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Time to get serious

It is time to stop the denial and admit the drought is over and the fungi season has started! Walking home from work yesterday dispelled that idea when I ran into a lot of old friends. 373 more words


Monochrome Madness 2-4 "MM"

There was a suggestion that there should be an occasional theme for Monochrome Madness, so, once a month, there will be a topic to follow, this month it is “MM”. 34 more words



Hello and welcome to my little collection of photographs.

Two years ago, I started working in a microbiology lab specializing in fungi. Before that point I hadn’t given much thought to the tiny organisms that aren’t visible to the naked eye, but when I started working here, I started to appreciate how beautiful these microorganisms can be. 133 more words


Fungi - Sometimes they are the forgotten

Nature provides an abundance of beauty to photograph.  We are overwhelmed by wildlife (both big and small), flowers, and landscapes.  And yet, we often forget to take a second look at these gems – Fungi. 88 more words


Catching Up pt 3

As this blog catches up with the present day, I can reveal even more exciting wildlife sightings. Over at my local park, I spotted my first Mistle Thrush ( 587 more words