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Sex and the singleton

A FRIEND of mine recently revealed that he has never had sex abroad before. I found this hard to digest for numerous reasons, one being that he is a pulling machine and also because he is very well travelled. 482 more words

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Tantalising things to know about female orgasm

One thing about growing up as a young women is the experience or not of having an orgasm. I myself still very much in my early 20’s don’t experience it as much as I would like too. 924 more words

Relationships & Sex

#SexySnippet - Finding the Sex Spot

I’m sharing a little sexy snippet – seven sentences – from my latest book, Cherished by Him. The book is part of a series I wrote about a couple practicing in a D/s lifestyle. 397 more words

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Reviews: Tracey Cox's Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

You can never have too many vibrators I say. New vibrators are produced every day; new materials are manufactured, new silencers, speeds and shapes appear. So why should I just have one? 731 more words


What if you.....

I did wish you away.

I spoke those words, today and every day.

I don’t miss you.

I’m glad you are gone.

I’ve released you. 285 more words

Incredible facts you never knew about the Vagina

Perhaps due to religious and cultural norms in some climes of the world, the reproductive organs of both males and females were barely discussed. This has however changed as we try to understand our bodies better especially as regards having optimum sexual fulfilment. 679 more words


Taco Tuesday. I am a stalker!

A new week, new info about my Taco.

Yesterday was a pretty stressful day.  Via the grapevine, I swear to goodness, military men like to gossip more then grandma’s around a sowing circle, I heard that my ex-lover wants to put a restraining order on me because I’m driving by his house.   820 more words