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Strippers, Vegans, and the whisperings of Jesus

Has Jesus ever whispered into your ear about a vegan lifestyle? Has he told you to change your name to a total stripper name? Hmmm, me either. 817 more words


Once upon a time...

I’m going, actually we’re going to take you back to how all of this came about. By ‘we’re’ I mean you’re getting a he said, she said version of events… this should make for an interesting read. 1.452 more words


Wonder Mutt Wednesday

Enjoy the ride.

How many times have you just seen those comic bubbles above your dog’s head when there’s food around?  Do you give in or toe a hard line?   36 more words


When I was a child

All I wanted to ever do is play outside. Play football with my friends, play football with my dad, play football against a wall, play football with a duck. 452 more words