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Norwegian soccer player gets mad at being sent off, falls on his butt

Hahaha. Espens Hoffs koking etter rødt kort. #2fx pic.twitter.com/HRXXZIUZPg

— Terje Stensønes (@TerjeStensones) May 25, 2015

In this video, which I am somewhat ashamed to say I laughed at for like 30 seconds, IK Start winger Espen Hoff is upset about being red carded.

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True Nerd Heroes


They’re those people who look, act, and think a bit differently than everyone else.

More often than not they try their best to choke down their nerdy tendencies, doing what they can to fit in with the status quo but never truly finding the level of happiness that comes from following their true nerdy potential. 197 more words