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Missing My Mix

I planted my first vegetable seeds this weekend. I had planned on planting them last weekend, but when I looked at my garden notebook from previous years, I decided it was a few days too early. 277 kata lagi


The Best Bubble Bath Ever: A Mold Illness Blog Post by Amy Adams

So I was taking a bubble bath last night, and I had a few thoughts. I wrote them down here earlier and then got distracted by all things mold…and the draft didn’t save. 1.737 kata lagi

August- the perfect time to forage for giant puffballs

August is a lovely month for foraging. It’s fruit and nut time, with blackberries and hazelnuts ripening in the hedgerows. Hazelnuts are ripe when the leaf surrounding them is starting to turn yellowish, but move fast, as it will always be a case of you versus the squirrels in the race to the nut. 330 kata lagi

Community barcoding reveals little effect of ocean acidification on the composition of coastal plankton communities: Evidence from a long-term mesocosm study in the Gullmar Fjord, Skagerrak

The acidification of the oceans could potentially alter marine plankton communities with consequences for ecosystem functioning. While several studies have investigated effects of ocean acidification on communities using traditional methods, few have used genetic analyses. 255 kata lagi


"Flat" Mushroom, Day 2

Not too much of a significant change with this one, but it did grow and change quite a bit.