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Fruiting Bodies!

Woodlands come alive in late summer as fungi and related plants respond to warm, moist growing conditions with visible forms of their life cycles. Fruiting bodies of myriad shapes, sizes and colors appear, sometimes overnight (they thrive in darkness!).  85 kata lagi

Nature Photography

Roath Park’s Giant polypores

On either side of the path to a beautiful old bridge across the brook that runs through Roath Park Pleasure Gardens there stands a tree. Both trees are huge and old and dead but both are the source of life and habitat of choice of many a beetle and bug, and a wide range of fungi. 153 kata lagi


Fabulous fungi

A recent field project has left me absolutely fascinated by the world of fungi, a kingdom often overlooked by many scientists who focus more predominantly on plants, animals and bacteria (kingdom: Monera).  534 kata lagi


Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast

Late in May, or early June, is morel season in the mountains near my home.  If you’ve never had morel mushrooms, you are missing out.  They are delicious and cost about $20 a pound at Pike Place Market in Seattle, so they aren’t cheap.  361 kata lagi

Book Review

Readers' wildlife photographs

Reader Michael Glenister sent some wildlife vacation snaps. His captions are indented:

I just got back from a 2 week road trip from Vancouver to…

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Did the spoon turn black?

Looking around the internet I came across someone looking for information on whether or not the mushrooms he and his wife had collected were edible. One piece of advice he got was “my understanding is as long as they are brown on the underside they are sweet”. 460 kata lagi