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Dryad's Saddle Part 2

On May 5th, I wrote a blog about Dryad’s Saddle. The spores had just started to sprout. Well, I went and searched from them today. I was really surprised to see how much they have grown. 53 more words

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I recently saw some stinkhorn mushrooms erupting like mutant penises near the sidewalk in front of my apartment and decided to write about the strange organisms.   240 more words

Photosynthesis and the types of plants

Hi! Welcome to my first post in science research. This post is going to be about photosynthesis, its types and types of plants and small details about their examples. 1.655 more words


After Spring Storms the Fungi and Wildflowers Bloom

When I say after I mean the 8 hour break before the next wave of storms.  We basically ran out for a hike yesterday and now it is back to lightning, thunder and flash floods.   261 more words

Hot Springs National Park

In Search Of: Morel Mushrooms

Ask a fisherman around here where he pulled in the latest big catch he’s been bragging about, and he’ll quickly turn vague on you.  “At an area lake,” he might reply, with a twinkle in his eye. 727 more words


Webnesday (26)

Today’s spider is one that I haven’t presented before. It’s a tiny one, and I was surprised on the one hand to find it ensconced under an old, dry mushroom this early in the year, but not so much after all on the other, considering the incredible hatch of midges (family Chironomidae) that we’re experiencing. 141 more words