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Alzheimer's disease: a few curious things

This is a prelude to my upcoming post, How Bright is the Future for Alzheimer’s Disease? In writing that post I came across a few curious reports… 536 kata lagi


Bloody Elves!

Bloody elves, getting drunk in the woods and leaving their empties lying around! Coming over ‘ere and taking advantage of our National Elf Service!!

Scarlet Elfcups, Sarcoscypha austriaca.

Two Fun Guys

What we miss when we’re looking up.

The Mushroom has not been a plant since 1969. Well, technically it’s never been a plant, but thinking made it so. 53 kata lagi


I personally grew a few oyster Mushrooms at home a ... by BharatKini

I personally grew a few oyster Mushrooms at home and they were so beautiful that I had to take this photo…! Loved it

From 500px


Cute Yellow Fungi

Today I woke up to find this bright yellow mushroom in my potted talinum. Beautiful little things that I instructed my helper not to remove them as they are harmless (as long as they’re not eaten). 45 kata lagi


Bracket Fungi

Pretty green and yellow flower-like fungi grows on a log in the woods.

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