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No "O": When to let go of not having an orgasm

Sexual liberation is often tied to “orgasm fairness”. As in, If he has an orgasm, the woman should too.  Heterosexual Feminists everywhere often demand that men give women orgasms. 618 kata lagi


G Spot VS Multiple Orgasms

After my last night of “Sex with the Sultan”, there was something that had me thinking. Even though the Sultan did his best effort to stimulate my G spot, the only result he received was one writhing and moaning woman who tried to push herself off the bed and away from his wicked fingers with great vigour. 587 kata lagi


7 Amazing Dildos and Vibrators for Masturbation and Couples Fun

Sex toys are some of those things nobody seems to talk about but almost everybody has tried. There are many brands, styles, and shapes of toys out there that it’s delightfully fun to try them out to find your favorite type. 661 kata lagi


Gut Instincts: The other G-spot

Guts are amazing. Generally speaking regardless of gender expression I prefer bigger bodied people. Before I get into the main point of this blog post I want to touch on a bit of body positive understanding. 800 kata lagi


Review: Sh! Glass G-Spot Dildo

I love everything about glass toys so I will always jump at the chance to review one if I get the opportunity so I was soon accepting delivery of… 650 kata lagi