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Fungi - the Forgotten Kingdom

David Noble, Member, National Parks Association of NSW

When you look at an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or National Park Plan of Management, you always see sections on flora and fauna, but seldom even a mention of Fungi. 522 kata lagi

Nature NSW

A walk in the woods

IT takes a certain determination to overlook the grey skies and rain and try to have a busy day. The Happy Moonraker’s first thought is to curl up under the duvet and forget trying to do anything useful. 258 kata lagi

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New Plant Health Order (2017) - Sweet chestnut blight

A new piece of legislation – entitled Plant Health (Sweet Chestnut Blight) (England) Order 2017 – came into force on 21st February 2017, which relates to the plant pathogen known as sweet chestnut blight ( 286 kata lagi


Foraging Fun: Boletus subvelutipes

If you are like me and enjoy (or rather crave) the euphoric satisfaction of confidently identifying a plant, mushroom, or any other organism for that matter, then I’m sure that you can relate and offer your sympathy for when the exact opposite happens. 1.110 kata lagi


I developed a huge attraction to mushrooms and made a few plaster molds of tree fungi. I try to use these molds to create as many different functional objects as I possibly can and it is a lot of fun. 8 kata lagi


Art, Spirit, Life: The Joys and the Sorrows of Trees

My mind fills with thoughts of trees these days. I hear of plans to destroy the landscape here and there across the planet. Greed now claims the upper hand over compassion. 877 kata lagi