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Mystery Solved

So I had parent-teacher conferences today, and I spoke with TB’s PE teacher.  I just had to know what the G stood for in the game… 76 kata lagi

Adventures Of The Girl And The Boy

5 Fakta yang Buktikan Breast Orgasm Benar-benar Ada

Payudara merupakan salah satu bagian tubuh pada perempuan yang sangat sensitif terhadap rangsang seksual. Bagian tubuh ini pun bahkan bisa menghadirkan orgasme unik yang kerap disebut dengan ‘breast orgasm’. 195 kata lagi


Friday's comings and goings-on.

Last night was my weekly date night with T, my FWB. It was effing awesome, as usual. He picked me up at home after the sitter arrived at 7 pm and we drove half hour to a new restaurant I’d picked out. 1.165 kata lagi


TB told me today that he played a game in PE called G Spot. Intrigued, I asked what the G stood for. He didn’t know.


Adventures Of The Girl And The Boy

The Female Orgasm, part 1

The male orgasm is easy.  Ask any 14 year old boy.  When a boy hits puberty, he is almost guaranteed to wake up every morning with an erection that is as hard as granite.   1.205 kata lagi

Strange Bedfellows, part 2.

I clocked out of work, picked up my bag and walked to the front of the mall.  My new friend was waiting for me and as the valet brought her Escalade up to the door, she handed me the keys. 523 kata lagi