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3 Day Couples Intensive Transformation

Jay and Marcy now offer a brand new three day intensive that is purposed to transform your relationship in the following ways:

Before we arrive at your chosen location, we will ask you to separately write us and reveal what you desire to happen in your relationship. 1.325 kata lagi

Porn Stars Teach Couples #Sex Moves (Buzzfeed Blue)

LOL The looks on those couples faces… pure comedy.

Hey Peeps!

I wanted to post something a little different just to shake things up a bit. 21 kata lagi


My Perpetual and Full Surrender To JVagician - Marcy tells her story.

This is the story of our beginning in addition to the detailed description of my personal trauma release. It is based on my perpetual and full surrender to JVagician. 7.124 kata lagi

The Friend Zone.

A guy walks into a bar…

This plays out in a multitude of ways, but the bottom line is this story is that he wants sex. 618 kata lagi

Can't Handle the G

     My stroke led to me being “partially” paralyzed on the left side of my body– to keep it simple.  So, I have little feeling on that side; most touch is a dull thud or a weird, almost burning, sensation if I feel anything at all.   1.088 kata lagi



This is a work of fiction.

When Laurie first approached me about working with her, I went through my normal screening interview, asking about trauma, negative parental anchors, and preferences. 1.254 kata lagi

Sex Toys: Created to Add More Pleasure

Adult sex toy products (sex toys) can be intimidating for both, men and women. They don’t have to be. They were created to add more pleasure to sexual experiences. 290 kata lagi