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100 Nest Box Challenge: Linn Park Event

When I first launched my challenge 11 weeks ago, I’d planned to hold an event in my local park (Linn Park) to promote National Nest Box week (14 – 21 February). 680 kata lagi


Big picture, small picture

The big picture:
a group of wooden posts, incised with rune-like writing, once part of a sculpture trail around Cosmeston Lakes Country Park.

The small picture: 18 kata lagi


Fungisland Part 2

Entry 5

I have reached the far end of the island. It is far less welcoming than my home encampment, though this may just be due to the melancholy that dogs my steps. 984 kata lagi


Fungi’s Role in the Development of Self-Healing Concrete

By Marcia-Ruth Ndege ‘21

While concrete is the world’s most frequently used construction material, it is known to deteriorate quickly under the stress of daily physical and chemical processes. 250 kata lagi


After the rain

We’ve had a lot of rain on the GC lately.

Walking in the forest I now see new visitors everywhere – fungi!

I call them ‘visitors’ as I know that they’ll only stay a short time.

March 8, Colin Averill

Symbiosis between trees and fungi: how mycorrhizae connect our forests

Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiosis with the roots of most trees on Earth. These fungal networks enable entire forests to communicate and compete, and new research shows mycorrhizal fungi are central to understanding how forests will respond to global environmental change. 133 kata lagi