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Review: Pleasure Works Bullseye

Having never owned a non-realistic or a G-spot specific dildo before, I was very curious and eager to try out the Pleasure Works Bullseye.

The Bullseye is an unrealistic, G-spot (or P-spot) specific silicone dildo. 448 kata lagi

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The Team Player: Tantus Sport

It is very rare that I find a toy I like for both vaginal and anal penetration. A lot of times the toy is easy to take vaginally, but my ass isn’t having any part of it. 613 kata lagi


O is for Orgasm (AC)

Let’s start the week out the right way! With a little talk about Orgasms! Is she making that face? Is she grabbing the covers? Is she pleading with her deity because whatever you are doing is so good she can’t take it? 491 kata lagi


Product 101: G-Spot Vibes

G-Spot Vibes are vibrators that are tilted or angled at the tip to help you reach that internal sweet spot more easily. Those special shapes are all so different, from points to rounded to flattened, and come in a wide range of angles, so it’s really just a matter of finding the one that’s right for you. 680 kata lagi

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My Mike

Mike almost always made me cum at least three times when we had sexual interludes together. He would hit my pussy with soft thrusts when he felt so inclined to be turned that way. 127 kata lagi

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LiveSexy INTRO Collection by jimmyjane

The Live Sexy INTRO collection is a complete line of modern, user-friendly vibrators that invites consumers of every experience level to enjoy jimmyjane.

Using their best-selling… 336 kata lagi

Great Sex

Letak Posisi G-Spot Yang Dimiliki Seorang Wanita

Berbicara tentang keintiman wanita. Sejauh ini kita mengenal klitoris adalah bagian keintiman wanita yang mempunyai tingkat sensitivitas paling tinggi terhadap segala bentuk rangsangan seksual.

Sejatinya, terdapat… 686 kata lagi