait, so. If I have two of everything. . . . do I also have two g-spots? . . . . .

Friday: Bought a vibrator for some independent experimentation. 70 kata lagi

My Vagina: A Saga In Seven (Private) Parts

Pantat Ku Berair

Aku dan Lan sudah lama saling mengenali.  Sejak aku bertemu Lan di dalam mIRC 2 tahun yang lalu di dalam channel “sayang”, telah banyak kegembiraan dan kesedihan aku berkongsi bersamanya.   1.840 kata lagi

Kwn Laki - Kwn Pmpn

We-Vibe Passionate Play is Back In Black!

Due in the week of January 25th!

The No. 1 couples pleasure product, the most powerful mini-vibe AND a playful silky sash – all at a great price! 124 kata lagi

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Three Myths about Female Orgasm

Let’s talk about true female anatomy. Not the anatomy people discuss on forums where they share the bits of their private lives. Those people usually are not familiar with medicine and just love to fantasize. 1.219 kata lagi


ThermiVa Rejuvenates the "Va"

It’s okay to talk about these things now. Women are discussing this subject at bars and parties. Restoring and enhancing the vaginal area is now popular, the “in” thing. 304 kata lagi