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American soccer, grass is the enemy?

Occasionally you hear how poverty is the invisible hand that lifts players to the highest levels of glory. How favelas, housing projects, and dirt floors seemingly are the wings that professional careers take flight on. 282 kata lagi


Youth National Team coach: "Players aren't as creative as they used to be"

If you’re familiar with my blog then you know how important I think creativity is for player development and that I’m concerned about an overemphasis on quick passing at too early an age. 155 kata lagi

Youth Soccer

Top 4 Tips and strategies for Passing in Futsal

It is great that you have got the information of how to attack and defend from me, but the question is, what is the best way to link those two things together to truly make an unstoppable Futsal team? 667 kata lagi

Futsal & 5 A Side

XCVI Futsal de Quarta - 16/08/2016


  • David: 5
  • Carioca: 5
  • Marcos Roscani: 3
  • Reis: 2
  • Thaion: 2
  • Pedro Maino: 2
  • Anderson: 2
  • Luqueta: 2
  • Veronesi: 2
  • Abdo: 2…
  • 34 kata lagi

XCV Futsal de Quarta - 09/08/2016


  • David: 7
  • KK: 3
  • Luqueta: 3
  • Abdo: 3
  • Gaby: 2
  • Hernane: 2
  • Thaion: 1
  • Baby: 1
  • Anderson: 1
  • James: 1
  • Milton: 1…
  • 33 kata lagi

Coach Education

Part of my spark of activity on here has come as a result of my lack of recent formal coach education. I’m always looking for new material to read, videos to watch etc. 1.403 kata lagi


Tranmere Rovers. The Most Progressive Club in England?

Which football club is the third biggest on Merseyside?

It’s a classic pub quiz question.

Wedged between two of the world’s biggest football clubs and rivals, Everton and Liverpool, lays Tranmere Rovers FC. 1.234 kata lagi