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Mom, Dad, Let's Talk Unemployment

I graduated from Windsor University two years ago with my Bachelors in Interpersonal Communication with a minor in Marketing. Somehow, Malcolm Henderson Jr. High School thought I was more than qualified to serve as their guidance counselor, a cushier job than I expected fresh from college. 581 kata lagi

I Could Chew On This By Francesco Marculiano

Francesco Marculiano also wrote I Could Pee on This, a volume of poems by cats. I Could Chew on This will have dog owners rolling on the ground laughing. 33 kata lagi


After reading about the porn ban in India visit:…


My headache 💛

I finally got a boyfriend! Yes, I know this so amazing I actually found someone who can handle my crazy mood swings and me always jumping on them like a spider monkey. 245 kata lagi


Mommy Monday

Y’all, I love being a mom. Its the best, most exhausting title I’ve ever held. There are moments though, when I’m feeling run-down and like I may need to put in a call to have my room reserved at Griffin Memorial. 90 kata lagi