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My friend's cat is proud and fluffy

My friend’s cat is proud and fluffy – Cats, kittens and kittys, cute and adorable! Aww! (via http://ift.tt/29KELz0)


Funny happy birthday pictures, pics, images

Birthday is a special day that only comes once a year. It is, of course, a time for joy, love, and jokes. It’s a great time for fun gathering. 183 kata lagi


St. Party's Day

It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and in college that just means an excuse to wear green and get drunk. We went out and bought some clothes to wear to a party that we were going to and got some necklace shot glasses to go with our outfits. 96 kata lagi


Caught & In Trouble

It was getting close to the end of the year and the DLC was just having another one of our nights in the dorms. We were all drinking and had red solo cups out and were playing drinking games with cards. 651 kata lagi