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that was intense

I’d had my bath and it was time to play.

While I was lying on my side, he gave me a few thoroughly intimate and intimately thorough licks, then he arranged me on my back for some more of the same. 424 kata lagi


What is Squirt?

The biggest question that people ask me all the time is: What is squirt?

Since I’ve been known to be a very large squirter, there have been times people have come into my chat room accusing me of peeing. 424 kata lagi


Menurut para peneliti G-spot dapat membantu Wanita lebih mudah Klimaks

G-SPOT diyakini menjadi daerah yang sangat sensitif pada organ intim milik perempuan. G-spot juga dianggap sebagai salah satu stimulasi, agar wanita mencapai orgasme. 

Dalam artikel anatomi klinis yang dilakukan oleh Peneliti… 119 kata lagi


Squirting 101

Squirting: The magical orgasm women can have that releases vaginal fluids and shows your man he’s doing something right. However, why is it that not many of us can’t achieve squirting? 524 kata lagi


10 Powerful Masturbation Techniques For Incredible Orgasms

If you’ve already read the in depth masturbation article on how to pleasure yourself, but want more specific masturbation techniques, then you’re in luck! Below you will find 10 different masturbation tips & techniques to guarantee you have super powerful orgasms. 2.008 kata lagi


Would You Like Some Pleasure With Your Pain?: Icicles 38

My birthday is coming up, and there are two things I like more than anything during sex; a little pleasure, and just the right amount of pain. 545 kata lagi

Sex Toys

Sex and the singleton

A FRIEND of mine recently revealed that he has never had sex abroad before. I found this hard to digest for numerous reasons, one being that he is a pulling machine and also because he is very well travelled. 482 kata lagi

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